Saturday, December 31, 2011


Peyton (working on a middle name) Crago
Born at 4:26 a.m. CST...December 29th...7 pounds 8 ounces and 21 inches tall.  I can't wait to really get to meet him.  Everyone is doing great!

Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year's Eve day...I'm doing some decluttering...well I guess Andy would say a LOT of decluttering...he's afraid to set anything down for fear it's going to end up in the garbage bag.  I'll be back tomorrow with my word for the year.  On this last day of 2011 ENJOY (my word for this past year) whatever you're doing today!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

I guess the best place would be back at Thanksgiving when I wrote my last post...oh my!  We had the best 3 days with Mom, Josh, Katie, Camden and Hampton.  It truly was the best 3 days that Mom had seen in 2 months...what a blessing.  I took tons of pictures of  Thanksgiving on Thursday, Hampton's birthday on Friday, and Christmas on Saturday, but these 2 pictures say it all...
I will be forever grateful for these wonderful, wonderful days that we had has a family celebrating very special days.

Mom and the doctor made the decision right after Thanksgiving weekend that she wouldn't be going back to her Villa and that she'd be staying in the Health Center permanently.  She made such a wise decision 15 years ago when she moved to the Mayflower where they provided independent living, which she's enjoyed for all these years, assisted living and the Health Center .  She was in a semi-private room and had several different room mates...she was fine with it, but knowing that she would be there for always I felt like we needed to get her into a private room.  We had a "Care Plan" meeting on Monday December 5th, let them know that we really wanted a private it turned out the largest private room have become available that weekend...Oh my...I nearly jumped out of my chair.  It's a beautiful room, probably the size of a small efficiency apartment.  They got it all painted for her and by the Saturday she was all moved in.  That really stepped up the schedule for cleaning out her Villa...I had promised her that we'd have it done by Christmas...we got it all done that week....worked a lot of 10-12 hour days to get it all done...bless Andy's heart, I never would have made it without him.     Don't think we'll ever move out of this house, but it did make me realize that I'm not saving anything anymore, well excluding my sewing room.  No more papers that I might look at another time, clothes that I don't wear for a while are going to someone who can wear them.  Mom had so much "stuff"...we got a 15 cubic yard dumpster and almost filled it.  Gave tons of clothes and furniture to charity...she didn't want to have any kind of sale...just wanted people who needed it to have it...we were able to move a few pieces of her furniture and she has all of her pictures of the kids on a library table that we brought over.  She's very content and very comfortable...and for that I am more than grateful.

So, to make a long post a bit less long I'll say, we've kind of gotten into a "routine" and I pretty much know where I'm going to be when, but I also know that I'm not going to get too attached to it because it's likely to change...and I'm OK with that.  I continue to focus on TODAY, I don't look past that and I don't look back....Thank you my dear friend for that advice...I hear her on my shoulder many days saying "Focus, Focus...Today!" and that snaps me right back where I need to be.  Thank you all so much for notes and e-mails checking in on us...I'm hoping to be around blogland a bit more after the first of the year...we'll see how it goes.  Right now Mom is doing pretty well, her bloodwork was actually up from last week, and no one has an explanation for it, the doctor has never seen that happen with anyone her age and with this  advanced leukemia...I'm calling it our Christmas miracle.

So from our house to yours...We wish you the Merriest Christmas ever...ENJOY! 

I saw this quote this morning and just loved it...I think it says it all in looking to the coming year...

“This year, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your love and the speak it again.”   -Howard W. Hunter

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We have so very much  to be thankful for this year...although it's been a difficult year for so many, we still have much for which to be thankful.  Where do I begin?  My mom of 89, despite the fact that she is very ill is soooooooooooo excited that the kids will be here for the holiday.  A pretty good doctor's report yesterday, no transfusion this week...and that's exactly what mom wanted them to say.  My sweet husband, I know for sure I wouldn't have made it through these last months without him.  He's there to do whatever needs to be done, always has words of reassurance, and sometimes just the fact that he's sitting with me is all I need to make it through.  My wonderful Josh and Katie, who completely changed their plans for Thanksgiving, we were all going there.  Josh and the children will be here this evening, he's driving down with them and Katie will be here in the morning, she's flying in at 9...the doctor wouldn't let her sit in the car for that long since our "Buster" is due the beginning of Jan and she always goes at least a week early.  My amazing friends, the calls, the e-mails, the notes of support have done more for me than any of you will ever know...I am so thankful.  Good health, despite the fact that I turn the big 60 tomorrow I am in wonderful health, a little twitch or twinge occasionally but for the most part in great shape for an old girl.

