Monday, January 29, 2007

Home From Chicago

What a wonderful 5 days I had in Chicago...I arrived on Tuesday, Josh pickied me up at the airport and took me home. We walked 3 blocks to dinner that night, with Hampton in the stroller all bundled up and back home and then I never left the condo until yesterday morning to go back to the airport. That is the first time in YEARS that I have spent that many days inside and I never got antsy. It was a wonderful time. I spent many, many hours holding and talking to "my little man". He's gotten so big in 9 weeks I can hardly believe it. Leaving yesterday morning was so hard...It was snowing pretty hard and I told Hampton I thought I might just have to stay for the winter, he smiled the biggest smile, dimples and all and made the sweetest sound and I was done...everybody told me that there is nothing like and grandbaby, a feeling that is just beyond words...I thought they were nuts...WRONG! Nothing else in the world matters when you have that baby in your arms. I can't wait to get back and hold him for hours again. Back to reality :( I have a long list of To Do's so I better get moving.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Off to Chicago

This is going to be quick but I wanted you to know that I have been sewing...I couldn't post this picture though because it was for an event at the shop this past Sunday, Spa Day, and the quilt is always a surprise. I don't know if anyone from the group would have seen it, but you just never know. This was lots of fun to do and got rid of a ton of scraps.
I'm off on a plane this morning for Chicago to spend until Sunday with Josh, Katie and Hampton. I just can't wait to hold him. I'll try to post some pictures from up there. I think I'm probably going to freeze...this Florida girl in the very cold, windy city. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Going to be a Great Day

It's Saturday and it's going to be great. First, yes I finished the shop newsletter on Thursday...most of it was done on Wednesday, just had to add one little bit on Thursday. Andy's going to take it to the printer for me today so it will be done by Monday and can go in the mail before I go to Chicago...YIPPEE! Off my plate, checkmark on my list! Yesterday was wonderful...Sue and I took the day off from the shop and took a class with Jo Morton and our guild. It was a wonderful day...worked on Strippy Stars...she showed us making stars from flying geese and flying geese from 5 squares of fabric. They came out perfect and no waste. She even shared the math with us so we can do it any time we want. You all probably already know the math but I was thrilled. I've done flying geese with Mary Ellen Hopkins technique with the connector sqares, there's waste and mine didn't always come out right; I've done them the old way with just a quarter square triangle and 2 half squares, usually pretty accurate unless my seam is off a bit or my pressing is out of whack...these came out perfect. I'll share if anyone is interested.
Well, today we're going back to class with Jo and doing applique. I am so excited, sitting with Jo Morton and appliqueing all day...a little piece of heaven.
I better get moving...we must walk the boys and then Andy and I have to do our walk and I have to be out of here by 8. I'll be back with more...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I seem to be procrastinating

I really seem to be procrastinating...I am supposed to be working on the shop newsletter, a chore that is just that a chore. It drives me I decided to write a few lines here this morning. I made it around the webring for the first time this morning and really enjoyed myself...meeting new friends is such fun. I hope to get upstairs today and get some sewing done, since I have the whole day off. The boys and I walked this morning and it was pretty chilly, in the 40's I think...they think it is the greatest thing ever so I'm sure they'll be wanting to go for another one in a bit...well, that will be another good reason to stop working on the newsletter. I better get back at it...I have to have it done and printed and in the mail before I leave for Chicago on the 23rd for 5 days of holding Hampton. Maybe I'll get back later with a picture of something I've sewn today.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Great Weekend

What a great weekend I had...Saturday I joined the Stash Quilts webring and have been having fun reading blogs I haven't read before. Sunday was a real treat. Andy and I saw "The Lion King" on Broadway 5 years ago and just loved it. Well, it came to Orlando. I got tickets for my mom, and Sue and gave them to them for Christmas, and of course I got myself a ticket. We were in the 4th row and it was just amazing. I saw things I didn't see the first time I saw it...and what fun to see my mom enjoying it so much. When we were driving home she said, "As old as I am I've never seen anything as wonderful as that". She called me at the shop today and said that she had been thinking about it all day and she just was still so happy. What a treat.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Thursday

Well, it's Thursday Jan 4 here in Orlando and it's supposed to be 81 degrees today...tomorrow 84...YUCK! They say it's El Nino or Nina, I really don't know the difference, all I know is that it is warm and wet. I just want it to be cooler...It is January. Of course, the folks that are down here vacationing from the cold parts of the country just love it. Enough complaining this morning :) One of my New Year's goals was to drop the 15 pounds I have put on in the last year. I did South Beach about 3 years ago and it was just wonderful. Lost 25 pounds, felt great, kept it off and then in the last year I don't know what happened, I really do know, I started increasing portions and eating bad stuff when I was hungry. So I started back on South Beach on Tuesday, am eating good food again and like magic I've lost 3-1/2 pounds. HMMM! guess the secret is just eat good stuff and not a ton of anything. I'm feeling good and not deprived so that's a very good thing. Andy is doing it with me so that really helps. We've also committed to walking at least 4 days a's on the you know me, if it's on the calendar it gets done. I had a great day yesterday...I was off from the shop and stayed home almost all day, only had to run to the bank and the post office. I did some laundry, and a little cleaning and then just sewed the rest of the day. I felt like I was in heaven. I finished the BRIGHT snowman quilt for is so cute. I'll post a picture after the binding is on. I also worked on the Spa Day project for the shop and did little bits for me. It was a great day! You just can't beat a day in the sewing room.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It just doesn't seem possible that Christmas was a whole week is Jan 1, long will it take me to write 2007 on the checks I have to write. It is just so hard to imagine that another year has gone and a new one has begun. I hope that you all have a very happy, healthy New Year! I hope that we all learn to take time for ourselves...a very wise woman, my mom, always says that a woman can't be all that she needs to be for others if she doesn't take care of herself first. I am taking that to heart this year and I'm really going to try to take time to do just that. Today was a wonderful day...Andy and I started the New Year by taking Howie and Zack for a walk and then we took a long walk, just the 2 of us. We've promised each other that we will do that at least 4 days a week. Then we went to mom's and took down all of her Christmas decorations and put them away. Then I sewed most of the afternoon. Then the most exciting part of the day came about an hour ago. Josh and Katie got a webcam and so did we. Yesterday we got everything hooked up and downloaded what we needed. We chatted a minute yesterday and got to see Hampton for a minute and then Windows shut everything down. We got on today and visited for about 20 minutes. It was so fun. This is just all amazing to me, as some of you know I am very technologically challenged, so this was really something. This is going to be just a joy to be able to see him all the time since we are so far apart. Once again, I'd like to thank all of you for welcoming me into quilty blogland...I am so happy that I pushed my techno fears aside and took the plunge. I love hearing from you all and sharing with you. I'm looking forward to 2007 and all of our conversations. Here's to a quilty, wonderful 2007!