Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Good-bye to 2013...

and looking forward to the New Year, 2014 with a new ATTITUDE...

Each year I choose a word for the coming year...I've been mulling for a while now and my word came to me...ATTITUDE.  I realized that I need a new attitude...I need to listen to the advice that I give others...I need to truly enjoy the moment...not waste time thinking of ways it could be or how I might think I'd like things to be...my new ATTITUDE...enjoy the moment!

I know I've said this before but I really, really am going to work on it...NO expectations of people...take things the way they come, and not react because things didn't happen the way I would have done them or the way I would have wanted them to...I always, always say "Things work out the way they are supposed to"...I'm really going to start believing that...my new ATTITUDE!

I read a wonderful book, The Happiness Project, and probably the greatest line from the book for me was..."I've learned that I must act the way I want to feel"...light bulb moment for me...if I want to be happy I must choose to be happy and act that way...now don't get me wrong, I'm really a pretty happy person, probably 90% of the time, but I do allow myself to get caught in the web of negative, in the web of would of, could of, should of... I think the realization that I am getting my first Social Security check next month, life is way to short and the years are flying by way to fast to waste any time at all being negative or anything less than happy...my new ATTITUDE...choose happy!  Act the way I want to feel...HAPPY!

Enjoy what I'm doing! Not wasting time thinking what needs to be done next!  No more thinking that I should be doing something else!  Be in the moment!  No expectations!  Choose happy!

My new ATTITUDE!  I am looking forward to this New Year and all that it has in store...

HAPPY 2014!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Same Song, Different Verse...

This seems to be my theme this year...."where has the time gone"..."I'll be a better blogger"..."I'm not going to let so much time pass between posts"...and here I am again, almost a month has gone by.  So yes, it's the same old song and I'm on the 11th verse...since I last posted I think I've been cleaning like a wild woman...we had friends here last week and the kids are coming for Thanksgiving...so I've been doing that heavy duty cleaning...and I did some baking to prepare for our friends.  Thinking back to my word for this year...CELEBRATE!...I truly have celebrated this year...I've celebrated all the things I've done, including cleaning like a wild woman.  I used to get all worked up if I didn't get to sew every day (even for just a few minutes)...now don't get me wrong, there is nothing better to me than to spend time upstairs sewing up a storm...just my fabric, my machine and my thoughts...but I've found a way to do lots of other things in a day and to still CELEBRATE that day, even if it doesn't include sewing.  So while this post may have started out as "Poor me, no time to sew post" it has turned into a "I'm so glad I've had time to CELEBRATE, even the little things in life" post.  My mom always said "It's all about your attitude and how you look at things"...WOW! Was she ever right!

I did get some sewing done this weekend...the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM block arrived and I always just love putting those together...here is this month's block

and it sure was fun to put together...and since I have the finishing kit I decided to put the first 2 rows together so when we get to block 12 my quilt will be just about finished...I LOVE these blocks and I know I am really going to LOVE this quilt!
So...no promises of when I'll be back...no excuses about where I've been...just know that I'll be CELEBRATING every day...no matter what I'm doing...Life is Sooooooo Good!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Make a Dog Bed

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of the pile of dog beds that I put together and took to the shelter...

I got quite a few e-mails asking how I make them...I decided that would make a good post so here I am.  This is the greatest form of recycling...no scraps in the landfill...and shelter dogs get soft cushy beds to rest on...it's a Win, Win!  So here we go...it's just like making a simple pillowcase and closing up the top...easy peasy!

I cut a yard of fabric...

anything works...a friend gave me this piece of fabric...I've used flannel, corduroy, upholstery...whatever I get.  If you don't have a yard, use what you have...the yard makes a pretty big bed for the larger dogs.

With right sides together, fold so the selvedges are together...

sew bottom and selvedge side using at least a 1/2" seam.

Turn it right side out and fill it about 3/4 of the way...

I use scraps and trimmings off quilts that have machine quilted. 

And I'm always getting stuff from friends...it's always fun to see what they've been up to...LOL!

Fold over about an inch or so...

Fold over again, all the raw edges will be inside now.

Top stitch all the way around...
I just put pins to show you where to sew because mine wasn't full enough to close...but you get the idea.

Have fun...the dogs and cats at the shelter will be so happy!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

From My Front Porch

...I get to enjoy this beautiful bougainvillaea...

I have seen a lot of these in my years, in Florida and in different parts of the country and I've never seen one as beautiful as this one is.