I could go on and on I know...but it feels really good to make a list of things to be thankful for...this is exactly what I need to do each and every day...stop and think of the things I have to be thankful for and not dwell on the other a very dear friend of mine told me the other day..."We can't do a thing about yesterday, we are not able to control what tomorrow will bring, we have today, we need to take care of today."  I love it!  Really put everything in perspective for me...yesterday's done, I can't fix anything that happened then...tomorrow is going to come and I need to just wait and take care of it when it gets here...TODAY, that is the gift I have. 

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving...ENJOY every moment...I know I will!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jami Got Her Wings

Jami  was welcomed into heaven last evening at 7:00...I just know that heaven is a happier place today...I'll bet she's already teaching a group of ladies how to quilt.

I'll miss you my friend...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Update on Mom

I don't have very good news to report.  Mom started downhill again last Thursday.  Just not feeling good and by Sunday she had no energy at all.  She had an appointment scheduled for yesterday with a hematologist so she said she'd just wait until then for him to tell her what was going on.  He did her blood work again and it was down to 6.7 almost where it was when she was in the hospital 3 weeks ago.  He also said that her cells are all misshapen and malformed and in his opinion she has a form of leukemia, but that he wanted to do a marrow test to make sure.  He did that and promptly put her in the hospital.  They are giving her 3 units of blood this time.  Not sure what the prognosis is going to be...he did say that she would probably have to go in on an outpatient basis every 2 weeks for more blood...but that in between  she should feel good.  I just don't know how long they can do that before it doesn't work anymore. 

So our trip to see the kids is off...Josh is going to try to bring Hampton and Camden down by himself, Katie is not allowed to travel anymore.  She's so upset that she won't be able to come.

So, that's my story...not a happy one this morning sadly...thank you so much for sticking with me.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

4 Weeks of Wellness...I'm Making Progress

If  I've counted correctly this is the fourth week of Wellness know it's really amazing to me how things just happen at the right time.  Kelly starting these Wellness reports couldn't have come at a better time for me.  With all the "stuff" that's happened in the past several weeks, having these to keep me grounded has been a blessing.  I'm working very hard to focus on the important things and the To Do List has taken on a new look for me...and it's made a huge difference for me...Absolutely NO Guilt...OMG I'm so excited.  It's really a very simple thing but it's made a huge difference.  I used to make my lists for each day...I'd put way too many things on Monday and then I'd be behind from the very beginning.  Then I'd feel guilty, because I was behind and there was no way I could ever catch up much less get ahead.  So here's what I did...last Sunday I spent some time thinking about things that I really would like to get done during the week...these are on top of Monday Mom day, and a visit to Jami, and grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning and all that other stuff that has to be done each week.  The things on my list are things that I'd really like to get done some time during the week...
a new list will be made tomorrow.  I'm happy to say that I got everything marked off except for one thing and I'll just make that my top priority for the coming week.  I really like this strategy...I spend some time on Sunday thinking about the coming week and then I don't have to waste any time during the week thinking "Oh, now I know there was something else I was supposed to do this week"  I really think I ended up with more time to get things done because I didn't waste and time.  Makes me very happy!

So my Wellness Report is a good one this week...
Walk  :)  all 3 days
Gym  :)  2 days and added more floors on the stairmaster and more time on the elliptical...YIPPEE!
Journaling  :/  that gets a bit above fair...I'm working at it...

