Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Quilt Holder is BACK!

We're quilt holder is back!!!!!!!! I sure haven't gotten much sewing done these past 3 weeks, but we have him on his feet, walking without his cane and that's what matters. We went back to the surgeon today and she was just thrilled with his progress. They did an X-ray and the knee is in there perfectly...perfect fit...she measured his ability to bend it and was very, very pleased. He's going to start out patient physical therapy tomorrow to get stronger. She wants him to do some work on a stationary bike to really get it moving. He'll do the therapy for 2-3 weeks. Since the surgery was on his left knee, she released him today to drive again...OMG he nearly kissed her. He's not very good at being a passenger so that was all very hard for him. He's free...he's one happy man. Again, a big thank you for all of your comments and e-mails checking in on him.

Here he is...and here's my Schnibble for this month...I wasn't at all sure I was going to get this done, but I went upstairs today and didn't come down until I was done...It was lots of fun to do and it will be so cute on my kitchen table for Thanksgiving when the kids come.

I'm seeing more sewing in the days to come now that Andy is getting more and more back to normal...he's really enjoying doing things for himself again...and if he's happy...I'm happy!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Andy, Howie, Zack and Charming Girls

My three boys and the Charming Girls...I'll bet I got your attention...LOL!

Let me start with Andy...We've had a great day here...Andy is getting so much stronger it seems with each hour. He's cut back on the pain meds and is really feeling good today. I am encouraging him not to get too carried away though, don't want him to over do. He's done his exercises, been on the machine for coming up on 6 hours, has taken a shower and says he really feels good. Thank each and every one of you for all your notes and good wishes...he's read them all and just can't believe that so many people that don't even know him have been so sweet...I told him...that's the way we are in Blogland...I think he understands now why I love Blogland.

Howie and Zack celebrated their 7th birthday they took a break from guarding dad to
have a little birthday dinner...Zack didn't let the candle stop him from putting his head right in the bowl...Howie didn't think the candle was the least bit fun...he just wanted me to get it out of his bowl so he could eat. Trying to do this by myself this year was just not so easy...Andy usually puts down the bowls and I take the year we'll get a good picture again. Happy Birthday Boys!

I'm thrilled that I was one of the winners this month for Charming Girls Club...OMG, when I got the e-mail from Kelly telling me I was a winner I was doing the dance...what fun...I'm going to figure out my order tomorrow from Kelly's shop. Thank you Kelly for doing this for us.

Now for my
Charming Girls project for this month...I was almost too late to join in the fun this the skin of my teeth...I bought this kit last September at the Olde Green Cupboard up in Jacksonville. This is one of the projects I cut out when I knew that Andy was going to be needing's called Gingersnap from It's A Dog's Life by Carrie Nelson/Miss Rosie's Quilt when Andy doesn't need me you'll find me in the dining room sewing away.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Boys are Standing Gaurd

Or as Andy says...Homeland Security. I am so happy to tell you that I got to bring Andy home yesterday afternoon. It's been a very busy 24 hours and this is the first chance I've had to sit down at the computer...I was actually very surprised that they were letting him go...I fully expected they would let him out today. I saw the doctor in the hall yesterday morning when I got there and she said "He's all your's"...I was thrilled and scared all at the same time. We got home about 4 and got him settled and into his Continuous Motion Machine...the boys would not long as they were within 12 inches of the bed they were fine. They both started crying a bit, and he was trying to rest so I made them come out of the bedroom and here they are standing guard outside the one went in or out without them knowing it. We had a very good day today. The nurse came and she said everything looks great...we'll see her again Tuesday. The physical therapist came this afternoon... worked him and worked him. He was very pleased with his strength and movement.
I'm very happy to say that all is well here! Thank you all for your good wishes.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Pretty Good Day!

Sorry, another post that's very short and no pictures...but just stopping to thank you all so very much for all of your wonderful wishes for my man. He didn't get much sleep last night, just couldn't ever get comfortable. He had 2 therapy sessions, a real dinner tonight and back in his continuous motion machine. Tomorrow he and the walker are going to become best friends. Again, Thank you all for your comments and have no idea how much they mean to us. I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Andy Did Great!

Just a quick post before I head to's been a long day. Andy's surgery went great. The surgeon said it couldn't have gone any better. We're over one big the hard work begins...his physical therapy begins in the morning. Thanks so much for all the good wishes!