Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Thanks everyone for your comments...The winner is Nancy...

Stitched With Prayer has left a new comment on your post "Got Ready For Two Holidays in One Week":

Hi Carol, I love your holiday projects, especially the Valentine one. It is so gorgeous and fun and cheerful at the same time!!! I am in serious need of reds and pinks in my stash, but I was a bit late on the uptake again, LOL. However, I was eating a delicious supper of Tilapia, Corn on the cob, sliced Avocados and a fresh sliced tomato picked from our garden just before dinner, so I didn't see your post until just now. OH, also, I love the picture of 'the boys', LOL. Way cute! Now I'm headed out to the deck to do a bit of stitchery on my Tis the Season Christmas Quilt and watch the hummingbirds while I visit with hubby. Have a wonderful evening, stay safe and dry my sweet friend. Big Hugs....

Nancy e-mail me your address and I'll get your scraps right out to you.

I'll be back with more scarps soon...I promise!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Got Ready For Two Holidays in One Week

That's what I did the past couple of days...got ready for two holidays...I did pillowcases for Hampton and Camden for Halloween (that will be here before we blink three times)
and I finished a Schnibble that I think it was the Schnibble of the Month back in February...I.S.T.H....I'm a little slow...but I'm ready for Valentine's Day 2013.  I got this back from the quilter a long while ago
...why didn't I just do the binding then?  I guess my thought was that I really didn't need Valentine's Day any time soon...I'm happy it's done and ready for the holiday.

I have a bunch of charm squares left and a couple of larger pieces of this fabric left...if anyone would like these  pieces leave me a comment...if there's more than one of you I'll draw for a winner.  I'll leave it open until Tuesday morning at 9 EDT.

Now you've probably heard that we're having a little bit of wind and wet weather from Tropical Storm Isaac...here's how concerned the boys are...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cleaning and Purging Again...

or maybe I should say still...I think I've been doing this all year and there shouldn't be anything else to purge...that's where I would be really WRONG!  I cleaned out 2 dresser drawers and got 2 bags of stuff to put out for the Red Cross to pick up on Saturday...but that's not what you all are interested in...go on over to Brown Quilts and More to see a bunch of wool, some MODA fat quarter bundles, charm packs and a bit of yardage.  Have fun!  Thanks so much!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

YIPPEE for Rehab!

Once again I must thank Sinta for her fantastic idea of BOM Rehab...because of her I've stayed on top of my 2 current BOM's and because of her encouraging everyone to post their progress I've even taken my Designer 2012 BOM from Fat Quarter Shop on step further.  Last Sunday Yvette posted her progress on hers and I decided that that was the BEST idea...I have the finishing kit...I'm going to follow Yvette's lead...finish the first row with the sashings...so instead of just doing this month's block...
I also did the sashing and put the first row together.
Thank you Yvette for the inspiration and Thank you Sinta for coming up with this wonderful, wonderful idea.  There's just something about being a little bit accountable to keep me on task.

I'd also like to share a product that I've found that I absolutely love.  Two weeks ago when I went in to get my nails done the gal was just having a fit that my hands were so dry and and that my cuticles were a mess...so I told her I play with fabric all the time and no amount of hand cream seems to do a thing for my hands.  She told me about this...
and I'm here to tell you in 2 weeks my hands have improved remarkably.  I put it on every night...it's much like the consistency of Vaseline...it only takes a very little bit.  I put a dab on and really massage it into my hands...I saw a big difference the very first morning.  It's not like the Vaseline treatments my mom used to do on her hands, she's glob it on and then put white gloves on until it soaked in...truly just a little dab with do it and results like I can't even believe.  This in no way is a paid advertisement...I'm just a very happy girl with much smoother hands...wanting to pass it on.

Happy week everyone!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Wisdom of Children

What a wonderful chat I had today...Katie called on their way home from Hampton's kindergarten orientation.  They told me all about his classroom, his teacher, his tour of the school, who he was going to sit by and a dozen other things.  He was so excited...made this Mamie's heart sing...I shared with Katie, forgetting that Hampton could hear what I was saying because they were in the car and she was on the Bluetooth, that our neighbor's son was in kindergarten when we moved here and now he's starting 8th grade...then I said "Oh our Hampton will be in 8th grade in no time."  His sweet voice came through the Bluetooth..."It's OK Mamie, I'll be in kindergarten for 100 days and then I have to go to 1st grade...so it will really be a long time before I'm in 8th grade."  OH my word, how did he grow up so fast?

