Thursday, June 03, 2010

Destashing Part 2

I got all caught up in my cleaning, arranging and destashing and forgot I was supposed to be back yesterday...sorry, you know me...a day late and a dollar short...LOL!

So here we go for part 2...Description and price under each picture. Price does NOT include shipping. I will ship in USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes or envelopes if the item will fit. I wish I could ship internationally but the price is just crazy.

#1 Madeira- 40 fat quarters by Blackbird Designs $50 SOLD

#2 Seneca Falls- 36 fat quarters + 2 extra blues by Terry Thompson and Barbara Brackman $45 SOLD

#3 Seneca Falls- 20 woven plaid fat quarters $22.50 SOLD

#4 Seneca Falls yardage- Large blue print 2-1/2 yard piece + 1-3/4 yard piece; Light prints 6 pieces (1/2 yard each) Total 7-1/4 yards $35 SOLD

#5 Happy Hollow fat quarters by Sandy Gervais- 15 brushed cottons and 3 twills $18.75 SOLD

I'll be back with Part 3...


Deb said...

I love the madeira but I live in Australia. I'm sure they would fit in two flat rate envelopes. This would probably cost about $25 if I ordered from the shops. Is it a possibility? If too much hassle - don't worry - I'm sure there will be lots of interested purchasers!

Deborah said...

Hi Carol, I'd like to buy the Happy Hollow brushed FQs. I love how the brushed fabrics feel in a finished quilt. This batch looks like it would make a nice fall quilt. Let me know where to send the check. Thanks for de-stashing.

Michelle said...

Hey Carol,
If the Madeira is available, I would like it. Thanks!

Lisa D. said...

Carol - I'd like to get #2 and #4 if they are still available!