Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here he is

Blogger let me download here he is...Hampton Walker. I think my November goals are going by the wayside...although I do almost have the top done for Relay for Life. My goal was to have it cut out and I'm almost done piecing it. It's laid out on the floor of the sewing room so I really need to get it done before Howie and Zack walk through there or decide to take a nap. I won't get much done today, I'm off from the shop but going over to mom's to get her tree up and all of her decorations out so she can decorate. It will be a fun day. We're doing our's this weekend. I love this time of year.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm in Love

We had the most wonderful Sunday and Monday of our lives. Even though we were up at 3 am Sunday to catch a plane it was just the most wonderful. All my friends that have been grandparents told me it would be like this and I really thought they were a little nuts. Well, I'm eating crow! I've never felt like this before. The mere thought that my wonderful son and his sweet Katie produced this perfect little person is just more than I could have ever imagined. He is just beautiful and perfect in every way. (I know I am way over the top). Katie's labor was so short...3 pushes and out he came...that his head is so perfectly shaped. And so far the best dispostion...both Katie and Josh are very laid back so hopefully he will remain that way. We had to leave to come home yesterday and 12:30...we were at the hospital at 8 (they wouldn't let me in any earlier) and stayed until my Andy dragged me out the door. I cried when I had to go...I could have stayed forever (forget my responsibilities) and just held him. Don't think I can get back there soon enough. I know Southwest Airlines is going to love me...I'll be on that plane every chance I get. I'll bet their profits soar this next year :) Well, thanks for listening...couldn't wait to share him with you all. Carol PS Blogger won't publish my picture...I'll try again later

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Very Exciting News!

Our long awaited grandson arrived this morning at 10:55...weighed in at 6 pounds 13 ounces and 19-1/2" long. Katie did just great. Pushed about 3 times and he made his appearance. Things are mostly good...his blood sugar is a bit low so they took him to the nursery and were giving him some special formula. If it doesn't come up soon they will give him an IV. They won't let Katie nurse him yet though until they get him where they want him. We are heading up at 6:15 in the morning and will stay through Monday. We'll come home and Katie's Mom will arrive to stay for a week or so. I'll go back up in Jan...they decided they wanted me to come then when they are really tired. I promise to have pictures next week. This is very exciting! Andy just looked at me and said "Oh, you are a grandmother"...can't wait to get him in my arms.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Trip to Chicago

Didn't get anything quilty done this weekend but I did spend Friday and Saturday with Josh and Katie in Chicago. I came home yesterday morning. It was a great weekend. We're getting very close to "our little man's" arrival. We're still calling him that because they have not settled on a name. They have many boy names that they like just can't decide on one. We had a wonderful visit. They showed me all the wonderful sights in the city. Josh took me to his office on the 71st floor of the Aon Center and I could see for miles...I think I could see Wisconsin :)...they also took me out to Schaumberg for a quilt show. I didn't spend much time there at all because they stayed outside so I was in and out in about 45 minutes. My friends from Country Threads in Iowa had a booth and although I was only there for a few minutes I left a bundle of money. I picked up several new punch needle projects and I bought several kits. They kitted one of the wonderful dog quilts from new Buggy Barn book Crazy Dog Days...they changed it a bit and took out the flowers and made it all dogs. Well I had to have it. Just pitiful...I'm sure I have lots of the fabric on my shelf and I do have a whole quilt shop, but like my customers "It is all together, and all I have to do is start cutting". I got home around 2 yesterday afternoon, watched football with Andy and called it a day. He left this morning for California for the I have big plans. SEW, SEW, SEW! I will be posting pictures this week! I promise!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Where does the time go?

I just can't figure it out...where in the world does the time go? I got back from Market Monday afternoon and I don't think I've stopped running since I returned. Market was patterns...Lori Smith had several new ones. Loved her "Road Less Traveled" it's a row quilt, Jeanne is working on one and it is awesome...zillions of pieces. We also found a new pattern designer called Bonnie Blue Quilts that we fell in love with. They design Civil War reproduction quilts. I've added many more to my list of To Do's. Sue (my right hand at the shop) says she now has to live to be at least 560. Lots of's always that shot in the arm that we need to get new samples made. I've been thinking about my November Goals...there is so much I want to get done but I'm going to be realistic...since I'll be gone next weekend to Chicago to see my son and daughter-in-law, and there will be a quilt show there that weekend, I had no idea when I made my reservations. They said they would take me to the show and I was thrilled. I promised that I would just run through quickly and get on with our day. The real reason I'm going is to get the lay of the land for when I go up to stay after the baby is born. I need to know where to go, since they live right downtown, they say everything I could possibly have to get is within walking distance. Of course this will be in December and I am a Florida girl. YIKES! And then there will be Thanksgiving, and all that happens then...we do close the shop the day after Thanksgiving and Sue and I do almost all of our shopping. I'm going to look at this all a bit differently...although Andy will be gone on a business trip to California after I get back from Chicago for a whole week, and I get tons done when he's out of town. Here's what I'm planning to get done in November: 1. Finish Tumbler quilt top (started in Oct) 2. Finish Michael's Victory (Carol Hopkin's pattern, started in Oct) 3. Cut Circle of Love quilt (Donation for Relay for Life) 4. Cut Spiderweb quilt (Spa Day event at shop) 5. Binding on last Spa Day quilt That's it...if I get that done and have days left over I'll start something else. I just love what I do! It's a wonderful life...I work with fabric and creative people everyday and then I come home and work with fabric some more. What could be better? I then I hear from lots of my Blogger friends and that is the icing on the cake.