So thank you Kelly for getting me on's helping sooooooooo much!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Happy and Sad...At the Same Time

That describes me perfectly today...happy mom is doing soooooooooooooooo much better.  She's getting stronger, and she's eating well.  The doctor's appointment went well on Monday...her blood work is good, he was pleased.  He set up an appointment for her next week with a Hematologist...he wants an opinion from him on why her hemoglobin went so incredibly low.  He feels like the  Hematologist will probably put her on a medication that will help her bone marrow produce more red blood cells.  So Happy I am!

I also finished a Nice People Nice Things blocks
this week...I really am enjoying these blocks...So again Happy I am.

This morning I went to the Hospice Care Center to see Jami...Thom and I talked late yesterday and her said that she hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since day before I headed over this morning.  She was very restless and agitated when I got there, but she knew I was there.  I told her how much I loved her and she said "I love you too"...then she went off to sleep...thankfully the drugs kicked in and she was without pain.  I held her hand and stroked her hair, whispered in her ear...I told her that there were ladies waiting to learn to quilt...they're waiting for her.  I selfishly was hanging on to her, today as I sat there I prayed that God would take her home.  So Sad I am.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's a Girl To Do?

...when she's making her way out of the rabbit hole and beginning to see more clearly...why she goes shopping!

You betcha...that's exactly what My Man and I did this morning...we headed out to the toy store at Disney to start our grandchildren Christmas shopping.  We had so much fun...Little Miss Camden is all about Princesses...when I talked to her the other afternoon she said."Mamie, I'm Sleeping Beauty" Princesses for our Princess
...Hampton loves Legos and he loves Cars what could be better...Cars 2 Legos...
I now have to get busy with my Toys R Us shopping and a bit of online shopping.  Hampton's  birthday is the day after we need birthday and Christmas gifts for him.  FUN!

Now for my Wellness Report
...hmmm, not much to report this walking, no gym and very little one big journal entry was here on all will NEVER know how much your support means to me...thank you for all your kind words, your prayers, and your encouragement.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

We have a doctor's appointment on Monday to go over mom's new bloodwork and to see what he thinks about her progress.  I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that he's pleased.  I was there again on Friday and she ate I'm hoping we're over that hump.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Think I Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

I seem to have lost time...this week is nearly over and I almost feel like I've been in some sort or alternative universe...out of body experience...hovering over watching this wild woman go through the days.  But I'm happy to say that I think there may just be a light at the end...maybe I'm coming out the other door of the rabbit hole.  It's been a crazy two weeks...first the hospital, then mom home from the hospital and not doing very well, Monday went to the doctor only to find out that she had lost almost 8 pounds in a week...she wasn't eating a thing.  She wasn't going to tell the doctor, I let her go through everything she had to tell him and he was ready to finish with the was my opening...he asked me if I had any concerns..."Do I!"...I let him know that she hadn't eaten enough in 2 weeks to keep a small dog alive and that if we didn't get some nourishment in her I didn't know what was going to happen.  Well, he was sitting on a stool on wheels and he spun that around and took both of mother's hands, looked her right in the eye and asked her why she wasn't eating.  She said she just didn't feel like it.  I was at my wits end...they had brought her food over from the dining room, mashed potatoes, baked potato, baked sweet potato, grilled chicken was all still in the refrigerator when I got there Monday.  So when we left the doctor's office I told her I'd go get her anything she wanted...ANYTHING!  She decided she'd like a chicken salad sandwich and some soup...I put half of the sandwich on her plate and the half the soup in a bowl...BINGO!  She ate...YIPPEE!  I called Monday evening...she ate...I went back over on Wednesday (after checking in on her several times on Tuesday) and she ate a great lunch...and admitted that she really felt so much better.  So now that I've made this a really long story...the short of it is...I think we're on the right road and headed in the right direction.

Got a call Monday evening from Jami's husband friend has taken a turn for the worse and is in a Hospice hospital...please, please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. I went and saw her on Tuesday morning...we talked and talked and she said "God is so good.  He knew how much I wanted to deliver the pillowcases and quilts to the soldiers at Fort Gordon.  He made sure that I had the 2 best days to do that."  and "All the ladies across the US  and Norway sent all those pillowcases to make it possible."  Then she said "Carol, I am so blessed."  OMG...she is the most amazing woman...what a testament...I am blessed to have her in my life.

