Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Don't Faint

Now don't anyone faint...I'm back...two days in a row. Wow! Wow! Wow!
I've had several questions about the Faux Paper Piecing technique...I couldn't respond to the questions because they came from "no reply" gals so I'm going to answer the question real quick here. The technique is from Judy over at Quilting with Ragdolls ( posted on Sunday, March 30 the best tutorial with awesome pictures. So click on over there for a lesson. She did a great job.

Off to pack...have a great rest of the week and weekend everyone.


mereth said...

I love your web sampler blocks, they are stunning. I've always loved antique quilts, and now there's so many beautiful reproductions around that it's easy to reproduce the look. Hope the sore muscles are gone, enjoy the tidy yard and do lots of sewing now.

Judy said...

Thanks for the mention Carol...for anyone reading it's a technique made up by Judy Mathieson I learned on Simply Quilts and have done it ever since I saw it!

Glad you got the hang of it! Have a great trip!

Nicole said...

You are just going to have the most wonderful time! Isn't it funny how so many bloggers are in the midst of serious spring cleaning and yard work? It is just the season for it, isn't it?