Monday, July 31, 2006

New at This

I have been reading other blogs and found them very inspiring so I thought I'd give it a whirl and maybe I could inspire someone else along the way. I own a quilt shop in Orlando, FL that specializes in the primitive look. We also carry a huge line of Civil War fabrics. As I get going with this I will post some pictures of the shop and some of the projects that we are currently working on.


Nancy said...

Welcome to blogging! It realy is a lot of fun and I've met some great friends this way.

LOL! I have to say since you own a quilt shop you're probably not going to like a lot of us who are committed to not buying fabric this month. Hopefully you're not the LQS for any of us!

Patti said...

Welcome! I followed your comment on my blog to your new one. I can hardly wait to see what you post. Right now my current love - other than scrap quilts - is 19th century reproductions, folk art and primitive. I'm currently finishing the 2005-2006 Girl Gang quilt as well as Jan's 2006 Mystery quilt.

Patti said...

Hi again Carol. You posted a question on my blog but you are set up to "no reply" on your comments so I couldn't send you an email answer. I suggest you change that on your blog - it is so much easier and nicer to get email replys when you post a question on a blog. It's a setting on your own blog - something about allowing email responses or something like that. I can't remember as it's been months since I set mine up.

Anyway, Mile a Minute blocks are from an article that appeared in an American Quilter magazine a year or two ago. I don't have it any more - I just have the ripped out article at home - so I can't tell you which month and year. However, there Finn posted really good directions how to do it on her blog awhile back. I'll see if I can find it for you and then I'll send you the link.

Patti said...

Here's a link to the August archives on Finn's blog:

The instructions for Mile-a-Minute blocks are in the August 23rd post.


Finn said...

Hi Carol, saw you comment and didn't recognize the name, so I had to pop over and see where you hang out..*VBS*
Welcome to blogland...and a really great bunch of gals. I see some of my buddies have been here already...LOL

So happy that you got to realize your dream and as a second career..way cool, as the kids say..*S*
I've only been in Orlando once, a year ago Sept. What little I saw of it was really pretty. I hope the shop advanture is going well for you. There is a definite interest in the primative look. I'm a "scrapper" myself and mostly prefer the Westward movement of settling our country. They includes quite a lot, doesn' it?? LOL I've just given in and bought the Civil War Diary Quilt book, and am preparing to start on that one as a long term project.
I look forward to see your posts..again, Welcome!