This has gotten very long, sorry...hopefully we'll get back to our regularly scheduled program really soon.  Here's my first step to regular...a block from Nice People Nice Things...I missed last week and I'm a day late this week...but I'm happy to share...
Check Kelly over at Charming Chatter to see more fun blocks...I have my block ready to go for next week...these are just so much fun!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Here I second week of my Wellness Report...It was a long, hard, stressful, scary week...I only made it to the gym once and walked twice this week...but I was just happy to have that time.  So I'm giving myself a :) for my effort.

My To Do List this week was a total bust...but I was doing the important no guilt...I'll get to the To Do's when I get to them.  WOW!  I think I've really embraced this new attitude...this new peaceful life!  In my former life I would have been running around all day today to make up for lost time...NOPE!  I didn't do it.  I took a really long walk...started a pot of chicken soup for mom,  and I spent some time in my sewing room.  I finished Buster's quilt top...

Makes me very happy!  Just have to share this picture of my Mr. Quilt Holder peeking over the top
...we were both laughing it's a wonder I got a picture at all...LOL!

So, I think I was guilt!  More progress!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Making Progress

First, the biggest THANK YOU to all of you from Mom, and's been quite a week, but I'm happy to say we've made some good progress.  I got Mom home yesterday afternoon...they let her go around 5 p.m...after the physical therapist deemed her strong enough to go home.  2 units of blood and some really strong antibiotics and she's feeling much better...not completely there yet, but she's home and that makes her very happy.  I'll be honest with you though, it makes me very nervous.  She does have her nurse call button with her if she needs them, I'm just hoping and praying that she doesn't need them.

I'm going to sign off for now...try to get some things done...and come back later! ENJOY your Friday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please Send a Good Thought...

to my mom...we got her into the hospital yesterday.  She fought it tooth and nail, but it's where she need to be.  She's been feeling pretty lousy for a couple of weeks...just not herself...well I finally got her over to the doctor where she lives and he confirmed exactly what I thought...she has pneumonia.  Then they also did blood work and found that she is incredibly after waiting most of the day yesterday for a bed in the hospital, I got her in there at 3:30 and we saw the doctor at 5:30.  She'll be getting a transfusion, and IV antibiotics...he said she should start feeling better this morning.  If all goes as planned she should be home before the I'll be missing for a few days...I'll check in when I can.

Thank you all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back to Nature

Nothing quilty to share today...saving my stitchery for Wednesday's I'll share some nature from my backyard.  I was upstairs this morning putting backs together for Hampton and Camden's quilts when I looked out my window and saw something large on my neighbor's window...I thought from where I was that it was a bird that had hit the window...came downstairs and went out and was this giant moth/butterfly
(I'm not sure what it is...anyone know?)...Thankfully these neighbors are out of the country, because as you can see from my picture I was right up near the window and zoomed this picture.  They would have been a bit alarmed to see me right out their say the least.

UPDATE:  I just got an email from Christine...she did some research and found out that it is a Vine Sphinx Moth...Isn't the internet an amazing our answer just that quick!  Thanks Christine.

Then last evening we were out on the back porch, it was really pretty cloudy and then all of a sudden the western sky absolutely lit up...What a magnificent sight!  The Beauty of Nature...beyond compare!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wellness Report

I am just thrilled with my Wellness Report...and another real lightbulb moment for goes...

Got to the gym Tuesday and Friday  :-)

Walked Wednesday and here's my lightbulb moment...went to bed Wednesday just fine...woke up at 2:15 with a migraine...felt like an ax was in my head and my stomach was a mess...spent most of the night in the bathroom with my quilt and pillow...Thursday was a total bust...I think I slept almost the whole I'm telling you this  because Thursday was a walking day...there should have been 3 walking days,  but I was a in the past I would have given myself a sad face for not walking on Thursday...but I made the effort and just couldn't do :-)

And I didn't fill up my To Do List...normally everything that was on the Thursday list would have been dumped on the Friday list...not this week...I reevaluated the list, moved things around, spread some things to next week and it's all good! So... :-)

Week One of taking care of myself...I did it!  I feel guilt, no stress!  New attitude!  My reward for this week is to spend tomorrow afternoon sitting on the couch, watching Steeler football with My Man...I may do a little stitching if I feel like it...or I may just sit and enjoy the game!

