Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Great Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas...ours was very laid back this year. Since Josh, Katie and Hampton were not ready to travel yet, it was Andy, my mom, Sue (my right and left hand person at the shop and more like a sister to me than I can even imagine), Howie and Zack (our 95 pound Labs) and me. We had a light breakfast, opened gifts, talked, laughed, ate turkey dinner with all that goes with it, laughed some more and called it a day. Before we went to bed we looked at our tree and realized it was getting very brown. So...down it came yesterday morning with some help from the boys.

I'm off from the shop today so I am planning a sewing day...ALL DAY! So I should have some pictures to post tomorrow. I'm working on a Snowman quilt for Hampton which is way out of my color comfort zone, but I'll do anything for him...I have shop block of the month blocks to do...and I'm working on our Spa Day quilt. So upstairs for me! We'll talk later.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to You All

Wishing each one of you the very Merriest Christmas...and I'd like to thank you for allowing me to become a part of your Blogland Quilty community...I feel like I have so many new friends. I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2007 with lots of quilting! Merry, Merry one and all!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Relay for Life is a Flimsy

I am just thrilled to report that the Relay for Life top that I've been working on is to the flimsy stage. It is a Buggy Barn pattern called Circle of Love from their book Around the Bend. Not the typical Buggy Barn pattern where you use the freezer paper and cut and shift...this one has tons of pieces and they all had to go together correctly to form the hearts. It was way more work than I thought when I began the project, but I love the end result. I can hardly wait to get it quilted and give it to them. Andy loves it and said that I would have to bring it to the office and give it to them...he knows they will all cry. I said I'd mail it to them :) I switched to BETA this morning after not being able to comment on anyone's blogs for 2 was a light bulb moment and with Libby's (Simple Girl) help I got it done. So far, so good...I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The hardest thing has been keeping my sign in name and password right. I keep going back to the old one and they keep saying it doesn't exist any more. I am so techno challenged, but this has taken me to a whole new level. Off to the grocery to get the ingredients for some Holiday Mix (white chocolate, pretzels, M&M's, peanuts, Chex and Cheerios) for Andy to take into work and I'm going to take some to the shop. Everybody just loves it .

Monday, December 04, 2006

Deck the Halls with....

Andy and I spent a very fun Sunday together...we went to get our tree...I love real trees, the wonderful smell and even though they cost a ton of money down here in Florida we wouldn't trade it. We spent the day together geting out all the Christmas stuff, and decorating after a quick stop at Starbuck's for a Gingerbread Latte to get us in the real mood. Here's the tree and a bookcase in our living room that we empty to fill up with our Santa collection. Up on top of the bookcase is our Nativity...I just love it. I'm looking at these pictures and I think I must be a little tipsy this morning :) both seem a bit askew but you get the idea. I don't feel like I got very far on my November goals but there were some interruptions (very happy ones though and I'm thrilled to have given up 2 sewing weekends for our little Hampton)...I am going to be very conservative with my December goals since I don't know whether I'll have to head to Chicago to help out. In November I did get the Relay for Life quilt cut out and mostly sewn, which I'm thrilled about. That wasn't a goal but I got going and decided to just get it done. Hopefully by the end of this week it will be put together and I will post a picture. I also did do some handwork in November...some wool applique which I did for samples for the shop and forgot to take pictures of. So, the goals didn't get crossed off as they were written, but I did get quite a bit of sewing in this month and I think that's a very good thing and we had our first grandchild and that just is the best of all!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here he is

Blogger let me download here he is...Hampton Walker. I think my November goals are going by the wayside...although I do almost have the top done for Relay for Life. My goal was to have it cut out and I'm almost done piecing it. It's laid out on the floor of the sewing room so I really need to get it done before Howie and Zack walk through there or decide to take a nap. I won't get much done today, I'm off from the shop but going over to mom's to get her tree up and all of her decorations out so she can decorate. It will be a fun day. We're doing our's this weekend. I love this time of year.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm in Love

