Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Need Some Wool

Back in September I put 2 wool bundles up on my blog for sale and they were scooped up in a minute...my intention was to get some more bundles done and posted...but life changed the plans...when mom got sick everything got put on the back burner.  So I'm finally back today with 5 more bundles...there's a lot of wool in these bundles and they'll be $35 plus postage...send me an e-mail and let me know which one you'd like and your address..checks are fine...or I finally got my Paypal together so you can use that.  Let me know if you'd like one of these bundles...brownquilts@gmail.com
Bundle #1 SOLD
Bundle # 2 SOLD
Bundle # 3 SOLD
Bundle # 4 SOLD
Thanks so much...they're all sold now but I'll try to make some more!
Bundle # 5 SOLD

Friday, March 23, 2012

Farmer's Wife Makes Brownies

Well, I was the Farmer's Wife the past 2 days and got some blogs done.  I've been sewing along with Donna over at Brynwood Needleworks.  She started this sew along and it was just what I needed...I was making blocks a while ago but no rhyme or reason and just whenever I felt like it.  I wasn't getting anywhere fast.  Then I came upon this and knew this was where I needed to be.  Donna picks 10 blocks a month, although she says next month there will be more...and we have the whole month to get them done...and there's no stress...I'm lovin' it.  Here are the ones I did the past 2 days...

#103 Whirlwind  #51 Hovering Birds  #34 Flock and #52 Hovering Hawks.  And these are the ones I did before when I was just working on the willy nilly...
#2 Autumn Tints  #6 Big Dipper  #15 Buzzard's Roost  #10 Bowtie  #31 Evening Star  #29 Economy
I'm set and ready for April...YIPPEE!

Now on to making brownies...I made a batch of brownies for our neighbor boy's 13th Birthday...I made these for him for the first day of school and he flipped...he ate them for breakfast...yes I know I'm not a very good influence...but I am kind of a grandma figure for him, so I guess that makes it OK...LOL!

Start off with just the regular brownie mix..I always use one that I can make a larger pan.  I usually use these disposable pans for the neighbors then they don't have to worry about getting my plate back.  I think this size is 12" X 8".  Mix it up just like the box says...
...now here's the secret ingredient
...dump half of the mix in the bottom of the pan...break the Symphony bar apart on the lines and set them on top
...dump the rest of the mix on top
and bake according to the package directions.  Max says they are the BEST brownies in the world.  It's so fun to make a boy happy...reminds me of the days Josh was here and 13...where oh where does the time go?  Happy Birthday Max!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Ready for 2013...

Well not really for the whole year of 2013, but for Valentine's Day 2013.  Here's the February Schnibble for Another Year of Schnibbles...introducing I.S.T.H.
I started it at the beginning of the month as soon as Sinta and Sherri introduced it, but then February didn't work out the way I had hoped.  It got lost in my sewing room along with all the other stuff that got stuck in there until I cleaned it out last week.  When I found this I thought maybe I'd just put it away and pull it out in January 2013, finish it up and have it ready for Valentine's Day...after a long talk with myself I decided that was really silly.  By January I will have forgotten that I even started this...so I spent some time working on it.  Yesterday was a wonderful sewing day for me and I got the borders finished and on.  It made me VERY happy.  Now I'll just have to get it quilted and bound and then I'll tuck it away for Valentine's Day 2013.  YIPPEE!

Today I spent some time working on Farmer's Wife blocks again.  I'll be back tomorrow with the 3 that I finished today.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Too Many Title Possiblilities...

Yes it's me again...with my old dilemma...too many topics in one post to come up with one catchy title..so we'll just go with this one.

First, Happy National Quilting Day to all of us!  I just think it's pretty exciting that we have a "national" day of recognition for our love of quilting.  As soon as I finish typing here I'm heading upstairs to sew!

Now speaking of sewing...I did my Fat Quarter Shop Designer BOM block 10 this week...cut it out Thursday and sewed it Friday.

For those of you who are also doing this BOM, don't be alarmed...you have done nothing wrong with your block.  It's all about me not being able to concentrate on my cutting instructions and watch my recorded American Idol from Wednesday night.  I guess I was more interested in why they were kicking Jermaine off than paying attention to the fabrics I was supposed to be cutting.  Then while watching my recorded Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice from Thursday night I started sewing...just sewing away...Well, I didn't figure it out until I had connector corners on a whole bunch of blocks, and looked at the picture...YIKES...the dark pink is supposed to be all those outside petals, I completely reversed the blocks.  Now wouldn't you think somewhere before I got too far along in this I would have figured out my error...NOPE!  By then I had way too much done and decided it would be fine...in amongst the other flowers it will be cute, by the time it's put together I will have forgotten that I goofed  and unless someone is looking at the pattern picture, no one will ever know.  I'm pretty good at justifying, wouldn't you say...so this month's block is done...think I better pay better attention next month.

Here's what we did last weekend...good friends of ours have a place up in Georgia and they invited us up for the weekend.  We all drove up on Friday morning and just had a ball.  Ate wonderful food, talked and talked and talked, relaxed and went for a ride...this was a first for me.  60 years old and riding a 4 wheeler for the first time...
...it was so much fun, once I got the hang of it.  I think I laughed and squealed for the entire time we were riding through the woods.  Came back Sunday afternoon feeling really good...think it was just what I needed.

And last but not least...A Very Happy St. Patrick's day my Friends!  ENJOY!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Little Therapy

I spent some time in my sewing room yesterday and today...did a bit of straightening, seems as though everything I didn't put away for the last couple of months got stuck in there...so after cleaning up a bit I started this baby quilt.  This is for my dental hygienist that I have gone to for years and I love her.  She's having her first grandbaby, and every grandma needs a quilt.  I had another plan for a quilt for her, even started it, but I just couldn't seem to concentrate on that one, so I didn't fight it...I just put it aside, I'll need another baby quilt, and started cutting squares from this...
...and ended up with this...
...it was quick, easy, I think it's kind of cute and I got the whole thing done in a couple of days.  Just being in my sewing room, playing in the fabric, and then folding it all and putting it back on the shelf, and sitting at my machine made me feel so much better.  I could feel my spirits rising...it was a very good thing.  Hmmm, what to do next?

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you just doesn't seem sufficient...but that's all we have...thank you to all my Blogland friends for being here with me all along the way through this journey with mom.  Thank you for your calls, notes, cards, e-mails...you have strengthened me, boosted my spirits, and brightened my days more than you'll ever know.

My plan for the weekend is to not do any "stuff"...my days have been filled with paperwork and phone calls...I promised Andy that I was going to take a few days off from that...it can wait...I've done everything that must be done...I'll get back to it on Tuesday...I'm going to get upstairs and sew...I really think I'm doing OK...and I think after I take this little break I may just be better than OK.

Happy March!