I got love...Mamie
back from my wonderful quilter and got the binding on during the Olympics...finally took it outside for a picture...
it's a happy quilt! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to Nature

I just realized that it's been a week since I posted...oh my...I feel like it was just a day or two ago...here we are in the middle of August...I can finally write 2012 without thinking about it and it's going to be 2013 before we blink...where oh where is this year going?

We've had some bird visitors back...this one was hanging around down by the pond behind our house yesterday looking for lunch...
I love how I got his reflection in the picture...one might think I really meant to do that and got a pretty good picture...truth is, it was a pure happy accident.

This guy flew in and landed in the top of one of the cypress trees down by the pond
...he stayed there for a long time surveying the whole area...I have no idea what he is...anyone know?

I've been working on a project that is very special to me...here's a snippet of it
...I'll share the whole thing when I finish it and I'll tell you the story.

I'll try to get back sooner...I better keep a better eye on the calendar!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Mode of Transportation

Just had to share what I did this morning...after seeing Cheryl's post back in May with her Dots riding on their Plasma Cars and really having tons of fun, I knew Hampton and Camden needed these.  So off to Amazon I went and ordered them...I had really hoped that they would arrive before I drove up to see them back in June, but no luck...I've been flying ever since so they couldn't go with me.  Well, when I head up to help them move into their new house I'll be driving...so this morning I put these fun cars together...
OK, I'm ready to head to Birmingham now on a moment's notice...as soon as the loose ends get tied up I can head up the road...Can't wait!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Irons...I Love 'em...I Hate 'em

If you've known me for a while you know I've had some iron problems over the years...I've had several very pricey irons that sputtered and spewed all over my ironing board and quilt pieces...I've bought cheap ones and decided I'd just replace them when they died...but every iron drives me nuts when it shuts off after a few minutes of not using it. I hate 'em.  When I want my iron hot, I want my iron hot...so my friend Gloria told me about a Rowenta
that was on sale at All Brands...my ears perked up...I was very interested...on sale, no shipping and no sales tax and the very best of all...It doesn't shut off...I ordered it even though I said I would spend money on another iron.  I have followed every direction and so far I LOVE it!  It has 1700 watts so it gets super hot...awesome steam (I'm a big steam girl) and I used it all afternoon and it NEVER shut off...Ladies, I'm in LOVE!

I also saw this starch alternative in my grocery store yesterday...made by Bounce...and I really, really like it...it makes the fabric nice and crisp like spray starch but no flakes...and it smells really good.

Before I close I want to thank all of you for your amazing comments on my Blog Birthday post...that you for looking back on the past 6 years with me....we've all come a long way...here's to 6 more years!

Friday, August 03, 2012

The Sun Came Out

...and I got a picture.
Gosh I love this quilt...I love the fabric and I love the design...Thank you Fat Quarter Shop and all the designers for bringing this quilt to us...LOVE it!

We Have a WINNER!

First, thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments and blog anniversary/birthday wishes...but most of all thank you for your reflections on the past 6 years..I think the consensus was, they went by really, really fast, there were tragedies, heartaches, joys, achievements, babies, grandbabies, travel, life changes...but in the end everyone agreed Life is Good...Life is really Good and we are all very, very blessed.  Thank you from the very deepest part of Me, for sharing yourselves with me and each other...thank you for taking the time to reflect...to look into that past...and know that we've come to the present stronger women for having had those past experiences.  You are all very, very special and I certainly count myself very, very blessed to have you in my life.  Let's continue to reflect, not dwell, on the past events in our lives...time does go by so quickly that it kind of all becomes a blur...we will continue to grow and become much, much stronger...and we'll do it together!

Drum roll please...from the big bowl of comments...
Deb Silva is the winner...
...Congratulations Deb...send me an e-mail and I'll let you know how to redeem your gift certificate at Green Fairy Quilts.

Hope you all have an awesome Friday...I'm going to try to be back later this afternoon with a finish...I got the last of the binding on my 2011 Fat Quarter Shop BOM last evening watching the Olympics...it's a big one...so I need to get it outside to take a pic and right now it's a bit cloudy...hope to see you later.