We had the most wonderful Sunday and Monday of our lives. Even though we were up at 3 am Sunday to catch a plane it was just the most wonderful. All my friends that have been grandparents told me it would be like this and I really thought they were a little nuts. Well, I'm eating crow! I've never felt like this before. The mere thought that my wonderful son and his sweet Katie produced this perfect little person is just more than I could have ever imagined. He is just beautiful and perfect in every way. (I know I am way over the top). Katie's labor was so short...3 pushes and out he came...that his head is so perfectly shaped. And so far the best dispostion...both Katie and Josh are very laid back so hopefully he will remain that way. We had to leave to come home yesterday and 12:30...we were at the hospital at 8 (they wouldn't let me in any earlier) and stayed until my Andy dragged me out the door. I cried when I had to go...I could have stayed forever (forget my responsibilities) and just held him. Don't think I can get back there soon enough. I know Southwest Airlines is going to love me...I'll be on that plane every chance I get. I'll bet their profits soar this next year :) Well, thanks for listening...couldn't wait to share him with you all. Carol PS Blogger won't publish my picture...I'll try again later

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Very Exciting News!

Our long awaited grandson arrived this morning at 10:55...weighed in at 6 pounds 13 ounces and 19-1/2" long. Katie did just great. Pushed about 3 times and he made his appearance. Things are mostly good...his blood sugar is a bit low so they took him to the nursery and were giving him some special formula. If it doesn't come up soon they will give him an IV. They won't let Katie nurse him yet though until they get him where they want him. We are heading up at 6:15 in the morning and will stay through Monday. We'll come home and Katie's Mom will arrive to stay for a week or so. I'll go back up in Jan...they decided they wanted me to come then when they are really tired. I promise to have pictures next week. This is very exciting! Andy just looked at me and said "Oh, you are a grandmother"...can't wait to get him in my arms.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Trip to Chicago

Didn't get anything quilty done this weekend but I did spend Friday and Saturday with Josh and Katie in Chicago. I came home yesterday morning. It was a great weekend. We're getting very close to "our little man's" arrival. We're still calling him that because they have not settled on a name. They have many boy names that they like just can't decide on one. We had a wonderful visit. They showed me all the wonderful sights in the city. Josh took me to his office on the 71st floor of the Aon Center and I could see for miles...I think I could see Wisconsin :)...they also took me out to Schaumberg for a quilt show. I didn't spend much time there at all because they stayed outside so I was in and out in about 45 minutes. My friends from Country Threads in Iowa had a booth and although I was only there for a few minutes I left a bundle of money. I picked up several new punch needle projects and I bought several kits. They kitted one of the wonderful dog quilts from new Buggy Barn book Crazy Dog Days...they changed it a bit and took out the flowers and made it all dogs. Well I had to have it. Just pitiful...I'm sure I have lots of the fabric on my shelf and I do have a whole quilt shop, but like my customers "It is all together, and all I have to do is start cutting". I got home around 2 yesterday afternoon, watched football with Andy and called it a day. He left this morning for California for the I have big plans. SEW, SEW, SEW! I will be posting pictures this week! I promise!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Where does the time go?

