Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick, Short but Very Good Month

28 Days that seemed to just fly by...but I'm very happy to say I got all my goals completed plus an extra project...more on that in a bit.

February Goals...
13 Pillowcases for Hole in the Wall Gang...Done and mailed off...I forgot to take a picture.

Sunday Best Schnibble...Done

Cameo for Camden cut...Done and I even got the blocks sewn and the top laid out...Thanks to the Spring Sewing Party

Civil War Tribute BOM blocks...DONE

I'm really excited about my extra project this month. As you've seen on Kelly's blog, she's launched her own pattern company and I was a very lucky girl...I got to test a pattern for her...I had a blast...this is a great went together slick as a whistle. And what's really fun about it is that you could substitute other panels and it would be just wonderful. Keep up the good work Kelly! I'm cheering you on!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a Wonderful Day!

It was a gray, rainy, chilly day was an absolutely glorious day inside. Thank you Kelly and Joan for hosting such a fun party. I got lots done and enjoyed visiting with lots of Charming Girls. It was so fun to spend the day sewing with all of you!

Here's what I got done...I finished my Sunday Best Schnibble for this month and I got 10 of the 12 blocks done for Camden's quilt. I'll finish those tomorrow and start putting it together. I'm so excited because now I'll be able to get it to my quilter, get the binding on and give it to her for her first birthday.

Speaking of Little Miss, Katie sent this picture yesterday...look at those polka dot shoes!

It was a great day, I'm going to do some binding and watch some more Olympic coverage. Have a great evening!

I'm Sewing Up a Storm

I've been up since 5:30, but didn't get to start sewing until about 10...breakfast, dogs walked, had a quick errand to run and then I settled in. It's a perfect day to sew here's raining, very gray, and pretty darn I'm tucked upstairs, in my room, sewing, watching college basketball...just doesn't get much better. I have my CheezIts, peanut M&M's, diet Coke and cute fabric to know where to find me!

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Going to a Party!

Kelly and Joan have invited all of The Charming Girls and Guys to a Spring Sewing Party. This is my RSVP...I'll be there! I have my project ready to go...I'll be sewing Camden's First Birthday quilt...cutting it was a Charming Girls goal and I got that sewing it will be a March goal...I'm going to get started on it tomorrow. I've already told "all the boys" that I'll be busy sewing tomorrow. Thanks Kelly and Joan for inviting me!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What a Treat!

I have to share this wonderful treat I got in the mail came from Mona (no blog)...she said that she had made some of these "Huswiffs" from Kathleen Tracy's book Remembering Adelia and thought I might like one...I flipped...I just love it. Thank you so much Mona.

I have to show you this picture of the boys from this morning...their dad went to the gym this morning and they went to the windows by the front door as his car went down the driveway...they stayed there until his car came back in. They were both looking out the window until they heard the camera turn least the didn't come flying at the camera like they usually do...they just made themselves look cute...LOL!

As promised in my last post, I posted some Jan Patek books and some Kansas Trouble Quilters fat quarters over on did some more organizing this morning and found lots of Jan Patek books. I'll be back with some more...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Not a Very Good Blogger

I sure haven't been a very good blogger lately...I can't tell you that anything thrilling or exciting has been going on in my life that has taken my time...well there was one thing...I met Carrie Nelson last Tuesday for lunch while she was here teaching in Dade City...we had the best visit...we talked so much that the little restaurant we were in closed and we didn't even know it until they started locking the doors, they were so nice to put up with us...I've been sewing, but don't really have anything to show yet. I guess what I've really been working at is organizing and cleaning out a bit. I still have a 4 drawer file cabinet full of brand new books from the shop. I listed the Jo Morton books that I had on my other blog that I set up just for selling...Brown Quilts and MORE...I have some Jan Patek books that I'm going to put up next...they'll be there by Friday (if I give myself a deadline I'm sure to get it done)...there are also two 6 yard pieces of Jo Morton fabric left up there (back a post or 2)...I have more fabric to put up too.

I do have some new pictures of Camden and Hampton that Katie sent this morning...they are growing like crazy...Camden is10 months can that be...they sure had fun in the snow!

Friday, February 05, 2010

It's the Beginning of a New Month you know that means goals...February Charming Girl's Club goals. I'm a bit behind, I don't have the new logo up...I promise I'll have it up for my next are my goals...

Turn this stack of fabric into pillowcases for Hole in the Wall Gang...I did 5 this week and this stack will be 8 more...they sure are fun to do.

Sunday's Best for A Year of Schnibbles...I have my fabric picked...I'm using Civil War Tribute and a piece of background from my stash.

Get Cameo cut out of this Birdie Honey Bun and Charm pack...then I'll have to get to stitchin''s for Camden's 1st Birthday...can you believe she'll be a year old April 17th. Wasn't I just waiting for her to arrive??????

Get month 1 done of the Civil War Tribute Block of the Month...I flipped over this quilt...I wasn't going to get involved in any more BOM's (except for the next Fat Quarter Shop Designer BOM) but this one just kept calling my name...

When I thought about my February goals I needed to finish the baby quilt that I cut last month...well, I didn't sleep very well night before last, went upstairs to sew for a bit and ended up almost finishing it...I just had to a couple of rows left to sew that done yesterday and today I got the back sewn together...YIPPEE! Done and so close to the beginning of the month. You know we have to sew faster this's a short one!

Katie sent me some new pictures know I have to share...I love their outfits...Katie's been smocking up a storm again. She's getting to be quite the seamstress...Hampton's shirt is a long sleeve t-shirt with an opening in it...she did the smocking and inserted it, with piping, all be herself. She smocked Camden's dress and her mom made the dress...I'm betting she'll be making a little dress any day now. There is a picture of Camden and Josh that just almost made me's the sweetest thing...I'll have to share it next time...Blogger won't let me do any more pics tonight. ACK!