Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well I wish I could tell you that there was tons of sewing going on here...not so much! Even with Andy gone to San Francisco this weekend, I just haven't gotten much done. For some reason I decided today was a cleaning day...I must have been nuts. I scrubed and cleaned the kitchen until it sparkled...then I moved on to our bathroom. Again, I must have been nuts. But tonight I plan on getting some things done...

Katie just sent me the latest Hampton pictures and so I just had to share...Here he is in his Halloween costume...have you ever seen a cuter Dumbo?

He found just the right pumpkin...He loves stickers...I love to send them to him...Remember the car I took him when I went up in June? He now thinks it's the most wonderful to go really fast, and up and down the hill in their front yard...

Josh says that he would do this for hours, except mom and dad get tired! Doesn't he just look like a little race car driver...

So now he thinks he's ready for the real thing...LOL! I'm not sure where this is...sure looks like an oldie.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Half a Herd Plus 1

I worked on the dog blocks while Andy was in Utah the last couple of days so I wanted to show him the blocks that were done...half of the ones I need for the whole quilt. Got them all laid out on the floor and Zack decided he needed to put his seal of approval on them. He says they're OK!

Nine more blocks and I can start putting it really is a fun one!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Where Did the Week Go?

The "visiting dogs" as Andy calls them came on Tuesday morning...this was the longest visit we've had with them and all went very well. The boys all had a great time...they love walking...but as you can imagine we are quite a sight. Our next door neighbor stopped on his way home yesterday afternoon...we had seen him in the morning when he was leaving for the office...his comment was "Is this what you do all day? You were walking when I left and you're walking when I'm coming home?" We assured him that we hadn't been out all day. Another neighbor stopped to ask if we had gotten 2 more dogs..."Oh no" Andy said quickly "These are the visiting dogs". As we were walking with all of them this morning down the main street of the neighborhood, several men came by us in their golf cart on their way to the golf course...can you imagine...I heard them laughing out loud at us. It's very quiet now...their dad came and picked them up at 7.

Jeanne quilted my table topper that we worked on when we had our sewing time at her house...she sent it to me on Wednesday and I got the binding on Thusday and on the table today. Thanks so much Karen for your inspiration!

I started working on a Christmas gift for the "visiting dogs" mom and dad's a Buggy Barn pattern from their book Crazy Dog Days...I haven't done a Buggy Barn pattern for while and I'm having lots of fun. Andy leaves for Utah on Sunday and I'm hoping to get all 18 blocks done while he's gone. Here's how it starts...cut and shuffle
Then sew the pieces back together. It's like a puzzle.I'll post more pictures when I get the blocks done.
Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 Posts in 2 Days...WHEW!

I'll bet you're just shocked...2 posts from me in 2 probably thought your Bloglines had gone nuts...well you know, now that I have this "compose" tab figured out, it's a whole lot easier and you may just hear more from me. LOL!

I got upstairs for a little while today, did a little cleaning, straightening, organizing and a bit of sewing. I got my blocks for Simply Sophistcated done for this month...

I just loved this fabric and knew I wanted to do something with it, but I just didn't know what to do...I had seen this BOM on Fat Quarter Shop and I really liked it...but then when Vicky talked about it, I took that as a sign, it was what I was supposed to do with this fabric. This month's installment was in my mail when we got home yesterday so I got it done today. Went together perfectly! Thanks Vicky for getting me going.

While I was sewing, here's what the boys did...

Actually this is what they did most of the day. Howie (in the front) heard the camera so he opened his eyes...Zack could have cared less.

A while back I mentioned that I was doing some secret sewing for a designer friend of mine...well, she sent me a picture of the front of her new book that she will be taking to Market with her in a couple of weeks. This book is so fun...brings back lots of good memories of games that we all played as kids. Even if you don't need a little person quilt, these patterns are so wonderful...there are a couple that I want to make bigger...I had so much fun working on these quilts. Thanks Lynda for letting me help you with this fun project.

