Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Year Older

During the time that the kids and mom were here I had a was so great to have my whole family here for my birthday. And then what a surprise Sharon put on her blog that it was my birthday and I got so many nice birthday wishes from Blogland friends. Thank you all for taking time send me wishes. Made my day...then the mailman came and here was a package from Miss Geranium herself...oh was it ever fun...look at the bag she made for me...I just love's going to be my stitchery will hold everything just perfectly and I'll think of Sharon every time I look at it.


Then along with the bag was this wonderful Kay England pattern for a beautiful basket quilt called Lucille Ball...long story...and the cutest pin box full of nice pins, new Susan Branch charm squares and look at that wonderful handmade basket...Sharon you have spoiled me once again.

So thank you all for making my birthday one to remember and all just make me so HAPPY!
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What a Fun Time We Had!

Seems like it's been forever and a day since I posted, you'd think I was working again. The kids were here until Tuesday morning...Mom was with us until Monday late afternoon...there was so much going on and we sure had tons of fun. Mom and I taught Hampton "So BIG" and he was so proud of himself...well, Josh immediately thought we had taught him TOUCHDOWN! Oh my goodness!


We celebrated Hampton's First Birthday on Sunday...hard to believe he's a year old's the crazy hats and those things you blow...we had a great time. Hampton's Godmother and Godfather were here with us also, Aunt Beth was taking the picture so she didn't get in. It was great to have them here from Wisconsin.

Since the kids left Tuesday I've been cleaning and doing laundry...I did get to the machine and got my Hometown block done on time! YIPPEE! Nothing creative though, I did exactly what the pattern said.

This week should get back to normal...I think I'll get some sewing done...but I'd take everybody here over normal any day.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Have Much To Be Thankful For

I have so much to be thankful for on this day before Thanksgiving...I have wonderful Blogland friends who send me the best packages like in yesterday's post and that show me how to make these yummy chocolate pretzels...

Thank you Sharon for showing me how to do these!

I am thankful for my sweet he is during one of our mornings together...he and I get up and let his mom and dad sleep in. I am such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family.

The kids just went over to have lunch with my mom and to bring her here until Monday...they have to go home Monday so I'll take mom back to her house on Monday. She'll be here for Thanksgiving and for Hampton's First Birthday on Sunday. I just can't believe my little man is a year old already...hard to believe.

I am also so excited that Katie has caught the quilting's a quilt that she cut out by herself and we laid it out night before last...this is for a very good friend of her's whose having a new baby girl. Katie did a simple quilt for their first baby and decided she wanted to do one for the new baby and she wanted it to be a little more advanced to use her words. She hopes to start sewing before they head home. It is so wonderful to see how excited she is.

So my wish for all my friends is for a very Happy Thanksgiving...let's all take a moment to count our blessings...I count all of you in my blessings.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank you Cheryl

Thank you Cheryl for my Chocolate Swap treats...I am one lucky girl...look at all those chocolate treats...white chocolate gingerbread bark, eggnog almond bark, Wonka Bar (chocolate with graham cracker crumbles) and lots of other delicious chocolate delights. And do you see the bag Cheryl made for me...I LOVE it...and she put an extra treat in for me...a kit for the turkey tabletopper that she had on her blog last week.


This is the second time I've written tonight...the first time was very long and had several guessed it...Blogger ate it...said there was an error and it didn't even save the draft. So I'm off to bed and I'll try to tell you the whole week's story tomorrow...
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not a Whole Lot Going On

I guess we all have weeks like this...not much going on here to blog about...just the shopping, errands, laundry...One of the errands yesterday was to go by Linens N' Things with my 20% coupon and buy a new ironing board. My old one was falling apart and the cover was so awful that blocks were starting to stick to here it is...

Please excuse the bulletin board over the ironing board...I didn't realize it looked so bad until I saw the picture...I know where the next clean-up project will be.

I did get the section of Hometown Christmas done that was due today...YIPPEE! This was a really easy one...the section for the 30th looks a whole lot harder...better get going on it.

And you know I've told you I love the Holly Jolly's the start of another project using it...Tilt A far it has been really fun. The piecing is super easy but you really have to pay attention to how the pieces go together or you don't get the pinwheel effect.

Josh, Katie and Hampton will arrive tomorrow sometime...they are coming a little early for Thanksgiving because Katie's grandmother passed away last night in a town just north of we get to see them for a little longer. They'll be here for Thanksgiving, my birthday and Hampton's first birthday on the 25th...I can't believe he's already a year old. I've been out shopping for food for him, got a high chair, a bathtub, diapers...oh my things have changed since Josh was bitty. The kids are going to go pick up my mom and bring her here on Wednesday and she'll stay until Monday so she can spend lots and lots of time with Hampton.

I'll try to post with pictures of Hampton...have a great evening.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I had a brain freeze when I published...I should have done them in reverse order. So if you want to know how the Fons & Porter Binding Tool works you'll have to go to the 3rd post and read backwards. Sorry everyone.

Last Part

Sew across the line.

Check to make sure the binding is sewn correctly and not twisted. Trim excess leaving 1/4" seam allowance. Finger press the seam open. Fold the binding in half.

Stitch binding down.

That's for me...I hope you all like it as much as I do.
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Part 2

Blogger and Picasa won't let me do more than 4 pictures at a time so...

Bring the left binding over the binding tool and cut it at the line for the width of your binding. My binding is 2" so I cut it over the 2" line.

This is the step I found I had to do the opposite of the directions.
Open the right binding strip so th right side is facing up. Position the end of the left strip along the top edge of the right strip.

Place diagonal line on the Binding Tool along the end of the left strip. Mark a sewing line across the bottom of the tool.

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Fons and Porter Binding Tool Tutorial

I've finally had some time to do this as I promised. Zack is doing well, but has to be watched like a hawk, he keeps wanting to get the stitches out...he's managed to get 2 of the 5 one of us tries to keep an eye on him all the time...since he can't come upstairs my sewing time is in spurts. Not much to show. But that's just boy is getting better and that's what matters.
So here's the tutorial for this tool that I love...most everything is just like the directions, I've added my little editorial comments and one direction I just couldn't get to work the way it said so I'm telling you what I did...if you get it to work the other way please let me know what I'm doing wrong. The way I did it works perfectly and the binding works every time.
Here we go...

The directions say to leave a 7"-8" tail of binding free when you start stitching it to the quilt. I leave 8", I think having the extra inch when you do the ends makes it easier.


Stitch the binding down around the quilt. The directions say to stop 10"-12" between the beginning and ending. I leave 12" between. Now you will have 2 long free ends between your stitching.

Trim the right binding strip to 6" or half of your opening space, so that it ends in the center of the opening.

Put the binding tool on the end of the right binding strip.
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