Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Too Hot To Be Outside...

So I've been staying inside as much as I can, keeping the air conditioner turned down, and sewing...and I've really been having fun. I cut and sewed this month's Year of Schnibbles top this week...Joy was lots of cutting and sewing but well worth it...I really like it a lot...I used FreeBird by's way out of my comfort zone...not my colors and pretty modern...but I do like it. After it's quilted I'll be giving it to Katie...she'll love it...their kitchen is the green and their dining room is the red...

I've been working away on my Between Charming Friends...I brought it downstairs to show Andy and he said "There are a lot of pieces in many are there?" Well, I hadn't even thought about it...I knew there were a lot but really didn't have a clue...I got the calculator and started counting blocks...then I had a light bulb moment...I knew I had sewed and sewed and sewed...I had decided that I was going to make it 8 blocks across and 9 down...on can probably guess where I'm going with this...I've been quilting for over 30 years and I know this...when you put it on point you need almost twice as many blocks...that's not what I was thinking when I was sewing...9 X 8=72 blocks....WRONG! so when I did the math...1600 pieces...and I don't have the border done yet. I need to make a decision on the border and I don't want to make a zillion more blocks. But I do love's so darn cute...those little blocks are just wonderful...thank you so much Darlene for the pattern and Kelly for making them little.

Look at these wonderful notecards that I got in the mail from Mona (no blog)...she bought one of my bundles and sent these when she sent the check. She made them...they are beautiful. I told her they were way too pretty to write on...Thank you Mona!

I also cut another Schnibble today...Short Story from Schnibbles Times Two and I'm using Bliss...I'm loving this fabric. I'm doing this one for Mom to put in the pink polka dot doll carriage that she's giving Camden for Christmas...then I'm doing the big Short Story for Camden...she and her American Girl Bitty Baby that mom gave her for her birthday will have matching quilts.

They just issued a heat advisory for tomorrow...said it's going to be the hottest day since 1930 know where to find me!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewed a Bit, Destashed a Bit, Ate a LOT!

I'm going to start with my true confessions for the day...I know I told you how happy I was to be going to the gym again and walking more...what I failed to share was that I've been eating...eating the most wonderful treats...Annelies over at Sew Blessed had these on her blog not too long ago. OMG, they brought back memories of going to the grocery store when I was a mom was never a big fan of the iced animal crackers, so most of the time we just got plain ones...but once in a while if I had been really good (notice I said once in a while) we got the iced ones. Well, when I saw Annelies' I decided I had to find them...on a quest I went. She had a different brand that I wasn't able to find here, but when we were at the grocery store the other day, they were rearranging the cookie aisle to fit in this Classics line of Nabisco guessed it...this bag jumped right into our basket. Well here comes my confession...the bag was empty in about 2 1/2 days and no one else but me has eaten them...Better add another gym day. They sure were yummy! I'm afraid to buy another bag...I have no will power.

Here's my bit of sewing for the day...Fat Quarter Shop's Designer BOM block for this month......I love this hat! Then there was the Jelly Roll Sampler block......this was a really fun one to do.

Here's my Destashing effort for today.. ...Description and price under each picture. Price does NOT include shipping. I will ship in USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes or envelopes if the item will fit. I wish I could ship internationally but the price is just crazy.

#1 Old Fashioned Charm by Blackbird Designs...39 fat 1/8ths (4 7/8 yds) $24.00 SOLD Thank you!

#2 Old Fashioned Charm Plaids by Blackbird Designs...17 homespun 5 twill fat 1/8's (2 3/4 yds)
$13.00 SOLD Thank you!

#3 Vintage Reserve by Minnick & Simpson 37 fat 1/4's (I have 2 of these) $55.50 SOLD Thank you!

#4 Vintage Reserve yardage...3 pieces 1 yd, 2 yds, 1 1/2 yds...$22.50

#5 Vintage Reserve yardage...3 pieces...2 @ 3 yds...1 @ 1/2 yd...$17.50 SOLD Thank you!

#6 Country Paths by Brannock & Patek...38 fat 1/4's....$57.00 SOLD Thank you!

