Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Made a Mountain INTO a Mole Hill

Yes you read that right...I feel that's exactly what I did.  I took a quilt that I had wanted to do since the Fall/Winter of 2009...that was the year that Temecula Quilt Company was in the Quilt Sampler and their quilt was on the front.  I think I mentioned before that I ordered the kit the minute it became available, it arrived and I was immediately intimidated.  Wonderful kit, lots of fabrics, amazing quilt design, lots of pieces to cut...I read the directions and then read them again...there was absolutely not a thing wrong with the pattern, it was very well written, and very well organized...I just couldn't seem to get my head around where to the kit aged.  Then I decided earlier this year that I wanted that quilt this year...I looked at it differently...I broke it up into sections and did a section a month...that was the answer...yesterday I finished the second to the last section of this quilt and added it...

I am so, so excited.  I'm thrilled that this quilt is almost finished but I'm more thrilled that I've discovered a new way to approach projects. I'm taking the "Mountain" project and breaking it into "Mole Hill" sections... Can you tell?  I'm a happy girl!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

True Confessions

I'm here to confess...I haven't been blogging...oh you knew that already...but I have a good my mom would say that you aren't supposed to confess something and then say "But..." but I really do have a good reason...want to know??????????

I was in Birmingham the first week in June with these fun kids...

Katie had a huge part in running Vacation Bible School and the big kids went with her everyday and enjoy their classes and all the fun activities and Peyton and I stayed home and played.  We went for long walks...they forgot to tell me that there are lots of hills in Mountain Brook where they live...I think I was pushing that stroller uphill all the there wasn't any snow, I won't add that embellishment...LOL!  But I am a Florida girl and it's FLAT I did get my cardio workout while I was there.  We had tons of fun every morning...then the afternoons were full of fun stuff, trips to the library, the park, bike really just doesn't get much better.

When I got home my list was waiting for me...had to get cracking on those "every month" projects and I'm happy to say that list is complete...
I have all my little squares filled with a purple other list of extra projects is almost complete...I plan on finishing the Temecula sampler section in the next day or so and then getting the back finished for my Topsy Turvy quilt and then I can pat myself on the back for 3 seconds and move on to the July list.   I know lists don't work for lots of you, but this sure has gotten me on track...I feel way less stress, and I just move from one thing to the next without giving it second thought.

Here are a few of my projects for this month...Deckade blocks from the Fat Quarter Shop...

I am so loving this project...a new section out on their blog every other Monday...the directions are perfect and I got the kit to complete the quilt...I'm a happy girl.

And then here are a few of my "every month" projects...

Country Threads Anniversary BOM Blocks

Fat Quarter Shop 2013 Designer BOM

4 rows added- I'm 1 row short of half
Four Generals

So, Long Story Short...I haven't been blogging but I have been having tons of fun and I have been sewing!  Bring on July!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Claiming my Blog

I'm not at all sure what I'm doing...but Bloglovin says I need to do here we go...we'll see if I still have a blog when this is all done...LOL!  We all know I am techno challenged...Follow my blog with Bloglovin