Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not a Whole Lot Going On

I guess we all have weeks like this...not much going on here to blog about...just the shopping, errands, laundry...One of the errands yesterday was to go by Linens N' Things with my 20% coupon and buy a new ironing board. My old one was falling apart and the cover was so awful that blocks were starting to stick to here it is...

Please excuse the bulletin board over the ironing board...I didn't realize it looked so bad until I saw the picture...I know where the next clean-up project will be.

I did get the section of Hometown Christmas done that was due today...YIPPEE! This was a really easy one...the section for the 30th looks a whole lot harder...better get going on it.

And you know I've told you I love the Holly Jolly's the start of another project using it...Tilt A far it has been really fun. The piecing is super easy but you really have to pay attention to how the pieces go together or you don't get the pinwheel effect.

Josh, Katie and Hampton will arrive tomorrow sometime...they are coming a little early for Thanksgiving because Katie's grandmother passed away last night in a town just north of we get to see them for a little longer. They'll be here for Thanksgiving, my birthday and Hampton's first birthday on the 25th...I can't believe he's already a year old. I've been out shopping for food for him, got a high chair, a bathtub, diapers...oh my things have changed since Josh was bitty. The kids are going to go pick up my mom and bring her here on Wednesday and she'll stay until Monday so she can spend lots and lots of time with Hampton.

I'll try to post with pictures of Hampton...have a great evening.
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Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love the tilt a whirl. Very cute. Dont you just love that fabric? It's so happy. And what a bulletin board you got going on over there. LOL

Darlene said...

I've got a Jelly Roll of Holly Jolly and don't know what to do with it. Sigh! LOL

Hampton is coming to town - WooHoo!

Libby said...

Enjoy your visit - make sure to get lots of hugs and cuddles *s*

My ironing board is SO! embarrassing . . . it's the large one Costco sold some years back and I love the size - but replacement covers are no longer available. I could probably take the time to stitch up a new one, but that would take away from quilting time - so I buy iron on patches and cover over the holes *s*

Thimbleanna said...

Carol -- it's not a bulletin board -- it's an inspiration board! And it looks great LOL. The tilt-a-whirl looks great. Sounds like you have a busy week coming up -- have a great time with your family!

Mar said...

Love how bright the Holly Jolly is and really like the tilt a whirl, too cute!

Cindy said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Hampton. Does this mean you will have a full house for the Steeler game? 4:05. They are looking good.

Nan said...

I love the Holly Jolly fabric! That block is so pretty! Love the other block, too.
How exciting for you - a NEW ironing board(which is lovely, by the way), and Hampton's coming to visit!! Could life get any better? I think not!!
It will be a very Happy Thanksgiving for all of you, for sure! Enjoy!!

Judy said...

Mine looks just the same but it's bigger so it's more of a mess!*G*

Love the bright fabrics on the new blocks, but I really love all those reds to the right on the shelf! YUM!