Friday, April 27, 2007

Hampton's New Quilt

I finally finished Hampton's new Snowman quilt...I posted this before, it was folded up and he was on it, but I must confess the binding wasn't done. I finished the binding so I was time to show the whole thing. I really like it a lot, but it sure was a stretch for me. I just don't do bright quilts, but for him I'd do most anything. So here it is...
I decided when the kids left here last week that I would not let more than 6 or 8 weeks go by without seeing as luck would have it Southwest is having a huge sale and I got a ticket...I'm going up on May 19th for 5 days...I can't wait!!! Less than 6 weeks...YIPPEE!
Off to the shower and get this day running. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some Might Call it Multi-tasking

and others might just call it WACKY! Looking at my sewing table...Multi-tasking? Wacky?

Lots of you know that I tend to work on more than one project at a time...just not usually at the very same time. As you can see I've got those tiny little stars, Paducah 9 Patches and a Wicked Easy baby quilt all going on at the very same time...I think this is the ultimate leader-ender project. And what you can't see, on the cutting table...I have 2 Block of the Month blocks cut out and I'm going to start cutting out the next Spa Day quilt.
OK...I've answered my own question...WACKY!!!!!!!!!
I'm having a very fun Sunday, in spite of being wacky...I'm sewing up a storm and watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Andy comes home tomorrow afternoon...and I have several quilts that need the binding stitched down so I'll be able to spend some quality time with him downstairs...and stitch at the same time. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I Found Something I Like a Lot

Let me start out by saying that I'm sorry I'm at the shop and forgot to bring the camera in to take a picture of my new find. Some of you probably already use this...I'm a pretty simple quilter and I don't do gadget things very often. There were 2 gals in Spa Day on Sunday, mother and daughter...they each had a little plastic, flip open box next to their sewing machines...being the nosy girl I am I asked what it was. Well they were shocked that a shop owner wouldn't know what this wonderful stuff was...Lickety Grip. When I looked at it more carefully I realized I had a box in the cutting table drawer that the lady that developed it sent me a year or so ago. I ran to the drawer and pulled it out. It's kind of like that sticky finger stuff you use when you're going through lots of papers, except it is acid free and conditions your fingers and your cuticles as it helps get pieces of fabric together properly. Well, I took it home and have been using it and I love it. I working with some very small triangles and it really helps to get them together right. I'm very excited about this new find...even though I've had it for at least a year :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'm back today...I'm going to try to post some pictures since I had no luck yesterday. I'm actually doing this to escape from the TV and all the awful news. Since Andy's now home in the morning, must get used to that, he has Good Morning America on and watching every minute. If I were here by myself, I would just have to turn it off...the new is just so horrible. I can't even begin to imagine what the families of the students and faculty must be going through. This is just all so beyond belief.
I had to talk to the kids last evening...when bad things happen I seem to have to gather all my "little chicks" and make sure they are safe...they got home just fine, Katie said the plane was very full, and Hampton was very good. He is the best little guy...he's almost always happy. Here he is on the snowman quilt that I did for him.
Here's mom with her great grandson... Their very first meeting.
My favorite picture of Andy spent his first morning of retirement... This is just so cute...he was making breakfast for Josh and Katie...I had been holding Hampton and had to run and do something, so I gave him to Andy. He continued doing what he needed to do...guess you never forget how to do things with one hand. Of course, I had to stop what I was supposed to be doing to get the camera. A moment to cherish.
Thank you for letting me share my wonderful weekend with you. I promise there will be some quilty things to show later this week. Andy is leaving Thursday morning for his annual trip with his best friends from college. They get together once a year, just the guys, from all parts of the country, to spend a few days together. It is wonderful for them and I get to sew for days. I bought Lean Cuisine meals for the nights he's gone...microwave, no dishes to do...I think I'm going to have fun! Talk later in the week...

Monday, April 16, 2007

The most wonderful time!