I just can't figure it out...where in the world does the time go? I got back from Market Monday afternoon and I don't think I've stopped running since I returned. Market was patterns...Lori Smith had several new ones. Loved her "Road Less Traveled" it's a row quilt, Jeanne is working on one and it is awesome...zillions of pieces. We also found a new pattern designer called Bonnie Blue Quilts that we fell in love with. They design Civil War reproduction quilts. I've added many more to my list of To Do's. Sue (my right hand at the shop) says she now has to live to be at least 560. Lots of's always that shot in the arm that we need to get new samples made. I've been thinking about my November Goals...there is so much I want to get done but I'm going to be realistic...since I'll be gone next weekend to Chicago to see my son and daughter-in-law, and there will be a quilt show there that weekend, I had no idea when I made my reservations. They said they would take me to the show and I was thrilled. I promised that I would just run through quickly and get on with our day. The real reason I'm going is to get the lay of the land for when I go up to stay after the baby is born. I need to know where to go, since they live right downtown, they say everything I could possibly have to get is within walking distance. Of course this will be in December and I am a Florida girl. YIKES! And then there will be Thanksgiving, and all that happens then...we do close the shop the day after Thanksgiving and Sue and I do almost all of our shopping. I'm going to look at this all a bit differently...although Andy will be gone on a business trip to California after I get back from Chicago for a whole week, and I get tons done when he's out of town. Here's what I'm planning to get done in November: 1. Finish Tumbler quilt top (started in Oct) 2. Finish Michael's Victory (Carol Hopkin's pattern, started in Oct) 3. Cut Circle of Love quilt (Donation for Relay for Life) 4. Cut Spiderweb quilt (Spa Day event at shop) 5. Binding on last Spa Day quilt That's it...if I get that done and have days left over I'll start something else. I just love what I do! It's a wonderful life...I work with fabric and creative people everyday and then I come home and work with fabric some more. What could be better? I then I hear from lots of my Blogger friends and that is the icing on the cake.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

To Market, To Market

I'm off to Market in Houston in a few hours. Our plane leaves at 11 am so I'm leaving here at 8:15 to go pick up Sue and then off to the airport. We are really excited. We just love Market and all the new stuff. I'm taking my laptop but I'm not sure whether I'll have time to post anything. I did pretty well on my October goals...the baby quilt with the dog fabric is off to be quilted, Spa Day quilt is off to be quilted (the event went great), as I posted the other day the Jo Morton Swap blocks were in the mail before the deadline. The tumbler blocks and the Carol Hopkin's "Micheals' Victory" are all cut and ready to go...I'll move piecing those to November. Off and running...have a wonderful weekend and I'll post again when I get back. Take care!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Progress Report

I am really pretty pleased with myself...although I know I won't complete my goal list for October I have made great progress. After re-evaluating the list and counting the days I had available to work I decided I really wasn't very realistic when I set those goals. Here's what I have accomplished...the 69 blocks for the Jo Morton Swap are complete and mailed off to the swap hostess, the Spa Day top is completed (we held the event at the shop on Sunday and it was tons of fun) the back is sewn together and has been sent off to be quilted. I should have the binding on the funny witch quilt finished tonight, "Michael's Victory" a Carol Hopkins pattern is cut and the tumbler quilt is cut. The quilt for our grandson, due Dec 2, from Howie and Zack is well on its way. I should have it done this weekend. I've included a closeup picture of the fabric so you can see the dogs. This baby probably will not ever have a dog so I had to do the best I could. I am fine with not getting done, since when I did my list I forgot about being gone so much this month. We leave again a week from today for Market in Houston. Can't is wonderful for us to get to Market and see all the new fabrics and patterns...great inspiration. The "boys" are fussing...ready for their long morning walk. I've already been out to put the trash out and it is so warm and humid...may not be such a long walk this morning.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Great to be Home

We had a wonderful, wonderful time on our trip...we left Wednesday morning last week and returned home on Monday...but it is always so good to get home. We were in Pennsylvania for Andy's 35th college reunion and we went to his home town and spent 2 days with his brothers. We couldn't have had a better time. I don't think I've laughed that hard and that much in a very long time...nothing better that good laughter with good friends and family. The weather was spectacular...the sky could not have been bluer and not a cloud in the sky. The leaves were so pretty...I love fall. I returned to the shop on Tuesday, all was well...and then I was off today...trying to catch up. Laundry, groceries and I did get to sew a bit. I finished an October goal...I finished the top for our shop event this weekend. It sure isn't my best piecing, but it's done...and it's not an heirloom. I also got lots of my Jo Morton swap blocks done. I looked at my goals again and realized I was probably a bit too lofty since I was gone 6 days this past week and then I'll be gone at the end of the month for 5 days to attend Quilt Market in Houston. Guess I'll do the best I can and re-evaluate...I'll move some to November. I guess I need to just stay home!

