Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've tried to write this post several times and just couldn't seem to get my thoughts this afternoon I decided I needed to do it. 

Mom joined my dad and brother Sunday morning at 1:10.  I had been there all day Saturday, she sent me home around 3 and said she was going to take a little nap...I called her at 6 and she was already in bed, very out of the ordinary for her and she said she'd see us in the morning...Andy and I had told her we'd be there Sunday morning...well we were but not the way we'd planned.
We got a call at 9 Saturday evening to come back to the health was having so much difficulty breathing.  Things progressed very quickly from that point and she passed away at 1:10.  She was so peaceful and content.  Mom passed into her next life exactly the way she lived...with grace and dignity...doing it her way.  I am rejoicing for her...she's no longer suffering...she's our journey begins.

Josh, Katie and Peyton will be here Thursday evening, they're flying in...they're leaving the big kids home with Katie's mom.  The service will be Saturday morning at 11. We made those arrangements was adamant that

her service be at the Mayflower where she lived...they have a beautiful area that they do services in...she said that her friends that didn't drive anymore would 
have a much easier time if it were right there.  She was always thinking about other people. 

Here's to mom...