Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Quilting Day Weekend

...and a very good weekend it was. When I told Andy that Saturday was National Quilting Day, he got kind of a puzzled look on his face...when I asked him about it, his response was "Isn't everyday quilting day for you?" Well I guess he has a point, I do get to sew most days, but this was a National I celebrated. My machine was running all day yesterday and a good bit I said, a very good weekend it was.

I started with my Fat Quarter Shop Designer BOM block......once again this was a fun, fun block to do and went together perfectly...gotta love when that happens.

Then I did my Civil War Row for this month from the Temecula Quilt Company...this was the second month so I did the star row this weekend and attached it to the top row. This one also went together perfectly and they are doing a great job with this BOM. It's done with the Civil War Chronicles fabric by Judie Rothermel...they include a picture of the row they did so we can see exactly where the fabric goes...and there's plenty of fabric...makes me very happy.

This project has a fun story...when I was at the retreat at the beach with my friends back in February Beth was sitting across the table from me working on the blocks of this quilt...I told her how very much I loved these blocks. We all went to bed that night and in the morning Beth came upstairs and said that that project just wasn't making her happy and it was all mine...OMG, I almost danced on the table, now that would have been a sight first thing in the morning. She's always been a very traditional quilter and was ready to try something new...stop over at her new blog...see what she's up to...she's having a blast...and so am I...I started getting some rows together on Thursday last week and then today did a bunch more...this is just a bit over half of the quilt......I LOVE it! The pattern is Second Hand Clothes by Bonnie Blue and easy!

The last thing I did came about after I did my morning blog know how you go to your regulars and then click and click and click again and end up at a brand new blog...well I ended up at Beth's (another Beth) blog...she's putting quilts together for Japan from donated blocks. The pattern is quick and easy, just a double 4 patch. I did 2 in less than half an hour...I forgot to take a picture and I already have my envelope sealed...but if you go over to Minnick & Simpson's blog you'll see the blocks that Laurie did today. Great project! Thank you Beth for allowing us to help.

I think that does it for my was a good one! Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bits and Pieces

That's exactly what I feel like I've been doing...bits and pieces. I don't have anything finished, but I sure haven't gotten bored. Really jumped around from one thing to another...doing a little of this and a little of that.

Andy went up to Pennsylvania last week for a wedding, and while he was there he got to spend some time with some friends and his brothers and I got to sew, all day, everyday...everyone was happy. Most of what I worked on I can't share, I did some Spring Market sewing for Lynda Hall of Primitive Pieces by Lynda...she'll be sharing when she gets everything finished. Some really fun patterns!

I saw this on Minnick & Simpson's and Lissa Alexander's blogs and knew I needed to do this. What a great cause...thank you so much for letting us participate. I did one for me and one for mom...easy, quick and such a need.

Trying to stay caught up on my BOM' far, so good...Month 1 and Month 2 of Civil War Chronicles...lots and lots of half square triangles...great blocks...these are big blocks...16" finished blocks...and they've gone together perfectly. Makes me very happy!

I've said it before, but I really, really am going to try to post more often...I just don't know where the time's morning then I blink and it's evening...