Thanks made me worked!  Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hampton's Big Brother Quilt

This was a fun, fun quilt
to make...I really enjoyed it...thanks Camille...

for a great design...this book is full of great quilts.  It was a perfect pattern to showcase this cute Max and Whiskers fabric.  So now Camden's Big Sister top is done, Hampton's is done...just have to get "Buster's" done.  There still isn't any new word on the baby's name, so I keep calling him Buster...Hampton is sure that's going to be his name...I sure hope I can call him whatever they decide...but you know he'll always be Buster to me...LOL!

Hope you have a great evening...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall in Windermere, FL

We were chatting with McCuddly's brother up in Central Pennsylvania last evening.  He mentioned that the leaves were absolutely beautiful, but any day now they'd be falling off the trees and he'd have bags and bags and bags of leaves to rake.  We told him that he wasn't alone and that we had leaves falling already...our oak trees
are starting to drop and the magnolia trees have big leaves that need to be cleaned up

...hmmm, do you think he has as many leaves as we have? 

Hope I brought you a little chuckle today!  I'll be back tomorrow with a picture of Hampton's Big Brother quilt...I couldn't get a good picture today because the wind was blowing and flipping the quilt all over.

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Been Stitching a Bit!

Well, but before I show you what I've been stitching on I have to share a picture that I took this morning...I'd been up about 5 minutes (5:35 a.m.) and McCuddly said "Go get your camera...this is a blog picture."  This is actually the second morning of the full moon, but we had way too many clouds yesterday morning...this morning it was pretty clear
and it just lit up everything.  BEAUTIFUL!  Once again...the wonder of nature.

I've joined Kelly, Darlene and Vicki to stitch the Nice People, Nice Things blocks.  I've had this for a while and I guess I just wasn't very secure in my stitching ability.  My stitches still are really even but I'm getting so much better.  I'm sticking with it this time, because I love the blocks, and I can already see that I'm getting better with each block.  I'm not very fast yet at stitching but I think that will come too.  But the bottom line is I'm really enjoying the blocks and that's what's important!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is Why I LOVE My Blog Friends

This morning when I opened up my computer to read the comments from yesterday's post, I found this wonderful comment from Nancy at Stitched With Prayer...

Stitched With Prayer said...
Carol, reading your post I had a thought about the end of the week reward plan. It occurs to me that if we truly want to accomplish serenity and wellness, we should reward ourselves at the end of each week regardless of how well we did...just so long as there is a sincere effort to reach our goals. I mean, if we don't get rewarded for our true efforts and remaining mindful of our objective, then wouldn't we start back in that rut of pushing so hard that we begin to lose the peace and wellness were working toward? Truly, I liken it to how I treat myself when I'm working on a quilt. Rather than leaving my sewing room feeling defeated and guilty because I didn't accomplish all I thought I should, I have been trying very hard to look on what I did get done, no matter how little it might be and rejoice in what I did get done. I'm just sayin...

Lightbulb moment for me...Yes Nancy that's exactly it...a sincere effort to reach my goals does deserve a reward at the end of the week.  From today forward I will be celebrating my efforts to achieve my goals...Thank you so much Nancy..

Today I'm celebrating getting back to the time on the stairmaster
and the elliptical
was fantastic...I felt so good when I got home...we went pretty early this morning so I had the whole rest of the day to do the things I needed to do today...and the bonus is that I have way more energy this evening than I have recently.  I also almost finished Hampton's Big Brother quilt today...just the last border needs to go on...that will be done I'm feeling good!