Andy's working I'm hoping for lots of sewing time. Hmmm, maybe I'll have something to show you then...3 posts in 3 days...OMG!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Boys are Pooped

We're home from St.Louis...It was a quick and great trip. The wedding was really nice...and the reception was was a very fun reception...the bride and groom had a blast...and their parents really enjoyed the evening. Good times! We picked up the boys...Susan said they all had so much fun. Running and playing's what they've done since we got home at's now 8:00...they did get up to eat their dinner...but not for another thing. They are pooped!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Light Bulb Moment

Sit down, get a drink of your choice and get ready for a good laugh...

After my last post when I mentioned that Blogger wasn't playing nice and wouldn't let me download anymore pictures...Tammy e-mailed me and said that she downloads 5 at a time, and then just moves them where she wants them. Well, I was scratching my head trying to figure out how she did that, cause when I downloaded pics I would get all this Html gibberish...I was clueless...we decided maybe I had an older version of I started going through the Help tabs, checking Frequently asked questions, after about an hour of fiddling around this I gave up. I went to the "Create" page and I happened to see 2 tabs at the top right...Edit Html and for most of you out there, this is a no brainer, for me, the not at all techno girl, I realized that if I clicked on the Compose tab and downloaded a picture I could see the picture, no Html gibberish. OMG! The lightbulb came I ask you? How in the world have I blogged for well over a year...189 posts and I never knew that. I am just a pitiful techno girl.

We had the "boy's" friends over the's my man getting ready to walk the "'herd"...I actually walk 2 of them and he walks 2 of them, but he had them all waiting for me...I had to get the camera. We are going to St. Louis in the morning for Kelly's wedding...Kelly used to watch the "boys" when we went away, so they're going to their friend's house for a sleepover. Susan and Ray will have our two through Saturday...the "herd" will be at their house.

I was reading Christine's blog...she was telling about a project that she is working on...Home of the Brave...making quilts for fallen soldier's families. What a wonderful project, sad that it has to be done, but I've been making 9 patches...I put some in the mail today and I'll be doing blocks for her each month until she doesn't have to do these quilts anymore.
Have a fantastic couple of days while I'm gone...I'll be back late Saturday.

P.S. I added pictures with no Html gibberish for the first time ever...OMG! Was that ever easier! I am a very happy girl...thanks Tammy for getting me on the right track!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm So Excited I Could Pop!

I woke up this morning and had a post ready to go in my mind...the title was "I've Been Cleaning Again"...and then the phone rang...I knew it would be Josh, he always calls on Saturday morning to chat. First he told me that they would be coming to our house for Thanksgiving...we had talked about it when I was there last month and they were pretty sure that they were not going to be able to come, because he didn't think his work schedule would work out...but he found out that he will have vacation that he'll have to take, so they'll be coming...YIPPEE! Thanksgiving and Hampton's second birthday is also that week, so we'll get to have a party. Then as I was jumping up and down and telling him that he had made my day, he asked what I was doing in April...well, silly me, I said I'd check my calendar but I didn't think that there was anything there yet...he was laughing like crazy...went on to have to tell me that I would be needed there to watch Hampton while they are at the hospital...YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm going to be a grandma again. I am floating on a cloud. You've heard me say it before, LIFE IS TRULY GOOD!

Now, here's what I was going to post this morning before all the excitement...I was cleaning in the sewing room again and came upon some older, out of print fabrics that would love to go to someone else's house, where they'll go into a quilt.
As always, I'll just charge you whatever the shipping will be...just send me an e-mail....

22 Fat Quarters of Ella's Linen Closet by Blackbird Designs $33
SOLD- Thank you

29 Fat Quarters of Aunt Luci's Cottage by Blackbird Designs $40 SOLD-Thank you

2-2/3 Yards Aunt Luci's Cottage $15 SOLD-Thank you

I want to share the wonderful gifties that I got from my swap group...I showed my wonderful angel from Darlene several posts back...there was a delay in posting the others until everyone got their packages. This darling little quilt came from Judy...she used the leftovers from our swap fabrics...

Look at this tote bag from Wendy...

And Sharon made us all these little bags... I have my stitchery tools in has a zipper so I never have to worry about anything falling out...I'll never lose another pair of scissors.

Thank you so much girls...this was an absolutely wonderful swap and I can't wait to get my quilt together. It's going to be beautiful and full of lots of good memories.

Blogger's decided it doesn't want anymore pictures for I'm going to say "Have a great evening!"