Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Little More Wool

Spent some time this morning in the wool bins in my storage closet and came up with some goodies.

A--22" x 30" Hand dyed wool...a gorgeous army blanket green...would make a great background for some wool applique...$15 SOLD

B--1/2 yard jet black wool off the bolt...just needs to be washed and it will be ready to go.  I have 6 pieces of if you are planning a big project...this would be perfect...$9

C--Wool Bundle a bit over 11 ounces of wool...$20SOLD

D--Wool Bundle a bit over 11 ounces of wool...$20  SOLD

All prices are with US only shipping included.  Just leave me a PayPal email address and I'll get an invoice right out to you.


Diane K said...

I would like bundle A if it is available. You can send a pay pal invoice to Thanks, Diane

Phyllis said...

i would like B and D if they are still available. Thanks. You can send a paypal invoice.

Anonymous said...

Would love C!

Janet O. said...

I would have loved any of them, but obviously I am too late. That is what I get for spending my day at a family wedding. *LOL*

Me and My Stitches said...

Hi Carol! I received my 2 bundles yesterday - thank you! They got a good petting. Do you still have some of the black left? I would like 2 of them, please.

Michele said...

This is a good idea for destashing! It looks like your items were popular :-)

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