The flowers are huge hot pink with a touch of orange
...absolutely breathtaking.  I thanked my neighbors for planting this just for me...LOL!

I've had a crazy week...laptop went in for dejunking, it had slowed way down and they got it all cleaned up and it's running like a dream again...I sure did miss it...I love my IPad, but it sure is easier typing on my laptop...been doing some cleaning, the heavy stuff that I've ignored for way too long...we have some friends coming for a visit in November so I have to get this place in order...isn't that what we do...

But in the craziness I did get the binding on this fun little Boo Crew quilt for my kitchen table...
...and yes that's Mr. Brown Quilts basket of "after lunch treats"...The pattern is California Dreaming by Little Louise Designs...it's a great pattern, quick and easy, you can really see the fabrics

and she gives cutting directions from crib/throw to king...this one is the crib/throw and is 48" square...perfect for my kitchen table.

Off to finish something before this day disappears...Happy Sunday!

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Please don't faint..no, your eyes are not deceiving you...yes indeed this is a post from your long lost blogland friend.  I have absolutely no good reason for being absent for what a friend of mine has deemed "forever"...I haven't been doing anything exciting, earth shattering or even terribly important.  I haven't found a cure for anything, or really even looked for one...I haven't called Washington and given them a solution for all the problems there...I really haven't even been cooking anything good for Mr. Brown Quilts.  I quite honestly haven't been doing anything that was even the least bit blog worthy.  I'm hoping to make some changes and get back in the swing again...but I'm not going to make any promises, I'm not going to commit to anything...I will, however, post when I have something to post about.  I've been pretty boring lately...nothing is wrong, I haven't been sick, everyone is great...I'm just BORING!

The past few days I have gotten back into the swing of things and it feels really good...I made the grandchildren Halloween/Fall pillowcases...
Andy went up there last weekend and took them with him...the kids love them...I need to make the big kids some new ones for Christmas and make Peyton his first one.  They really are so fun to make...

I have a product to share with you...it's an oldie...I remember my mom using this when I was a kid...STA-FLO liquid starch...

I've used every starch, sizing, Best Press on the market...but this is my new favorite.  It is crazy inexpensive and leaves you with an amazing press.  It's even helping with the fraying of the fabric...that's been driving me crazy.  That big bottle costs less than $3...I fill the smaller bottle

almost to the top and add just a smidge of water.  The directions say 1/2 and 1/2 or even 1/3 starch to 2/3 water...not me, I'm lots and lots of starch and just a smidge of water.  It is wonderful.  I was sewing this section of the Country Threads with all these triangles and all the bias edges...

I sprayed them and pressed them and they went together with not a speck of trouble. 

I know there is a concern about bugs and starch and this is a lot of starch, but I wash my quilts the moment the last stitch goes in the binding...by the time it's quilted, bound and washed I don't think there are any worries.  I LOVE it!

I've also spent some time making more dog beds...the shelter is offering people that will foster dogs bedding to take home with the dogs if they have them available.  I am fortunate that my friends save scraps and quilt trimmings for me...the result 9 large dog beds that will be delivered this week.

That's what I have for today...I'll try not to be gone "forever"...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Divide and Conquer

That's my new mantra...I did it with the Temecula Quilt Sampler quilt and it worked terrifically...so as I told you I'm looking at projects differently now.  I found this wonderful project languishing in a basket...

yes it's wonderful, yes I loved it, but unfortunately it was another daunting one.  It has a zillion pieces, lots of sections, lots of directions.  I started cutting way back when I got the kit...

yes that's when I got it...2008...but came to a halt...I was trying to cut the whole thing...I was getting confused, I was trying to keep everything organized in ziploc bags, I was overwhelmed and I QUIT...all the pieces and parts went into a basket for another day...or another year as it turned out.  When I found it the other day looked at it totally differently...parts, sections...ding, ding, ding!!!  As I have it planned out it should take me    months to get the top done...sure beats 5 years...LOL!
So here's the first section...

the center star...done...next month the checkerboard border around the star.

I'm really enjoying looking at projects with new eyes...things are looking much more doable!

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Levitating....

And I have been for a couple of days...now I really thought that was hocus pocus...if you watch America's Got Talent you've seen the guy that does...I didn't believe it...until I finished this...

...now I know it's possible.  I've been floating about 3 feet off the floor ever since I put in the last stitch the other day.  Thanks to a good friend that showed me hers and lit the fire in me to pull it out and do it (it's been hidden since 2009)...and to another friend that taught me to break up a daunting project into small steps and then work at it.  Now it's ready for my quilter...WhooHoo!  You know I've said many times...We get by with a little help from our friends...oh so true!!!!!

