Friday, March 23, 2007

I've been working

I've been working, but unfortunately I haven't posted in a while. I've been working like crazy on the Spa Day top for the shop. It's on April 15th so I must get done. It started out to be lap size but I had plenty of fabric so I decided since I liked it I'd make it bigger, queen size for the guest room...I'll post a picture on the 15th of April.
I've also been working on some little 3-3/4" finished star blocks. They are so much eating potato chips...can't just do one. I'm doing these for a sample for the shop. I think we'll kit it up also for a show that we do in North Florida in September...gotta get moving on that because September will be here before we blink.
Off and running for the day...have a wonderful something FUN!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Dog

Andy's been out of town at a conference since Sunday. I've been up in the sewing room every moment that I've been awake and home. I finished sorting all my reproduction fabrics and got them all on my new shelves...there are no more empty shelves. While I had them out I cut 1" strips of most of the pieces so I ready for my little log cabins. I'm going to use them as leaders and enders and hopefully get a bunch of those little logs done. I cut out all the pieces for our next Spa Day quilt...I have to get sewing since Spa Day is April 15th. I can't show what I'm doing on that until after the day because someone may see it on here and it's always a mystery. Well, Andy came home this afternoon so I won't be eating dinner in the sewing room tonight.
Howie knew Dad was gone and took the opportunity to do something he hasn't done in several years. Both dogs used to sleep with us...I know 2-95 pound dogs in a king size bed with us was just a bit nuts but... Well Sue house and dog sat for us 2 years ago when we went away and she put a stop to that. She told them they weren't allowed in bed with her and that was the end of it. When we came home they didn't even try to get in bed. They do get up on the bed during the day when the blue denim comforter is on the bed, but as soon as that gets folded down for the night they don't even think about it...until last night. I had gotten the bed ready and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I thought I heard a jump and thump on the bed, but thought there would just be no way. Well to my surprise...
there he was. Now he did have his head on the comforter...I said "What are you doing up there?" And as you can see he gave me the "What do you think I'm doing up here?" look. Instead of fussing at him I went and got the wonder he's so bad when dad's away. I am such an easy mark...and he knows it :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I reached my goal and a few other things

I am so excited...I reached my weight loss goal yesterday...lost 15-1/2 pounds since Jan. 2. I started out doing the South Beach diet which I had done very sucessfully several years ago. That got me going and then I made some other changes. I started using a smaller plate at dinner...and you know it worked. I'm really never hungry anymore. I gave up sodas...I was only drinking those little Pepsi's but you know that was 100 calories I didn't need. I drink tons of water and treat myself to 1 Diet Coke a day. I'm thrilled to say that I have it under control.
Today was my day off from the shop and I didn't get a single thing sewn...but I did go to Target and bought 3 new shelves for the storage area of my sewing room. I got everything organized that hasn't been for 2 years since we moved. Here's a picture...
You'll see that there are 2 empty shelves...those are for my reproduction fabrics...I ran out of time so I'll have to finish that part this weekend. Andy has to go out of town for a conference Sunday and will be back Tuesday so I'll be organizing and sewing.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Thank you Dawn and Judy

First I want to take just a second to thank all of you that read my blog and left comments...I felt so much better after reading your notes. You all are very special...this is certainly a wonderful group of friends.
A big thanks to Dawn.(I hope I did the link all know how computer pitiful I am). A few posts ago on Dawn's blog, she posted a picture of a cute little block. I was enticed, so I e-mailed her and she told me where to find it...Traditional Mini Quilts by Moon Over Mountain Quilters. Well as luck would have it, I had the book, never used it but I had it. I decided I would take the challenge and try the block...I have NEVER done anything that tiny...there are some bitty pieces in the block...but I did it.
I am just so excited...I accomplished something that I really wasn't at all sure I could do...THANK YOU DAWN!
And thank you to Judy for the Hour A Day project. One of my customers came in on Saturday for our monthly Show and Tell with her almost finished top. She won't let me take a picture until she's finished. It is wonderful and lots of the gals just went nuts. She gave out the blog address so we may have some new gals in the Hour a Day Project. Thank you Judy for all you do to promote quilting to everyone. They are all thrilled because they are trying to use their stash. That's what Barb, the gal that had her top, started out to do, but she ended up buying sashing and borders from the shop...she had a specific color in mind for her redecorated room. She did use stash for the stars.
Isn't quilting just don't realize how small the world really is.