Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bouncing Along

I finished my Speck, the September Schnibble very, very early in the month...September 8th to be I new what the October Schnibble was going to be, either Bounce or Hubble, our choice, and I decided right then that I wanted to do the 24 thousand dollar question would be...did I start cutting and sewing Bounce then...NO of course not...I started yesterday...
...cut all of my Ruby fabric yesterday and the white today.

Unfortunately I'm still not back to 100% so it was pretty slow going and I don't think I have the energy to sew tonight.

Andy flew up to Birmingham on Friday for the weekend...a surprise for Camden and Hampton...Camden so wanted her Grandy to see her play how could he say no.  He called this afternoon, everyone was started raining this morning and all of the games were cancelled for the laid plans...but he's had a blast with the kids and helped Josh and Katie with some things in the new house.  And a is Josh's birthday...our boy is 35 in the world did that happen?  So Andy got to celebrate with him for the first time in a while.  Life is good!

See you tomorrow for the organizer winner!


Linda said...

A very happy bday to Josh!!! I cannot wait to see your Ruby Bounce!!! I know it will gorgeous! :-)

Diane said...

You're right, life is good! I have Bounce all cut out - have had for a month. I'm excited to get to it, but have to finish quilting another quilt before I get to that one.

Take it easy so you'll recup faster.

•stephanie• said...

i've never seen a "Ruby" quilt i didn't love.
can't wait to see yours finished!
and happy birthday to your son!

Darlene said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Josh!

You'll be in top form soon and ready to Bounce. :-) Remember slow and steady.

Janet O. said...

I'm not familiar with Bounce. Can't wait to see it.
I hear you. My oldest turns 34 next year--I can't possibly be old enough to have mothered someone that old. : )
Hope you feel stronger very soon!

antique quilter said...

OH its nice that he was able to go and be with your son for his birthday even at 35 they still need dad! love your fabric choices, wow....I want to make bounce too its on my list someday! Hope your feeling better today

Melanie said...

Great colors for your next Project. Take tons of Pictures!!!

Cheryl said...

A belated birthday wish to Josh. Have started Bounce but this month is looking so busy. Hope I can get it done. It will be so pretty out of Ruby. Hope your back to feeling better!!