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm Setting October Goals

After reading Judy's blog yesterday morning I decided I would sit down and write my October goals, rather than waiting until the middle of the month to figure out what I needed to finish. And as you know if I write it on my list and set a deadline, I almost always get it done. Like all of us, I have way more that I want to do but I'm going to try to be practical. I would love to do the Leaf quilt that Judy has for us, but I think I have more than enough on my plate. Here is my list 1. Piece baby quilt(dog fabric) 2. Finish Spa Day top (shop project) 3. Piece Michael's Victory (Carol Hopkins pattern) 4. Piece Tumbler Quilt top 5. Bind Funny Witch quilt 6. Jo Morton group Swap blocks OK, I'm counting on this published list to motivate me to get the whole list done. I will just be thrilled. Won't get much done though until the beginning of next week. We are going to Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning until next Monday. Andy's 35th college reunion is this weekend so we're going up. We try to get up there every 5 years for the reunions...all of his good friends also try to return so it is lots of fun. I'm looking forward to cooler weather and hopefully some leaves changing colors. I've lived in Florida for 40 years and still miss the leaves changing colors.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Back

I'm back from the quilt show and finally getting caught up. Here's a picture of our booth when we were almost set up. The palm tree sticking up from the top isn't mine...the lady that had the booth behind us had a tiki bar set up. We had a great weekend and really enjoyed doing the show. I got home Sunday night around 8:30 and was pooped but buzzed. Up Monday morning and off to the shop to unload what we brought back. Tuesday we rearranged the shop and hung lots of new quilts. Yesterday I went to Lynda Hall's house to return the quilts she let us borrow. I had a wonderful visit with Lynda. It was great to just sit for a bit, have a cup of coffee and chat. We caught up on our kids, families and business. Hard to believe we live so close, she shops and teaches in my shop and we rarely get a chance to visit. When I got home I put together my 3 little block of the month blocks for October in the shop. They are so much fun to do. Off and running again. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Funny witch

I had a million things going on that I really should have been doing, but this was just such fun I had to do it. I had gotten this piece of witch fabric about 3 years ago from Keepsake. The catalog came and my friend Sue and I just went nuts over this fabric...had to have it...didn't have a clue what we were going to do with it....but had to have it. We each got a yard. It aged on the shelf. I was reading the postings on Jo Morton's Yahoo group one morning a couple of weeks ago and someone ( I don't remember her name :( unfortunately) posted a picture of a Halloween quilt that she had done using a cat fabric and the shoofly blocks. The lightbulb went on and I thought of the witches. When I got to the shop I showed Sue and she agreed...we had to do it. So here are my funny witches for Halloween...
This was just so fun to do. The second picture is a close-up of the witch...she's a hoot. I'm off tomorrow to Jacksonville for a big quilt show...we're vending there for the first's a big show...we have a ton of kits for quilts and wool projects...I'll check back in the beginning of the week. I just uploaded the 2nd picture and Blogger just sort of puts it where it wants, but you get the idea :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My One Hour Quilt is DONE

I e-mailed Judy the end of last week and told her my quilt would be done this weekend and in the mail to her on Monday to quilt. Well, as before, I set a deadline and it is done. It will go in the mail in the morning. This has been a really fun project. I've had lots going on at the shop...we're getting ready for a very big quilt show this coming weekend and when I couldn't sleep I'd get up and work on this. Thanks Judy!

I Guess this means I'm spacey :)

You Are 40% Left Brained, 60% Right Brained
The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.
The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

I'm Olive

You Are Olive Green
You are the most real of all the green shades. You're always true to yourself.For you, authenticity and honesty are very important... both in others and yourself.You are grounded and secure. It takes a lot to shake you.People see you as dependable, probably the most dependable person they know.