#7 Country Paths plaids by Brannock & Patek....16 fat 1/4's...$24 SOLD Thank you!

Send me an email if you're interested I'll accept checks or money orders.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Far, So Good!

Well, now I know that only a little over a week has passed since I posted my goals, but I'm very happy to report that my self-care goals are coming right along...went to the gym on Tuesday, and we're going again tomorrow...I was so thrilled that after going on Tuesday I was able to get out of bed today without lots of sore muscles, since it's been a year since I've been...I told Mr. Brown Quilts that I'd be going again tomorrow. We walked Sunday, today and plan to go again on Friday. Thank you Kelly for challenging us to take care of ourselves.

Now for my book's what I read while mom and I were at the beach...These is My Words......what an incredible book. If you like historical, you'll love this. It's the fictionalized diary based on the real life exploits of Sarah Agnes Prine...the great grandmother of the author. I never wanted to put this one down...I needed to know what happened next.

Looking For Salvation at the Dairy Queen.......what a delight...if you like Fannie Flagg's style of writing, Fried Green Tomatoes, Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, Standing in the're going to love this one.

Firefly Lane......a story of true friendship that stood the test of time and all the things that life sent there way. I really liked it!

I started Between Sisters......I'm about half way through and it's very good...nice light's a perfect summer book.

I'm hoping to have something quilty to post next time...and I've also done a little more cleaning...found some bundles that I'll be putting up. I'll be back soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do I Hear Bagpipes?????

Home from the beach and it was wonderful...we had beautiful evening there was a thunderstorm, but I loved it...I love to watch lightning storms at the beach. Mom thinks I'm a bit nuts!

We were sitting on the porch reading, waiting to go down to the beach to watch the sunset and I started hearing bagpipes...yes, bagpipes. I really thought I was hearing things, but then other people were saying "Did I just hear bagpipes?"...grabbed my trusty camera and went down to the beach...there he was...he played one song after another...the sun was going down...people were requesting songs and the sun was falling fast...until it melted right into the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's mom...enjoying the those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will remember that this is just like her picture from last year....different book. She hates having her picture taken so this is the best I could do.

I'll be back to tell you about the books I read...there were some really good ones!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Almost Missed the Charming Girls Date...

Oh my...I've been at the beach since Saturday...reading up a storm and just relaxing and then I realized...I haven't posted my here are my July/August goals...or I think these are my goals, I may be forgetting something since my brain is on "Beach time". If I think of something else when I get home on Saturday I'll add a P.S.

1. Finish my Between Friends...I know everyone is finishing up but I'm making the tiny blocks and making the quilt 60x70 something...I know I'll need a zillion blocks but it's going to be so darn cute.

2. Do 3 Nice People Nice Things stitchery blocks...this will be an ongoing project for a quilt for Little Miss Camden.

3. Keep up with my BOM's

4. Get back to the gym with Mr. Brown Quilts...we used to go 3 days a week and then he had his knee out of the habit...he's gone back and I haven' I'm going to start going at least 1 day a week...he's going 2 now and one of those days in Monday...can't go that day because that's my day with Mom.

5. Walk at least 3 days a week.

That's all my beachy brain can think I'll more than likely be back!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

It's Been Raining, So I've Been Upstairs

Oh my, it's been raining for days...not constantly, but on and off since last sun, which is keeping the heat down, but there are downpours and gully washers and then annoying spitting rain, then thunder and lightning and then more spitting rain. I need to see the sun. I feel crabby coming upstairs I go. I've been working on Between Friends 16 sure is going to be cute.

I got this week's Jelly Roll Sampler block done today...and then realized I hadn't taken pictures of the previous two here they are. All caught up...YIPPEE!

Saturday, Mom and I leave for the beach for the week...I spent some time today getting some stitchery prepped, I have 2 Schnibbles and a quilt ready to hand stitch the binding down, and I have a big stack of books...I'm ready!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Between Friends is Growing

It's not a speedy process...but Between Friends is growing. I decided to lay it out on the "design floor" so I could see how big it was getting...then I'll know when to stop. I'm really liking it a's darn cute...Thank you Darlene and Kelly!