ENJOY your evening...Carol

Monday, October 10, 2011

Keeping that Feeling of Peace

I'm joining in on Kelly's Wellness Report
...we talked a lot about that last week while we were at the beach.  We were both so peaceful for the 4 days that we were there...we discussed how we could keep this feeling of peace.  We  agreed that it would be really easy to keep that feeling if we just stayed at the beach...but that's just not the real world.  I didn't want to come home and jump right back on the merry-go-round...the go, go, go...seeing the weeks fly I've given it a lot of thought and I have a plan...I'm a To Do List girl...I work better with a list, but my list is really probably never realistic.  I put way too many things on list for a day
and then feel like I've failed if I don't finish the I am pledging today to be better about my list...I will be realistic...I will only put a day's worth of activities on the list...OK, I've committed to it, it's in print, I'm in.

I'm also committing to getting back to exercising...I realized this morning that I hadn't been to the gym in a month, now I really didn't just blow the gym off, we were traveling, and I was at a quilting retreat...both wonderful things, lots of fun...but no gym time.  So tomorrow, back to the gym...Look out stairmaster and I come!  Two days at the gym and at least 3 days of walking...that's my commitment.  I feel so much better when I I'm getting back on track!  With my walking comes my thinking, meditating so to speak, and I am much more pleasant person when I do that.

So that's it...I'm making myself accountable by putting it out blog, my journal...but I'm also not going to allow guilt to get me if I don't quite get it all in during the week...I love Kelly's idea of the reward at the end of the week if I meet my goals and if I don't, I will just commit to try harder the next week.

My goal...keep that peaceful, serene feeling...I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rainy Days and Sunday...

Not exactly the way the song goes, but I'll bet you're singing along with me again!  Today is the second day of rain, rain, rain.  The sun's face never came out yesterday and today is just the same.  I looked outside at 9:30 and the street lights were still on...
now I know the days are getting shorter and it's staying dark a bit later in the morning, but this was really late.  No sun today...dark and dreary and lots of rain...but I'm just as happy as I can'll find me up in my sewing room all afternoon...I'm going to try and finish Hampton's Big Brother quilt top today...and I'll be staying nice and dry.  ENJOY your Sunday!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy Girl!

What a FANTASTIC week...rested, relaxed, happy, a very good place...What a difference 4 days at the beach can make.  We were trying to figure out how we could bottle the serenity and the wonderful beach sounds...maybe a Ziploc bag, a jar...hmmm, we really didn't come up with an answer...but we're working on it...we'll see what we can come up with.

Right now I'm a happy girl, and I'm going to work really hard to spread my happiness...I saw this on Facebook today
and thought "This is it!"  I'm on a campaign to share my happiness !  I'm sharing it with you...Happiness to all of you!  ENJOY your weekend!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Man Has a New Name

What an amazing week...I'm not sure I can even begin to put into words the sense of peace that has taken over. Lots of time to think, talk, walk on the beach, work on learning EQ7 (Kelly's a great teacher), do some embroidery, and did I say lots of time to think?
Several people commented that My Man needed a better name than Mr. Quilt Holder...and then Kelly and I were chatting one evening on the balcony and she said the very same we started with Studly, I started rhyming, sort of like an episode of Grey's Anatomy where they had McSteamy and McDreamy. I got to cuddly and knew that was it. My Man,
while he puts on that he's that rough, gruff guy he's really a cuddly teddy bear McCuddly it was to go along with Kelly's McStudly.(Run over to Kelly's Blog for her new picture of McStudly) This conversation really began because we were discussing Studly & The Mrs. Quilt Along that Kelly's started and one of the things that she's asked us to do is share some trivia about our Men. So that's my first bit...He's not at all gruff and rough...he's my McCuddly.
We've had the BEST week...but I have missed all my boys at I'll see you tomorrow Howie, Zack and McCuddly.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Are you singing with me again?  What an amazing sight...I haven't seen the sun come up over the beach since I was in we're not even going there! LOL!  This was the sight from our balcony just as the sun was beginning to rise in the east

...and then up just a bit higher...
...really makes me realize the true wonder of nature. What a wonderful world!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I Just Can't Concentrate

There's so darn much excitement around here that I just can't seem to stay on one thing for more than a minute...First of all I am so excited about Kelly's Studly & The Mrs. Quilt Along...I am crazy about the quilt, and my man otherwise known as Mr. Quilt Holder is in need of a new quilt....and while I'm doing one I think I need a snuggly quilt for this coming winter.  I spent a bit of time in my stash room and have them both picked out.