I'm Olive

You Are Olive Green
You are the most real of all the green shades. You're always true to yourself.For you, authenticity and honesty are very important... both in others and yourself.You are grounded and secure. It takes a lot to shake you.People see you as dependable, probably the most dependable person they know.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm Lagging Behind

I feel like the turtle, I am lagging so far behind...but here are my blocks to this point. I have the 5 last blocks done and all the square strip borders ready to sew on. Tonight. Then to the sashing. Some of you have been talking about the borders being your least favorite part...I think mine is the sashing and cornerstones. Once I get to the border I always feel like I'm almost done. I went upstairs this morning to sew feeling very sad...Sept 11 a day that is in all of our memories forever. Wishing everyone peace and love today.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Howie and Zack

Just had to share Howie and Zack, my two 90 pound labs, birthday cake. They turned 4 today.
I just e-mailed this picture to my son, he sent a note back immediately saying he thought I was way over the top with these dogs. I have no idea what he may be talking about :)

My Sewing Room

I thought I'd try to share a little of my sewing room this morning. When we built this house last year I got the room upstairs that was considered the bonus room...this was a huge step for me because the room I had in the old house was a small bedroom. This is a very large room and I even have a nice comfy chair.
This is truly my heaven. When I sew I can either watch the TV or I can open those shutters by my chair and look out onto a pond. Originally when we were building my stash closet was to be the closet that you see to the right of my chair. The builder called me one day and said we had a problem with the sewing room and that I needed to meet him at the house. The inspector had been there and said that the air handler had to go into that closet and not in the storage area off to the other side of the room. Before I could start crying he said, "The good news is I'm going to finish off the storage area for you if you'd like. So I ended up with a huge storage area for lots of shelves and my ironing board.
The top left picture is about 1/3 of the storage room. Blogger won't let me do any more pictures this upstairs I go to finish those blocks of the One Hour project sitting there by my machine.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another One Off the List

I can tell it's going to be a wonderfully, productive extra day off and I'll get tons done. This quilt was made from last year's 3 Sisters fabric Maison de Noel. I'm giving it to a friend on Wednesday for her birthday and she'll have it the whole Christmas season. I finished the binding last night while watching college football with my husband, Andy. He never complains about me being upstairs sewing but he always comments on how nice it is to have me downstairs with him in the evening. I get the hint :) I try to always have hand work to do in the evening but many evenings I have to go upstairs. He just went out to the pool, it's a beautiful day here, but I think I may just have to go get to the sewing machine. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Big Thank You To Judy

I've read several of my Blogger friends daily gratitude and have started writing mine down everyday in my day planner, but today I'd like to write a Gratitude here in my blog. My Gratitude is Judy...and her one-hour project. Now, let me say I don't get to work on that project one hour every day, but since she put out that challenge I've made sure that I sew at least one hour every day (now I must admit I didn't get to on Sunday with the shower here) but every other day since then I have sewn for at least an hour a day. I am such a better person when I get to sew. Not cranky, or edgy or anything ugly. I feel energized and happy when I sew. I've been doing lots of sewing for the shop lately. We're getting ready to do a big quilt show in Jacksonville the end of this month and I've been working on samples for that. I'm loving every minute of it. I also did these cute little 6" blocks for our Block of the Month group that meets tomorrow. They are such fun...Civil War reproduction fabrics...I've been using Patti's pressing techniques that she posted a while back and my blocks ar coming out more skewed stuff going on. I also started using Niagara Spray Starch, not in an aerosol can but in a spray bottle. I love it for these little blocks. It really stabilizes them. Well, I'm pretty well caught up with shop stuff for now, so I'm going to work on my One Hour Quilt Project this weekend (we're closed Monday so I'll have an extra day) and I'll think of Judy...thank you! And Thank You to all my other new Blogger are motivation and inspiration. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ernesto is Gone

Just a real quick note before I head off to the shop...Ernesto is gone from our area. We got a good bit of rain but that was it. We are very thankful that he fizzled out. Lots of folks are complaining because everything was closed down yesterday, but you know what, as a small business I'll take one day with no income as opposed to the mass destruction we've seen with so many of these storms that have come through in the past couple of years. I've lived here 40 years and have never seen storms like we've had in the past couple of years. But all is well, back to the shop. The other good news is that I got to sew almost all day yesterday!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Blogger Cooperated

I finally got Blogger to cooperate and let me post a picture. I got so excited that it was going to let me post it that I didn't even turn the picture so it was up and down. But you get the idea. I don't think there is enough quilting on it but once it's washed I think it will be better. I didn't get a chance to wash it before I gave it to them Sunday. And as my DH says, "It's a quilt for the baby that you told them to use on the floor" He's right...not an heirloom by any stretch of the imagination...but wonderful for him to spend lots of time on. I wish the print on the green fabric showed up better. It has little baby ducks on it. Really cute and they love the ducky theme. Ok now I really am going upstairs to sew.