P.S,  Sorry for the camera strap in the lower left corner...Mr. Brown Quilts wasn't available to hold for me so I had to do it...took 12 pictures and this was the best...LOL!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Back...

Yes, I'm even surprising myself...I guess that's what I have to do...announce on my blog when I'll be back then I have to be here...kind of like putting it on my "List"...if I write it down, it's a commitment and I get it done...I think I may be on to something here...

Here are the two baby quilts I told you about yesterday...we had a hard time getting a good picture...it's been so overcast in the morning and then we can't wait until the afternoon because by then it's pouring.  This one I showed before it was quilted...I started this one back in April when Sinta and Sherri introduced it as a Vintage Schnibble...Hat Trick by Carrie Nelson/Miss Rosie's Quilt Company..I decided to use Paris Flea Market...loved it when it came out the first time, I had so hoarded away and added a charm pack and some yardage for border, backing and binding...I had a very special baby girl in mind for this...

Katie and Josh's best friends are having their first little person, they are the sweetest couple and I knew immediately when we found out very early that they were having a girl that this was the quilt for her.  I picked out a sweet rosebud fabric for the back and found out a month afterwards that they were using a tiny rosebud print for the bedding in the nursery...Serendipity...

Back in January, Terry over at Terry's Treasures started a sew along using this Wiggly Whimsy pattern from the MODA ...I loved this cute little design and had seen the Posh line of fabric by Aneela Hooey and knew I needed to put these two together.
When I started working on it and was posting sections of it each month I got several e-mails wanting to know who I was making this for...my response was "I don't have anyone in mind"...I just liked the pattern, liked the fabric and thought it would just be fun.  Can't think of a better reason to make a quilt...well then we found out about this new little person and I decided that this would go to her as a fun floor quilt.  Katie is having a shower for Jennifer in August so I have my gifts ready to take...a pretty quilt for the nursery and a fun quilt for the floor and some tummy time.  This is why I quilt!

P.S.  Yes those are Mr. Brown Quilts fingers and legs...can't do this without him and if you're wondering what those little dark spots are on the Whimsy quilt...that's the hair on the little brown haired girls in the fabric...I looked at the picture and couldn't figure out what in the world that was...first I thought it was dirt on my lens, no...then I got scared that there was something on the quilt...never noticed it until I saw the picture...WHEW!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Brown Quilts...Does Anyone Remember Who She Is?

As my little Peyton says..."OH MY!"
Where, oh where have I been?  How can it possibly be almost a month since I blogged?  I haven't gone anywhere...I guess I've been in, as Darlene says, a "hermitting" phase again...it's been crazy hot and we have had storms every day this month except one...so I've been staying in the house, with the A/C going full blast sewing like the wind.  I've been working on my "LIST", marking things off daily...it's a very good thing...but before I show you what I've been up to I need to take a little side trip and and share an event in our lives the past week and a half.  Andy got word from a friend from high school that another friend of theirs (they had all been together several months ago at a reunion) had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  He was riding his Harley from his farm in Ohio into town to help someone...a car turned in front of him.  So, so sad...Andy went up to Ohio last weekend for a celebration of his life...I'm not sharing this with you for any other reason than to say, live each day to it's fullest, don't take anything for granted, life is short...do what you love and love what you do...sure made us stop and think...

I've spent some time this month working on those tiny baskets that Temecula Quilt Company has been blogging...I'm all caught up...21 teeny tiny 2" finished baskets

...they are so much fun...I'm lovin' them!

Got my 4 Star General

blocks done....Crossroads
...Civil War Diaries from Temecula Quilt Shop

 and the Country Threads monthly blocks

celebrating their 30 years in business...

As I said earlier we've had lots and lots of rain and thunder storms...we went out one evening after one of the storms had moved on to find lots of magnolia leaves in the yard...picked this one up and there was this big old frog, who had turned himself brown so I wouldn't see him

...don't know who jumped further but when he landed in the greenery he immediately started to turn green

...he was lots of fun to watch...I love his toes...I know you're saying "Oh here she goes again with her nature pictures"...LOL! That's all I have for now...but I always am on the lookout and you know I just need to share them with you all...I'll be back tomorrow with 2 baby quilts that I've finished up this month...Happy Evening!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Made a Mountain INTO a Mole Hill