Here's Mr. Quilt Holder's fabric
and here's mine... different from each other but so much alike...just like the two of us.  We are so different in so many ways...but in the ways that are so important we are so much alike...37+ years and we still really like each other and just love to spend time together...My Man, My Mr.Quilt Holder, My Best Friend!

But, as he told the ladies in the Deli department in Publix this morning as he was getting some ham for sandwiches..."The secret to staying married for lots of years is to spend some time apart"...Well, we did spend every minute together last week so this week, I'm leaving town.  I'm heading over to the beach to spend the week at a good friends condo AND I'll be making a stop at the airport on my way  to pick up someone VERY fun!  I sure am looking forward to a week of talking, talking, talking, eating at some beach restaurants, working on some embroidery, long walks on the beach and maybe a bit more talking.  I'm certain there will be some beach posts.  OK, I need to concentrate...gotta pack!  See you soon!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pillowcases are Being Delivered...

as I type...I just talked to Jami a few minutes ago and they are in Fort Gordon...they arrived yesterday afternoon, checked in at the base and then rested for today.  I am just thrilled beyond words...I was very concerned about Jami making that long car trip...8 hours...the most she's ridden in a car since June has been about 1/2 an hour and she's usually exhausted.  When we spoke, she sounded FANTASTIC!  They had already done "formation" and she and her sweet hubby Thom were introduced to the soldiers that could make it there, and they were headed into the Dwight D. Eisenhower Hospital to spend time with the wounded soldiers.  I wish you could have heard her voice.  Truly, truly made my week!

Again to all of you who made this possible...thank you from the very bottom of my heart.  I was telling Andy on our way back on the plane from Pennsylvania that when I came up with this little idea my hope was to receive maybe 25 thought was that it would certainly increase the number that Jami could give out and I knew it would lift her spirits.  Well, the final count is in and you all are beyond AMAZING!  425 pillowcases from you all are being delivered at this moment...thank you, thank you, thank you!  You will never begin to know what this has meant to Jami...and the special notes that you included brightened some of her very darkest days.  And from me, you all truly made my dream come true!  I will never be able to thank you enough!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Having Lots of FUN!

Reporting from Pennsylvania...having lots and lots of fun...staying busy, busy, busy.  Got here Tuesday, had a great dinner with our friends and visited the evening away.  Wednesday morning we ran to a little farmer's market...look at these gorgeous mums...
they're huge!  I was trying to figure out how to get one on the plane with me on Monday, but so far I can't figure it out.  Last evening we went down to Pittsburgh (about an hour away) and had a yummy dinner at Lydia's...the Lydia of Food Network fame...and saw Wicked
...I LOVED it!

Today Nancy and I drove to Garretsville, OH to a wonderful quilt/gift shop...The Shaker Tree.  Oh if this shop were near my house I'd be in very serious trouble.  And then we had a great lunch at the Welshfield Inn in Burton, OH...OH MY was it ever good...I better get back home soon and get back to the gym...this may not be pretty! Sorry, have to run, they're calling me to get ready for dinner...Enjoy your evening!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tons of Fun and Got Lots Done

Oh my gosh and that title even rhymes...and I was worried about my titles...LOL!

Hope everyone had a great week...I sure did...doesn't get much better than 5 whole days with good friends, good food and lots of sewing.  I can't even tell you how much we laughed and stayed up half the night talking and giggling...just like a slumber party...beyond fun!  One day Linda fixed us the most amazing lunch...Baked Brie with raspberries and walnuts...

Oh my!  It was sooooo good!  I could really get used to eating like that...

I am  so thrilled that I got lots done...I got Camden's Big Sister top done...
...ordered backing today so it will be off to the quilter soon.  I got all of the blocks done for Hampton's Big Brother top done...I spent some time today getting it laid out and  lots of the blocks sewn together into rows.
I also got 51 of the 80 blocks done for "Buster's" quilt done...
...It's going to be a happy quilt!