I'm Finally Back

Our son and daughter-in-law got in Friday night, their plane was very late...but it was so wonderful to see them. We had the shower on Sunday and it was just great. I had it catered because I just didn't have time to do all the food stuff. We served lunch and they did an unbelieveable job. We had about 45 people here and our 2- 90 pound yellow labs. It was wonderful. The one dog, Zack spent most of the day out on the back deck with the guests that were outside and Howie spent most of the day inside with the guests that were eating. Howie loves FOOD! Any kind of I had to beg everyone not to feed him. He would eat until he got sick. The kids (I guess I shouldn't call them kids anymore, they will both be 29 next month, but I guess they will always be kids to me) have great friends, we really enjoyed them all. They got the most wonderful gifts. This little boy will need nothing. He has enough outfits that they can change his clothes many times a day. They were able to get everything packed up in the extra suitcases that they brought so I didn't have to ship anything. Oh, I almost forgot...they loved the quilt. Katie just squealed and wrapped herself in it...Josh had tears in his eyes. That's why we quilt :)
Well, I'm off to the back deck to make sure that I don't have any plants that will blow away today in the storm. They are calling for 3-5 inches of rain for us from Ernesto today with winds of 30-35 mph gusting to 40-50mph. The good news is that it didn't build itself to a hurricane...the rain we can handle. There shouldn't be any lightning so I should be able to sew all afternoon. YIPPEE!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Baby Quilt is Done

I couldn't be happier...the baby quilt is done. I finished the binding last night, the shower is Sunday afternoon. Story of my life...give me a deadline and it will get done. My son and daughter-in-law arrive tonight from Chicago for the weekend. We're hosting the shower here at our house on Sunday afternoon. There will be 45 or so's a couple"s shower so it should be great fun. I wanted to post a picture but Blogger would not cooperate this morning. I'll try again later. I was so glad to hear that Judy is OK, just Blogger problems. I sure did miss reading her blog every day. Patti asked the question...Why do I quilt? I quilt for many reasons...I love fabric...I love the process of is therapy for me, whenever I need a quiet place to go, I go to my quilting. I can sew for 20 minutes and feel a million times better. Quilting connects me to wonderful friends both past and present. I love to look at old quilts and imagine the people that made them. What were their lives like? Why did the use the fabrics they used? Who were they? Quilting gives us all a real connection.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back on Track

I am just thrilled...the baby quilt top is done...I sewed the back together this morning. I'm a day ahead! Yippee! The quilter will pick it up tomorrow morning and have it back to me on Monday. I'll get the binding on and it will be ready for the shower Sunday. I'm going to let them take it with them and then I'll make the label when he arrives and sew it on when we go up when he's born. Chicago in December...I'll need many quilts. So I'm back on track. I can do Hour # 2 then I'll be ready to start putting blocks together. I have several others going on at the same time but Judy's project is kind of a break. It's been lots of fun seeing everyone's blocks.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No Hour #2 Today

Unfortunately there will be no Hour #2 for me today...I'll be sewing but not on this project. I've been working on a baby quilt for my son and daughter-in-law. There is a shower for them on the 27th of this the back of my mind I thought I could maybe get the quilt done and then put it out of my mind. Well, I went way outside the box today and asked a gal that does some quilting for some of my customers what the chance of squeezing a small quilt in would be. She said, "If I can pick it up Friday, I can have it back to you Monday and then you can get the binding on"...Oh my goodness, that was not the answer I expected but a good one. She said she was doing 10 quilts (all the same Christmas quilt) for a lady and she didn't have the thread the lady wanted so she had to order it...she was kind of at a stand still so she could squeeze me in. YIPPEE! except I'm going to have to sew like a mad woman. There are a zillion half square triangles so that's what I'll be doing tonight. I'll do my Hour #2 and probably #3 this weekend after the baby quilt is done. How do I get myself into these things?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hour #1

