Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ready to Go to the Dentist

Are you scratching your heads trying to figure out where I got that title?  You may even think I've gone a little off the rails...LOL!  But really I am, I'm ready to go to the dentist the beginning of June because I have this quilt done...
its a gift for my favorite dental hygienist...she's been cleaning my teeth for years...I won't go if she's not there.  She's having her first grandbaby and I just knew she needed a "grandma"'s a necessity.  Mr. Quilt Holder was having a little fun holding the quilt for me...up, down, up, I clicked several times...the Wilson pose...

and my happy guy...

Look at this cute back...
it's an old MODA, pulled off my shelf...YIPPEE!  Whole quilt was done with stash...makes me happy.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Little More REHAB...

Oh Sinta...thank you again and had the most amazing've motivated me to get these blocks done
and I love them...what a shame that these pretty little blocks were stuck in a plastic bag waiting to be done.  Month 6 of Cotton Club by Bonnie Blue Quilts...I have 2 more months to finish up before the next installment arrives...I need to sew faster!  Sure makes me happy to look at these wonderful blocks!

I just finished posting some old treasures on Brown Quilts and MORE...some fun stuff!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

A Block, Block Here...

and a block, block a block...there a block...OK I know you get the idea...I've been working on Farmer's Wife blocks...Donna gave us 20 blocks for the month of April...didn't quite get all of them done...but here's what I did get.
These sure are fun...some are a little tricky but fun.  They really make me take my time and piece very carefully.

I've spent some time this week doing a little cleaning out and sorting...I'll have a post on my other blog  Brown Quilts and More tomorrow with some Brannock & Patek fat quarters and some other things...see you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Not Much Sewing Going On...

I've just really been a slug here for I'm much, much better and have some energy...but up until today I've just been blah...spent lots of time on the couch doing nothing.  Last evening I knew things were looking up because I was really interested in hand stitching down a binding...little steps.  This has been a bug like no other...I called to check in on Camden on Saturday, because I was really bad on Saturday, and Katie said she was great...her bug only lasted a couple of days...if one of us had to have the bad stuff I'm glad it was me because she had her friend birthday party on Saturday and she was so looking forward to it...I was so worried she wasn't going to be able to have it...she was just fine.

So since there hasn't been any sewing to amount to anything going on here, I've got some nature pictures to share today...these were all taken right in our yard and right behind our'll think we live in the country...a mother duck and her ducklings thought the pond behind our house
was the perfect place for a swim...oh my they were so darn cute.  It was really hard to get a picture because she didn't want me anywhere near them.  As I was coming back from taking the duck family picture I walked past this hedge and there was our resident black snake
...he was very nice and poked his head right up to look at me so as not to surprise me...that's our agreement...he can stay as long as he doesn't surprise me.  Then yesterday as we came back from walking the dogs in the afternoon, this fella
was resting under an oak tree in our side with his gloves on Andy got him into our recycle bin
and we relocated him back to the preserve area where we're pretty sure he came from.  He hasn't come back so we're guessing he's happy.  Then this morning we caught this opossum you're probably wondering why we'd need a trap to catch anything in the yard of our neighborhood home...we have armadillos that come out at night to feast on the earthworms in the yard...they make a huge mess and tear up the armadillo...opossum...had to relocate him as well.   Never a dull moment around here...LOL!

Hoping to get back to my sewing room...see you soon!