Yes you read that right...I feel that's exactly what I did.  I took a quilt that I had wanted to do since the Fall/Winter of 2009...that was the year that Temecula Quilt Company was in the Quilt Sampler and their quilt was on the front.  I think I mentioned before that I ordered the kit the minute it became available, it arrived and I was immediately intimidated.  Wonderful kit, lots of fabrics, amazing quilt design, lots of pieces to cut...I read the directions and then read them again...there was absolutely not a thing wrong with the pattern, it was very well written, and very well organized...I just couldn't seem to get my head around where to begin...so the kit aged.  Then I decided earlier this year that I wanted that quilt this year...I looked at it differently...I broke it up into sections and did a section a month...that was the answer...yesterday I finished the second to the last section of this quilt and added it...

I am so, so excited.  I'm thrilled that this quilt is almost finished but I'm more thrilled that I've discovered a new way to approach projects. I'm taking the "Mountain" project and breaking it into "Mole Hill" sections... Can you tell?  I'm a happy girl!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

True Confessions

I'm here to confess...I haven't been blogging...oh you knew that already...but I have a good reason...now my mom would say that you aren't supposed to confess something and then say "But..." but I really do have a good reason...want to know??????????

I was in Birmingham the first week in June with these fun kids...

Katie had a huge part in running Vacation Bible School and the big kids went with her everyday and enjoy their classes and all the fun activities and Peyton and I stayed home and played.  We went for long walks...they forgot to tell me that there are lots of hills in Mountain Brook where they live...I think I was pushing that stroller uphill all the way...no there wasn't any snow, I won't add that embellishment...LOL!  But I am a Florida girl and it's FLAT here...so I did get my cardio workout while I was there.  We had tons of fun every morning...then the afternoons were full of fun stuff, trips to the library, the park, bike riding...life really just doesn't get much better.

When I got home my list was waiting for me...had to get cracking on those "every month" projects and I'm happy to say that list is complete...
I have all my little squares filled with a purple dot...my other list of extra projects is almost complete...I plan on finishing the Temecula sampler section in the next day or so and then getting the back finished for my Topsy Turvy quilt and then I can pat myself on the back for 3 seconds and move on to the July list.   I know lists don't work for lots of you, but this sure has gotten me on track...I feel way less stress, and I just move from one thing to the next without giving it second thought.

Here are a few of my projects for this month...Deckade blocks from the Fat Quarter Shop...

I am so loving this project...a new section out on their blog every other Monday...the directions are perfect and I got the kit to complete the quilt...I'm a happy girl.

And then here are a few of my "every month" projects...

Country Threads Anniversary BOM Blocks

Fat Quarter Shop 2013 Designer BOM

4 rows added- I'm 1 row short of half
Four Generals

So, Long Story Short...I haven't been blogging but I have been having tons of fun and I have been sewing!  Bring on July!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Claiming my Blog

I'm not at all sure what I'm doing...but Bloglovin says I need to do this...so here we go...we'll see if I still have a blog when this is all done...LOL!  We all know I am techno challenged...Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31st...Really???

I'm thinking that I'm starting to sound like a record with my needle stuck...where has the month gone?  Is May really over?  Every time I think I'm going to get back to blogging on a more regular basis, the days just plain disappear.  I'm sounding more like my mom every day...I just can't figure out how I had time to work for all those years...LOL!
I've been sewing fast so I could get my list finished for the month of May...

and I did add another project for the monthly list...the Deck-ade the Halls quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop...I just couldn't resist...the first clue came out on their blog this week and since my fabric had arrived from them and I was ready to go I jumped right on it.  What fun!  The pattern was PERFECT!  The fabric is wonderful and I think these gingerbread men are just about the cutest. 

If you've been thinking about this project and just can't make up your mind...you sure won't be disappointed...this is going to be one darling quilt and lots of fun!  A WIN! WIN!

I have a really good excuse for being away for another week...I'm leaving in the morning to go see the kids...Katie is in charge of Bible School and the big kids will be going...Peyton and I will be staying home doing fun stuff...I'll be back a week from tomorrow in the late evening...Howie and Mr. QuiltHolder will be here taking care of each other.  I'll try to check in while I'm gone...have a great week!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Could Have Danced All Night

Yes that's just how excited I was when I finished this...

The Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM 2012.  It was starting to get dark so the lighting isn't very good...sorry.  I allowed Andy out of the house to hold this up for me, it was a bit bigger than his wing span...and quite honestly, I think he was trying to peek around the quilt to survey the trees in the front yard.  He's already talking about what he needs to do next...someone help me please.