Monday, November 18, 2013

Same Song, Different Verse...

This seems to be my theme this year...."where has the time gone"..."I'll be a better blogger"..."I'm not going to let so much time pass between posts"...and here I am again, almost a month has gone by.  So yes, it's the same old song and I'm on the 11th verse...since I last posted I think I've been cleaning like a wild woman...we had friends here last week and the kids are coming for I've been doing that heavy duty cleaning...and I did some baking to prepare for our friends.  Thinking back to my word for this year...CELEBRATE!...I truly have celebrated this year...I've celebrated all the things I've done, including cleaning like a wild woman.  I used to get all worked up if I didn't get to sew every day (even for just a few minutes) don't get me wrong, there is nothing better to me than to spend time upstairs sewing up a storm...just my fabric, my machine and my thoughts...but I've found a way to do lots of other things in a day and to still CELEBRATE that day, even if it doesn't include sewing.  So while this post may have started out as "Poor me, no time to sew post" it has turned into a "I'm so glad I've had time to CELEBRATE, even the little things in life" post.  My mom always said "It's all about your attitude and how you look at things"...WOW! Was she ever right!

I did get some sewing done this weekend...the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM block arrived and I always just love putting those is this month's block

and it sure was fun to put together...and since I have the finishing kit I decided to put the first 2 rows together so when we get to block 12 my quilt will be just about finished...I LOVE these blocks and I know I am really going to LOVE this quilt! promises of when I'll be excuses about where I've been...just know that I'll be CELEBRATING every matter what I'm doing...Life is Sooooooo Good!