Wednesday, June 27, 2012

love...Mamie 9 patches Part 2

Blogger wouldn't let me do anymore pictures so I'm doing this in 2 parts.

Just like before, cut your block in 3 equal parts...1 1/2"...again you'll end up with 2 sewn sections and 2 loose sections

Press your seams toward the strip with the 2 dark squares.

You're ready to add your last strip.

Sew the last strip on to your block with a 1/4" strip.

Again,press toward the strip with the 2 darks.  So you'll have one block with seams pressed toward the center strip and one with the seams pressed away for the center strip.

YIPPEE!  2 little 9 patches that measure 3 1/2" (3" finished)

Follow the same directions for your 7 1/2" squares except you will cut them in 3 equal parts of 2 1/2" instead of 1 1/2". Your 9 patch will end up 6 1/2" (6" finished).  If you've chosen to use different size blocks than I have you just need to make sure that you make your cuts equal...the size of your square divided by 3 and you're set to go.

Have tons of fun sewing away...I can't wait to see what you're doing...ENJOY!


Karen said...

I had forgotten all about Billie Lauder and her piecing tricks. I have had fun sewing the nine patches using her method. I have the big ones almost done. I think I tried the method a long time ago when I first saw it on HGTV but never put it to use on a quilt.

Melanie said...

Love this trick-- I'm on it tonight...

•stephanie• said...

If I wasn't on vacation, I'd be trying this fancy trick tonight. Smart people that think up cool tricks like this are my heroes!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Great tut! Thanks.