We had the most wonderful time since Josh, Katie and Hampton arrived on Thursday. Andy was so surprised...he got the biggest tears in his eyes. The retirement celebration was great. About 100 or so people were able to come and it was real informal so he was able to get around to visit with every person there. Our surprise visit to mom was priceless...she was speechless and that doesn't happen often. I've tried 3 times to get pictures in here and it's just not letting me, so I'll try again later.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Big Day

I am so excited that I'm about to POP! Tomorrow is Andy's last day at work and his big retirement celebration is tomorrow evening. I pick Josh,Katie and Hampton up at the airport at 1pm. He has no clue that they are coming. I've been collecting all of the necessities for Hampton for their visit...but I've done a really good job of fibbing. I keep telling him that we just need to have these things here so that when they do come we'll be ready. He agrees and thinks that's a great idea :)
We're going to stop at Mom's on the way home from the airport and surprise her...she has no clue that they are coming either. I'll let you know how everything goes.
I have never had to keep such a huge secret for so long in all my life...but I think we are going to pull this off. I can't wait to see my mom's face when she sees her first great-grandbaby for the first time and to see Andy's face when he comes home to pick me up for the celebration for find the kids here! YIPPEE! this is going to be a very fun day.
Not much sewing going on. I did finish Spa Day and will post it Monday morning for you to see. I really like it a lot and I think the gals are going to have fun with it on Sunday. Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm Hip Deep...

I'm hip deep in life and don't seem to be getting anywhere too fast. Now don't get me wrong I am loving every single minute but it's just all at one time. Last Friday Andy and I both took off, spent the day together doing errands, and getting new springy plants for the front of the house and for the pots around the pool. We had a ball. Worked and worked and were just filthy but loved it. Then Friday night was the first celebration of Andy's retirement...the folks that work directly for him took us out. We had a great time...pretty emotional...some of these folks have worked for him for over 20 years...they just love him and are very sad that he is leaving. They all talked about him, how much they loved working for him, how they respected was just wonderful. Well, Saturday morning at 4 I woke up sicker than sick. Spent the next 12 hours in the bathroom. I have no clue what I got but oh my...the last Saturday of the month is always a big day at the shop because we do End of Bolt sale...any bolt that is finished the customer gets 25% off the entire thing, no matter what's on the bolt. Andy called Sue and told her I was out of commission and bless her heart she took care of everything.
Sunday I felt better but had to catch up on the things I didn't get done on Saturday, bank deposit, computer work all the yuck stuff of owning your own business.
Monday was crazy at the shop. Yesterday didn't slow down a bit but we had lots of fun. Mom's best friend called Sue and I last week and invited us for lunch at the Winter Park Racquet Club for lunch for Mom's 85th birthday. So we got Rosemary to watch the shop and off we went for lunch. Dressed up! YIKES...I don't do that well anymore. Lunch was great and mom was so surprised, she had no idea the Carolyn had invited us. We had a wonderful time. Got back to the shop and the UPS guy had been there...YIPPEE! Chelsea Boutique from MODA and Blackbird Designs had arrived. It is so pretty...looks really old. Got it all up on the shelf and it was time to go home. I'm supposed to be off today but I'm going in to the shop to get some work done this morning and then over to Mom's at noon to have lunch with her. Today is really her birthday. Then I'm off to Babies R Us to pick up some things for our visit next week with Josh, Katie and Hampton. They are coming in Thursday for Andy's retirement celebration. He has no clue that they are coming...neither does mom...I just can't wait...this secret is making me nuts. I talk too much to keep a secret for very long and this has already been about 3 weeks.
So sorry for the long post but that's where I am. Haven't gotten to sew much, except for the blocks for the shop Block of the Month...but after the retirement celebration and things get back to normal I'll be upstairs sewing like a mad woman.
Andy's going to be gone for 4 days that next week so you know where to find me. I should have lots of pictures to post.
Have a Happy Easter everyone!