Sunday, August 10, 2014

Some Wool

I have lots of wool, so bit by bit I'm going to move it on to homes where it will get put to good use.
Here are 4 bundles this morning...just leave a comment with your PayPal e-mail and the letter of the bundle you would like.

All of the pieces are around 6-7" X 12-14"...all hand overdyed...have fun.  $15 per bundle postage included...US shipping only.



I'll get your invoice right out to you and it will go out in the earliest mail.

I'll work on getting some more wool posted.


Phyllis said...

I don't see a price for the wool but I would like bundle D. I am growing my wool collection and just love to work with it. Please send a Paypal invoice and I will watch for it. Thanks and have a lovely day.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Looks to me like you found the right venue for moving that wool; good for you! I would love to get back into some wool applique but time seems to be eluding me in that regard.

Synthia said...

If bundle B is still available I would love to purchase it. Please send me a Paypal invoice for payment. Thank you.

Carol said...

Synthia Bundle B is still available but I need an e-mail are coming up no-reply commenter so I can't contact you. I'll hold it for you until I hear from you.

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