I have completed Hour are my first 52 half square triangles...13 stacks of 4...I'm looking forward to Hour #2's assignment. It is truly amazing how much I got done in that hour (a wee bit over) tonight...I was focused...cut my squares out, I had pulled my fabric earlier, and sewed pressed and trimmed. I'll check in tomorrow night.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Thank you so much Finn and leah s...I knew that you all would have the answer. I wasn't putting it on my computer I was just trying to download from the camera and it just wasn't working. I am so excited that I learned something new today. Well, here is my Bowtie quilt that I talked about a couple of days ago. Lots of fun and looks really old. When I have it quilted I'll take another picture. My husband left this morning at 6am for a business trip to Denver. He'll be gone until Wednesday afternoon. Needless to say I have lots of sewing time planned. I must spend some time today working on the baby quilt for my son and daughter-in-law's first baby. I'm going to be a grandma for the first time. There is a shower for them on the 27th of this month so I'll have the top done and show it to them but then I'll have to get it quilted. Nothing like doing this by the seat of my pants. Well, I do always work better with a deadline. Off to the sewing room! Thank you again for your help. I'm having lots of fun!

Friday, August 11, 2006


For all you technologically savvy gals...please help this pitiful technologically non-savy gal. I've been trying to get my bowtie picture on my blog this morning and just can't get it to work. I have an older camera...Canon's more than likely the operator though. Thanks for any help. I think once I get beyond this hurdle I will be a real blog addict I am just having so much fun getting to know some of you all. Someone mentioned that it is addicting. That is very true...I check daily to see what you all are up to. I love the inspiration. I think once I get beyond this hurdle I will be a real blog addict ...can't wait!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


It is a very happy day in my world today! My very scrappy bow tie quilt is done. I was off yesterday, so after getting all my errands done in the morning I got to sew all afternoon. Up at 5am this morning (thank you Patti) and got it done. It's a sample for a class and I set a goal to have it ready to take into the shop this morning and I am very happy to say the top is done! I love the top...81 light and 81 dark (all diffrent) reproduction fabrics...and a brown setting fabric...just doesn't get any better than that. I'll try to post a picture. Thanks for letting me share my excitement with all of you...someone commented yesterday that this was addicting and I really think she was very right...but I love it!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Wonderful Sunday!

I'm almost embarrassed to say that I had an absolutely wonderful Sunday but I didn't get much quilty stuff done. I work at the shop on Saturday so I really only have one day with my husband, I've been working like crazy lately and not spending much time at all with I decided this week I'd spend Sunday with him...went to Starbuck's first thing in the morning, came home and we worked on trimming some bushes before it got too hot to breathe and then we went out to our pool. Sat, read, floated around in the pool on my pool lounge chair, read some more, took a little nap and just enjoyed his company for the afternoon. We don't take time out often enough to do that. We grilled a wonderful piece of salmon on the grill, had a tossed salad, some wine and called it a day. So today I'm back in the swing again. Up at 5 am and in the sewing room at 5:15...I sewed on a reproduction bow tie quilt for an hour and took the dogs for a long walk. As soon as I finish here I'll go back to sew for a bit before I have to get ready to go to the shop. I must remember to take a little more time like I did Sunday!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Monday, July 31, 2006

New at This

I have been reading other blogs and found them very inspiring so I thought I'd give it a whirl and maybe I could inspire someone else along the way. I own a quilt shop in Orlando, FL that specializes in the primitive look. We also carry a huge line of Civil War fabrics. As I get going with this I will post some pictures of the shop and some of the projects that we are currently working on.