Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Couldn't Have Had More Fun

I really couldn't have...I had sooooooooo much fun. I got home late Wednesday after my 10 day 11 night stay in Birmingham. I was pooped though, I can tell you that...I had to admit that I'm getting old...I realized why we had our children when we were much younger...I remembered 18 month old little boys have way more energy than their grandmothers...but all that said...I couldn't have had more fun.

We went out to lunch on Father's Day
and after lunch I took Hampton home, Josh, Katie, Katie's mom and dad all went to the house and worked until about 8:30. Hampton and I had a very fun afternoon and evening.

Katie's mom took the whole week off to help Katie paint...and as every project goes...they started out by deciding they were going to paint the kitchen and the dining room...well those rooms looked so good it made everything else look not so good...the living room was next...then Hampton's room...the spare room...Katie and Josh's room...yes they ended up painting the entire downstairs. It does look wonderful. Hampton discovered that the paint can makes a great seat.

Not much quilty happened while I was gone...I did get a little handwork done and a binding on but you know I can do that anytime....I spent time pushing Hampton on his new ride...he loved his car

We blew lots of bubbles

We made trains out of boxes

We spent lots of time swinging on the swing in the new backyard Oh and the slide is tons of fun too

So you see...I really did have fun!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I Sure Am A Lucky Girl!

I didn't expect to post today, but I just had to share with you all how very, very lucky I am. When Sharon got back from her trip to Las Vegas and got caught up with some blog reading, she read my post from the beginning of the week with the quilt for the show/sale for cancer research...well she immediately e-mailed and offered to machine quilt it for me. So now WE'RE donating a quilt to the show at the Country Loft. I'm just not at all sure what I've done to be so lucky...I have wonderful, wonderful friends.
OK, I promise this is my last post before I leave...I'm out of here in the morning and on my way to my little man...I promise I'll post pictures...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Have Flora and Fauna Too

Nothing quilty to post today...I've been doing laundry and getting my things together so I can leave early Saturday morning for Birmingham. I have Hampton's new ride ready to put in my SUV...along with all the other goodies that I have to deliver...I've decided that I'll leave early, early and get up the road before I have to turn on the air conditioner...and I can be there when Hampton gets up from his nap. YIPPEE!!!!

I have to share my flora and fauna...Sharon's right...that is fun to say. I was cleaning in the kitchen this morning and I looked out the window in the breakfast nook to see this funny bird standing on the top of the fence around the pool. He was very considerate and stayed there until I went to get the camera.

I went into the bedroom with the camera, I would have gotten a perfect picture of him from there, but he sensed that I was there and took off. It was very fun to get to see him while he visited.

This crepe myrtle tree is in our side yard and it is just full of flowers...this is a really interesting tree...apparently it was cross-bred with a pink one and the back half of the tree gets full of deep pink flowers. We have 8 of these trees in our yard and I just love it every year when they bloom.

That's all that's happening here today...I'll try to post from Birmingham with some pictures of my little man.

Have a great evening

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Doing the Dance

Andy had a business trip to Providence, Rhode Island yesterday so I decided that I was going to work on the donation quilt for the Country Loft the morning got going I made another decision...I set a goal...The quilt top was going to be done by the time my man came through the door from the airport. Well, I reached the goal and I did the dance. I couldn't be happier.

This was a great pattern...High Cotton by Miss Rosie...the directions were perfect and the fabric is so pretty...all I had to do was follow the pattern.
It was a very happy day!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kinda Slow Here

We are truly in the Hot, lazy, hazy days of summer...OMG is it really even officially summer? We had Memorial Day and that's usually the kick off for summer but it doesn't officially begin until June 20, or so says my official Chick Fil A calendar...nobody told the weather is HOT and HUMID is supposed to be 95 degrees with a heat index of way over 100. I don't want to go outside so you would think I'd have tons to show for it, but I'm just being a lazy girl.
I have been working on a quilt that I'm donating to Country Loft's quilt show and sale for cancer research. I'll take a picture of that one when I finish the really is pretty...I'm using a Miss Rosie pattern and an old 3 Sister's group of fabric. That's been taking up most of my time, but I did do a little table topper from some charm squares of Red, White and Bold...easy and quick as can be...

I need to get some stitchery things prepped to take with me next week when I go to Birmingham to see my little man. That's part of my To Do List today...
I have been doing some sorting in my sewing room in the past few days so here are 3 stacks of Buttercream and Figs by Fig Tree Quilts. If you're interested e-mail me at

This one is 10- 1/2 yard pieces $30 SOLD-Thanks bunches

12- 1/2 yard pieces $35 SOLD-Thanks so much

There are 2- 2yard pieces plus other varying size pieces for 9-1/4 yards $50 SOLD

Better get upstairs and getting going on something or I won't get a thing done today...have a great day...