Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Sharon to share my To Do List...no let me preface...my list will not be as much fun as her's and Doe's...unfortunately there is not a thing going on in my life right now that is very thrilling or exciting. Well, here it is...
1. Get the pattern ready for the house block that Sue drew for the Shop Hop that we are participating in Thursday, Friday and Saturday...YIKES! Need to get the block sewn too.
2. Figure out how to get the copy machine at the shop to print on 2 sides so I can print more Passports for the Shop Hop...running the sheets through twice just makes me nuts...I never know which way to put the paper in.
3. Make a nail appointment that fits into my crazy schedule.
4. Get binding ready and sewn on the baby quilt I posted...the gal that quilts samples for the shop is bringing it back this week. Whew, she's quick.
5. Get a backing ready for the Spa Day quilt.
6. Figure out placement for all the things Andy wants to get framed and hung on the walls in his office. He had lots of things from his Disney office and then he got several wonderful things when he retired...I think his walls will be full.
7. Get new batteries, a couple more flashlights, and a new radio for hurricane season. Andy checked everything out the other day, replaced batteries but now we don't have any spares. We're going to be ready, but I sure hope we don't need to use a thing.
That's it for this girl's To Do List for this week...the Shop Hop will take up lots of time so there probably won't be a lot of sewing going on this week, but it will be so much fun to see lots of gals from around the state.

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Libby said...

You have got quite a lot going on there - full days ahead *s*