Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Back In Rehab

...and I'm really happy about it.  My Designer BOM block came right before I left to go to Birmingham to see the that was on the top of my list of ToDo's when I got is Block 11...

the last block will come in May and this wonderful quilt will be done. I've been taking a little time and sewing the rows together
so when I get that last block done I can get this top finished.  I'm really loving this one.  Thanks again to Sinta for starting us in Rehab!  This week I'll be working on some Cotton Club blocks...I need to get caught up on that.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

He's Growing Too Fast...

When I arrived in Birmingham and after I scooped up Hampton and Camden and hugged and kissed all over them, Katie handed me this sweet Big boy...
when he was here in February he was teeny...his little head was still bobbing he's holding his head up strong all the time...he's interested in everything and he giggles.
Melted this Mamie's heart.  He's such a good baby...happy almost all the time...sleeps well...sleeps through almost anything, including a Mexican band with 4 guitars right over his head
at Camden's family birthday party...we all went to her favorite restaurant, Sol Azteca...she knows all the server's and they just love, fun time.  What a lucky girl I am!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Got the Crud...

but it was so worth it...I'd do it again in a minute!  Can't remember when I had so much fun...grandchildren are truly the BEST!  I got home Sunday evening from the most wonderful 9 days ever...we laughed, sang, played, read books, ate fun stuff I never eat here (Chick-fil A...YUM!), had a Tball game
, went to Kindermusik, had a birthday party,went to the playground

, had a picnic,rode bikes and scooters
...can I just say we were busy, busy.  And was it ever FUN!

Poor Camden woke up on Saturday with that horrible barky cough...bless her heart...and what is a Mamie to do but hold her whenever she wanted.  I was thinking I was going to be OK, but then Monday afternoon things started downhill and Tuesday morning I woke up with no voice...not one single thing would come out...yes, I'll answer your question before you ask..."Andy was doing the happy dance!"  LOL!  Needless to say things were pretty quiet around here all day Tuesday...Wednesday my voice started to com back, but the cough and congestion...well let me just say YUCK!  Today is the best I've felt, energy is coming back, but I need to not go too crazy around here.  There are a million things I want to do, but I think I'll take it slow.

Blogger isn't playing nice with my pictures today so I'll be back tomorrow with birthday pictures and some new pics of Peyton...oh my gosh how he's grown...see you tomorrow!  ENJOY your Friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Boys Have Taken to Their Bed

Oh bless their hearts...they are so pitiful...I took a suitcase out of the closet this morning and started packing some things...Camden's birthday presents and the "Mamie came to see you treats"...guess where I'm going....I'm off in the morning to spend 9 days with my kids...and the boys are sooooooo exhausted from following me around, checking the suitcase, looking in the closet for another suitcase. They're pooped and they're not talking to me.  Andy's staying here with them, so they're thinking he's their best friend right now.  I'll check in while I'm gone..I'll be busy with TBall games for Hampton and Camden's 3rd birthday, school visits, trips to the library, zoo, science center, the park and whatever else we can get into 9 days.  I couldn't be any more excited, even though the boys aren't.

Could they be any closer...they really aren't happy if they're not touching...until Howie with the black collar gets too hot and he has to get up and sit under the fan for a bit. 
Oh they just make us laugh. 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

New Toy

The Easter bunny brought me a new to just figure out how to get pictures on here...that will have to be another much for my old brain...I did FaceTime with the kids this morning and now this little post...oh my!

Happy Easter

From our home to yours...A Very Happy Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 38th Anniversary to My Man!  You make my world a very happy place! You are a wonderful, wonderful husband...fantastic father, you taught our son the very important things in life...being ethical, humble, and how to be a good husband and dad...and the BEST Grandy these 3 children could ever have.

I look forward to lots more years in our journey...thank you for being the man you are...always supporting me, always there for me....I thought I loved you 38 years ago....that was nothing compared to how I love you now!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my mom...she would have been 90 today.  She had been saying to us all year that we weren't allowed to have a big party for her birthday...she just wanted to celebrate it quietly with us...well, she's celebrating in her new home and Andy and I are celebrating this evening with cupcakes (with purple's favorite color) and ice cream.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, April 02, 2012

BOM Rehab

A big thank you to Sinta over at Pink Pincushion...Sinta came up with the great idea to pull out a neglected BOM project and get some blocks done.  So I decided this was the time to get my poor Cotton Club
caught up...well I'm not caught up yet but we're getting there
...a step in the right direction.  Month 7 just arrived so I better stitch's Cotton Club Month 5...Thanks again Sinta for getting me going!

Sunday, April 01, 2012


How can that even be possible?  Where is this year going?  I was chatting with the boy across the street and he said that they go back to school tomorrow after their spring break...and that begins the last quarter of the year.  I was shocked...I feel like he was just telling me about his new schedule at school.

Spring is in full swing here and from what the weatherman is saying summer is beginning this week...he actually had 90's in his predictions for the next coming days...I'm just not ready for that.  It was a very warm March but the humidity has been very low and the breeze has been blowing, so it's really been pretty nice...I'm not sure what I'll have to say about the 90's.  This may just be the beginning of my summer hibernation...hmmmm, maybe I'll get tons of sewing done.

The birds are building nests...see the brown blob almost to the top of this cypress tree...a very large bird has been building neighbor thinks it's an osprey but I'm not sure.  If it is they'll have a perfect view of the pond right next to the tree...dinner every night...

 The boys want to be outside all the time...they do this every single morning...just wait for that door to open...lots of fresh new smells and lots of lizards for Zack to chase.

And the azaleas are blooming...
The crepe myrtles are starting to pop out
...can't wait for them to bloom. Oh no that means about 2 months from now...can't rush anymore time away.