Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October is Here Tomorrow...

But before October arrives, I want to say a Very Happy Birthday to our Josh...31 years and 19 minutes ago Josh made his appearance. What a great kid he was and what a great dad he has become...we are very proud parents...We love you son!

October...now how can that be? What happened to September? I have a finish...you've seen this along the way...but I'm very happy to say...it's quilted, binding's on, it's washed and hanging...my Web Sampler... I know I complained about this...but I have to tell you...I LOVE it! Thankfully I remembered to throw a Shout Color Catcher sheet in the washing machine...here's a before and after sheet... Oh my...if all that red had ended up on the light part of that quilt...I can't even think about it. Love those sheets.

I got a new favorite thing this weekend...lots of you probably already have one...I'm a little slow...I've seen them, thought about it, and decided this weekend that I just had to have one...The Bendable Light...
Probably the best $49.95 I've ever spent...WOWSER! It's awesome!

I spent some time with my friend Jeanne this weekend and we did some project planning...Jeanne had this top finished and I flipped over it...it's called Sunshine and Shade.... it's on my list of Must Do's...

Off to finish binding on a Halloween quilt that I did last year right after Halloween, so I'd be ready for this year...better get stitchin'.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've Been So Lazy

There really hasn't been anything much quilty going on here. My cold didn't start getting better until the middle of the week so that's going to be my excuse...When the week starts out slow, it ends up slow...how do you like that logic? I did meet with Jami, the machine quilter on Wednesday and dropped off the star quilt and Hampton's birthday quilt and picked up my Web Sampler quilt. She did an awesome job on it. I sewed the binding on yesterday and today while watching college football ( my favorite thing) I'll turn the binding to the back and stitch it down. As soon as I get it washed I'll post a picture of it.

The other morning we came out of the house to walk the boys to be greeted by this beautiful full moon...

We're dog sitting this weekend...our friends have a lab and a golden retriever...all four of our boys get along great. We all walk together every morning and they have play dates regularly so we decided we would give it a try. Ray and Susan left early yesterday morning...and we've been having a great time. All four boys are pooped right now...all sound asleep...last evening though they were all awake and offering their assistance in the kitchen... they were just hoping that a piece or several pieces of watermelon would hit the floor.

Andy had their undivided attention this morning......we had just come back from walking and he had the treats...he was the most popular person in the house.

A little lunch and I'm settled on the couch with my binding project...that's where you'll find me if you need me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Life is Good!

A week with Hampton confirmed once again...Life is truly GOOD! What a wonderful week we had visiting with Hampton, Josh and Katie. Mom had the most fantastic week! She loved every minute of being there...and Hampton thought she hung the moon. Every time she left the room he'd follow along behind her calling "Nana! Nana!"...he'd stand at the bathroom door and wait for her to come out...he'd call for her whenever he ate...he wanted her to sit right there with him just in case he needed some help. He'd say "Hep, Nana...peese" OMG, just melted my heart.
We went to the park on Sunday and had tons of fun...

That swing was not made for grandma fannies! LOL!

We blew lots of bubbles

We waited for Daddy to come home from work

Hampton tried to teach me how to get a video going on the TV

What a joy! The house right next door to the kids is for sale...hmmmmmmmm.

I got wonderful mail goodness this week...I have to wait to show you what came in the first package until everyone in the group has received their's...don't want to spoil the surprise. Yesterday I got a package from Tammy with a jelly roll of Isn't Christmas Jolly. I'd mentioned that I wanted to do something with it and Tammy said that she had an extra one and would love to send it to me...YIPPEE! I got so darn excited that I tore the package open and cut the strips right up... I started sewing some strips together...it's going to be a Bento Box. And another treat in the package... Halloweeny coasters. I love them!

Well, it's Friday night and I'm already in my jammies...my man is going out to pick up Chinese...I came down with a nasty old fashioned cold...when we arrived at the kids on Friday Josh had a cold...I stayed away from him. Katie woke up with it on Saturday...I stayed away from her. Hampton came down with it...I didn't stay away from him...yup, I got it...and it is just fine. I wouldn't have traded my cuddle time with him for anything in the world...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


OMG! What a day! In the middle of the night...like 3:00 this morning something in the house alarm system started...scared the poo out of both of us. But then it stopped pretty quickly...we were both wide awake but at least it was quiet. We put a call in to the repair guy this morning and he said he could get here tomorrow. Well that seemed fine until around noon today when the whole thing went crazy...the most horrible noise ever...it was like the noise in the night times 3...it was going off in the house and outside the house...the neighbors were coming out of their houses....they were calling me from the monitoring service to see if I needed the fire truck. OMG what a zoo...then the dogs started howling and crying. It was awful. After talking to the nicest service guy, we got the whole thing powered off...not another sound. They'll be here next Thursday to work on it. We never set the alarm and I had changed the code last year...well, I didn't write down the new code and I couldn't remember it. The guy was wonderful...he kept saying that it was OK and the service guy would fix it all when he comes. OMG, I thought I was going to go nuts. It's quiet now. Thank goodness. After wasting 2 long hours on this whole crazy episode, I got upstairs for some sewing. I needed quiet...just me and my machine. Well, I'm very happy to say that I finished my star quilt...I had my man hold it up so you could see it. What a fun project...quick and went together very nicely.
I'll take it to be quilted when I get back from Birmingham next week, but I wanted to show it to you done.

Hanna cooperated and is going to stay far enough off the coast so I'll be going to get mom tomorrow, she'll stay the night with us and then we'll be on the road early Friday morning...Hampton here we come! Hopefully we'll be back on Wednesday...mom has a meeting and her hair appointment on Thursday...she's amazing.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Man's Number Was 13

My Man (random number generator) picked his favorite number...13...sooo the winner is

Juliann in WA said...
I love that star quilt - that is one of my most favorite blocks ever. I have one in progress that is very similar. And of course I would love to be in your giveaway.

Juliann, I'll be putting your goodies in the mail. YIPPEE!

Have a great day everyone!