Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We have so very much  to be thankful for this year...although it's been a difficult year for so many, we still have much for which to be thankful.  Where do I begin?  My mom of 89, despite the fact that she is very ill is soooooooooooo excited that the kids will be here for the holiday.  A pretty good doctor's report yesterday, no transfusion this week...and that's exactly what mom wanted them to say.  My sweet husband, I know for sure I wouldn't have made it through these last months without him.  He's there to do whatever needs to be done, always has words of reassurance, and sometimes just the fact that he's sitting with me is all I need to make it through.  My wonderful Josh and Katie, who completely changed their plans for Thanksgiving, we were all going there.  Josh and the children will be here this evening, he's driving down with them and Katie will be here in the morning, she's flying in at 9...the doctor wouldn't let her sit in the car for that long since our "Buster" is due the beginning of Jan and she always goes at least a week early.  My amazing friends, the calls, the e-mails, the notes of support have done more for me than any of you will ever know...I am so thankful.  Good health, despite the fact that I turn the big 60 tomorrow I am in wonderful health, a little twitch or twinge occasionally but for the most part in great shape for an old girl.

I could go on and on I know...but it feels really good to make a list of things to be thankful for...this is exactly what I need to do each and every day...stop and think of the things I have to be thankful for and not dwell on the other a very dear friend of mine told me the other day..."We can't do a thing about yesterday, we are not able to control what tomorrow will bring, we have today, we need to take care of today."  I love it!  Really put everything in perspective for me...yesterday's done, I can't fix anything that happened then...tomorrow is going to come and I need to just wait and take care of it when it gets here...TODAY, that is the gift I have. 

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving...ENJOY every moment...I know I will!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jami Got Her Wings

Jami  was welcomed into heaven last evening at 7:00...I just know that heaven is a happier place today...I'll bet she's already teaching a group of ladies how to quilt.

I'll miss you my friend...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Update on Mom

I don't have very good news to report.  Mom started downhill again last Thursday.  Just not feeling good and by Sunday she had no energy at all.  She had an appointment scheduled for yesterday with a hematologist so she said she'd just wait until then for him to tell her what was going on.  He did her blood work again and it was down to 6.7 almost where it was when she was in the hospital 3 weeks ago.  He also said that her cells are all misshapen and malformed and in his opinion she has a form of leukemia, but that he wanted to do a marrow test to make sure.  He did that and promptly put her in the hospital.  They are giving her 3 units of blood this time.  Not sure what the prognosis is going to be...he did say that she would probably have to go in on an outpatient basis every 2 weeks for more blood...but that in between  she should feel good.  I just don't know how long they can do that before it doesn't work anymore. 

So our trip to see the kids is off...Josh is going to try to bring Hampton and Camden down by himself, Katie is not allowed to travel anymore.  She's so upset that she won't be able to come.

So, that's my story...not a happy one this morning sadly...thank you so much for sticking with me.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

4 Weeks of Wellness...I'm Making Progress

If  I've counted correctly this is the fourth week of Wellness know it's really amazing to me how things just happen at the right time.  Kelly starting these Wellness reports couldn't have come at a better time for me.  With all the "stuff" that's happened in the past several weeks, having these to keep me grounded has been a blessing.  I'm working very hard to focus on the important things and the To Do List has taken on a new look for me...and it's made a huge difference for me...Absolutely NO Guilt...OMG I'm so excited.  It's really a very simple thing but it's made a huge difference.  I used to make my lists for each day...I'd put way too many things on Monday and then I'd be behind from the very beginning.  Then I'd feel guilty, because I was behind and there was no way I could ever catch up much less get ahead.  So here's what I did...last Sunday I spent some time thinking about things that I really would like to get done during the week...these are on top of Monday Mom day, and a visit to Jami, and grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning and all that other stuff that has to be done each week.  The things on my list are things that I'd really like to get done some time during the week...
a new list will be made tomorrow.  I'm happy to say that I got everything marked off except for one thing and I'll just make that my top priority for the coming week.  I really like this strategy...I spend some time on Sunday thinking about the coming week and then I don't have to waste any time during the week thinking "Oh, now I know there was something else I was supposed to do this week"  I really think I ended up with more time to get things done because I didn't waste and time.  Makes me very happy!

So my Wellness Report is a good one this week...
Walk  :)  all 3 days
Gym  :)  2 days and added more floors on the stairmaster and more time on the elliptical...YIPPEE!
Journaling  :/  that gets a bit above fair...I'm working at it...

So thank you Kelly for getting me on's helping sooooooooo much!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Happy and Sad...At the Same Time

That describes me perfectly today...happy mom is doing soooooooooooooooo much better.  She's getting stronger, and she's eating well.  The doctor's appointment went well on Monday...her blood work is good, he was pleased.  He set up an appointment for her next week with a Hematologist...he wants an opinion from him on why her hemoglobin went so incredibly low.  He feels like the  Hematologist will probably put her on a medication that will help her bone marrow produce more red blood cells.  So Happy I am!

I also finished a Nice People Nice Things blocks
this week...I really am enjoying these blocks...So again Happy I am.

This morning I went to the Hospice Care Center to see Jami...Thom and I talked late yesterday and her said that she hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since day before I headed over this morning.  She was very restless and agitated when I got there, but she knew I was there.  I told her how much I loved her and she said "I love you too"...then she went off to sleep...thankfully the drugs kicked in and she was without pain.  I held her hand and stroked her hair, whispered in her ear...I told her that there were ladies waiting to learn to quilt...they're waiting for her.  I selfishly was hanging on to her, today as I sat there I prayed that God would take her home.  So Sad I am.