Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fons and Porter Binding Tool Tutorial

I've finally had some time to do this as I promised. Zack is doing well, but has to be watched like a hawk, he keeps wanting to get the stitches out...he's managed to get 2 of the 5 out...so one of us tries to keep an eye on him all the time...since he can't come upstairs my sewing time is in spurts. Not much to show. But that's just fine...my boy is getting better and that's what matters.
So here's the tutorial for this tool that I love...most everything is just like the directions, I've added my little editorial comments and one direction I just couldn't get to work the way it said so I'm telling you what I did...if you get it to work the other way please let me know what I'm doing wrong. The way I did it works perfectly and the binding works every time.
Here we go...

The directions say to leave a 7"-8" tail of binding free when you start stitching it to the quilt. I leave 8", I think having the extra inch when you do the ends makes it easier.


Stitch the binding down around the quilt. The directions say to stop 10"-12" between the beginning and ending. I leave 12" between. Now you will have 2 long free ends between your stitching.

Trim the right binding strip to 6" or half of your opening space, so that it ends in the center of the opening.

Put the binding tool on the end of the right binding strip.
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Perry said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I had not bought this tool..wasn't sure it was worth the money.Evidently it is. I will put it on my list of things I "need", lol.

Nan said...

I didn't know which post to comment on, so I decided this one! I haven't used my tool yet, so this tutorial is wonderful! Thank you so much for your photos and words - excellent information, Carol!