That's my week...wonderful fun!  This week leave on another adventure...Andy's 40th college reunion in Pennsylvania...more time with good friends and an evening in Pittsburgh to have dinner and see Wicked...I can't wait.  The house/pet sitter was here yesterday...I'm so excited that the boys just love her.  They'll have a great week too!  I'm taking my computer and camera so I plan to blog from there...see you from Pennsylvania!  Have a great week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Bags Are Packed...

I'm ready to go...are you singing with me?  Well, my bags are packed and I am ready to go...but I'm not leaving on a jet plane...I'm only driving and hour and a half away...besides they probably wouldn't let me on a jet plane with all my stuff!  My projects are in their boxes in the project bag...I probably have enough to keep me busy for at least a month...oh, I'll only be there for just less than a week.  Well, I certainly won't get bored.

I also did a little cooking...I made Anna's (of Thimbleanna fame) Overnight Lasagna...we'll be having that for dinner tomorrow's so much easier to have something that we can just pop in the oven since we'll all just be getting in. And it is absolutely delicious!  I also made Retreat Treats
...I've been making these for years...they are super simple, and we all love's that sweet and salty thing...a pretzel, a Hershey kiss and an M&M...easy peasy...I put the kisses on the pretzels and pop them in a 250 degree oven for about 5-6 minutes...then press the M&M down in until the kiss kind of squishes...that attaches it to the pretzel...put them in the refrigerator until the kiss sets up again...take them out and put them in a container...ENJOY

I did take a few minutes yesterday and got 2 more Farmer's Wife blocks done...#33 Farmer's Puzzle and #55 Linoleum. A huge thank you to Lori (Bee in My Bonnet) for all of her drafting tips.  She changed the size of the pieces in Linoleum just a little bit and made it rotary friendly instead of a template block...I think she's just amazing!  Thank you Lori!

Hope you all have an awesome week!  I'll be home internet I'll see you when I get back!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Love This Pattern!

The binding is done, the label is on...Stargazer is ready to be delivered to Hospice of the Comforter...the event is November 5th...yippee done in plenty of time.  I was very happy with the top when I finished it...I was thrilled beyond words when it came back from the the binding on it and I loved it.  As Mr. Quilt Holder was holding it up for me to take a picture...
 I told him I almost felt guilty...I'd keep this quilt in a minute.  I LOVE it!  But then I had a big talk with myself...this quilt was made for one purpose and one purpose only...a donation to Hospice of the Comforter...I'm back on track's all ready to  be delivered.  It was a great pattern to work with...thank you so much Kelly!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Getting Ready and a Little Cleaning

I'm a very excited girl...I'm getting ready for a retreat with some friends starting Sunday...we're heading over to the beach to one of our friend's beach houses...we went in January and had such a good time that we decided we just couldn't wait until January to go again so we're going to spend Sunday to Friday together the beach, sewing, laughing, talking, eating and just have a blast. 6 of the gals get to sew together regularly, and there are 2 of us that get to come too...I just can't wait...we have so much fun and get a lot done.  This time we're working on a group project...I think it has something to do with Kaffe Fasset fabrics...OH BOY!  you know me, that's way out of my comfort zone, but I'm up for the challenge...I'll keep you posted on what I do.  Today I got some essential things done...
these are must haves...hmmm, I wonder how many I'll get to empty. We don't have any internet there so I'll let you know what I got done when I get back home.

I also did a bit of cleaning today...I have a ton of wool and just don't have the time to get to I made 2 bundles today and if you like them I'll make more...there's a lot of wool in these bundles and they'll be $35 plus postage...send me an e-mail and I'll send you my address...checks are of these days I'll get my PayPal set up...promise.  Blogger won't let me add anything else after the pictures, so I'll be back tomorrow.
Let me know if you'd like one of these

Here's Bundle #1...stacked up SOLD
Stacked up

Spread out

And here's Bundle #2 SOLD But I can make up more bundles...just let me know.
Stacked up
Spread out