Monday, December 22, 2008

The Herd Has Been Delivered

I couldn't be more excited...Jami got the Herd quilt quilted for me just like she promised...she is amazing...I got the binding on Saturday night and finished stitching it down Sunday morning. We delivered it to the other half of the herd's mom and dad last evening...they LOVED it! It was just so much fun...thanks Buggy Barn for such great patterns.

This is short and sweet...I need to be packing and getting ready to get out the door in the morning...I picked up mom this morning and she's all ready. I'll be almost to Birmingham tomorrow at this time. I'll be back the 30th...Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday everyone! ENJOY!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Mail Goodness

OMG...I went to the mailbox and there was a key in my box...oh my favorite thing...that means there's a package too big to fit in my regular box...YIPPEE! You know how I LOVE mail. I couldn't wait to get around to the back of the mailbox kiosk to get to the package boxes...key it was...a package from Sharon. Well I was so excited I flew home and got right into the box...Sorry I was so excited I didn't take a picture until I had it all opened. Look at all those goodies......a Brighton earring tree...I've looked at those so many times in the Brighton store and never bought one for myself...Sharon was reading my mind. Look at those post it notes in the little basket and the Vera Bradley pad for my purse...OMG...does Sharon ever know lists have lists...a little tin with the longest tape measure I've ever seen...will make measuring those backs and borders so much easier and the sweetest little glass dish with my absolute favorite saying in the bottom..."Live, Love, Laugh"...I have it right next to my sink to put my rings in...thank you so much Sharon...what wonderful treats for me...but wait there's another gift... little pink hats for our new Little Miss...Hampton's baby sister that will be arriving around April 22.
Sharon you thought of everything! Thank you!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Herd and Hospice Quilt

This is a quick post...just wanted to show you the's all together and going to the quilter at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. She was so sweet when I called her and told her how life had gotten in the way...she said..."Don't worry, I'll have it done for you." I'll show it to you one more time after it's quilted and the binding's on...before we give it to the "visiting dogs" people for Christmas. This sure was a fun quilt to Buggy Barn patterns.
And here's the Hospice donation quilt...simple pattern, beautiful fabric (MODA...Heritage... Collection for a Cause) and spectacular quilting...makes for a perfect quilt...the fabric and the quilting do all the work.Can't wait to get the binding on...but it has to wait it's turn. Again, a very big THANK YOU to the quilter that donated her time and skills to quilt this for me...a very special person!
WOW! 3 posts in 3 days! I think that's a record for me! Back to more side to do tonight.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Keeping My Promise

I promised yesterday that I'd be back today with pictures of Hampton's first haircut...Josh and Katie decided that they wanted to take Hampton out to Disney World for his first haircut...there's an old fashioned barber shop on Main Street...The Harmony Barber Shop...they make first haircuts very special...and since Josh and Katie met while they were both working for Disney so it seemed only appropriate that Hampton get that special haircut there and get his very own Pixie Dust...Here's the first cut...they gave Katie a whole strip of Mickey stickers to entertain him...

All done and we're all telling him how cute he is...look in the mirror...His dad and his Mamie taking pictures.Before she could put the Pixie Dust on his head...he had to check it out.He's officially Pixie Dusted...

It was such a fun day...I'm so glad that we got to be part of this big event. Mom was with us too and she just loved it.

I'm going to try and post again tomorrow...I have all the dog blocks done and I'm putting the rows together...and I'm taking it to the quilter on I'll take a pic tomorrow when it's all together. I also will take a picture of the Hospice quilt that came back from a very giving and caring quilter. It is awesome! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

All I Can Say is.....LIFE!

Now I know I've never been the best at posting regularly...but I've NEVER been this bad...the title says it all...LIFE! I'll give the shortest version possible so as not to bore you to tears. Two weeks ago Wednesday I was up in my sewing room, standing on the steps that go down into the storage area...I thought I was on the bottom step...nope there was one more and down I went with a THUD! Andy and the dogs came running up to find me on the floor with my left foot in an interesting postition. Andy got me up and downstairs to the and elevated...I was going to be fine...didn't get much sleep all night and when I tried to get out of bed I couldn't put any weight on it...Andy decided we were going to the Doc in a Box and get it checked...6 x-rays, a blow up cast, and crutches later we left with a very sprained ankle...orders from the doc...stay off of the ankle...3-4 days on the couch. Well, I was good until Sunday and I made my way upstairs one step at a time...I had to do some sewing and I knew that starting Monday I'd get nothing done...Hampton was coming. I pretty much stayed upstairs all day...Andy even brought me lunch so I didn't have to come down. What a sweetie!

Monday, was my birthday and what a fun day it was. Sharon posted that it was my birthday and I got lots of e-mail birthday wishes...thanks Sharon. I also got some wonderful mail goodness for my birthday...look at these goodies from Sharon...The cutest honey pot, a wooden Santa box, thank you notes, birthday tissues and one of her wonderful bags...Love that bag! Thanks Sharon.

Look at these birthday goodies from Tammy...Sorry for the glare on the picture...It is sooooooooooo cute...all wool...and look at this little bag full of's what was inside...Coasters, a snowman notepad, a bookmarker and stickers for holiday fun. And also in the package was this box...OMG, if you live near a Trader Joe's, love Oreo's and candy canes...I'm telling you, run, don't walk, and buy yourself some of these YUMMY cookies. I have them hidden in the pantry...I did give one to mom, but I hid them from Josh. Thanks Tammy!

Monday I went and got mom and brought her home to await Hampton's arrival...they got in around 10 and the excitement began. We tried very hard not to get him too wound up, but you know that wasn't easy. We got him to bed so that we could celebrate his birthday on Tuesday...little Hampton is 2! Hampton loves when I was in Williams-Sonoma and they had this wonderful cake pan that made acorn cakes I didn't even have to think twice...acorn cakes for Hampton's birthday breakfast.

This is my good friend Carol Ann's daughter Anna holding Hampton so he can blow out the candles. Anna and Carol Ann stopped by to wish Hampton a happy birthday.

Hampton loves Handy Manny from the Disney we had to go see him at the Disney Studios...

We actually saw the character Handy Manny, but Hampton was a bit overwhelmed...but he sure loved the show and the picture on the side of the building. When we got home Hampton opened his gifts and I'm just going to share this one...opening his Wild Things quilt that I made for him...Where the Wild Things Are was Josh's favorite book when he was 2, so this was a must along with the book. He loved it. One last picture...Hampton with his Handy Manny birthday cake...Josh baked it and Katie did the decorating.It was a wonderfully fun day! This post ended up longer than I planned so I promise I'll be back tomorrow with Hampton's first haircut day...see those curls in the back...they won't be there tomorrow.