Friday, August 25, 2006

The Baby Quilt is Done

I couldn't be happier...the baby quilt is done. I finished the binding last night, the shower is Sunday afternoon. Story of my life...give me a deadline and it will get done. My son and daughter-in-law arrive tonight from Chicago for the weekend. We're hosting the shower here at our house on Sunday afternoon. There will be 45 or so's a couple"s shower so it should be great fun. I wanted to post a picture but Blogger would not cooperate this morning. I'll try again later. I was so glad to hear that Judy is OK, just Blogger problems. I sure did miss reading her blog every day. Patti asked the question...Why do I quilt? I quilt for many reasons...I love fabric...I love the process of is therapy for me, whenever I need a quiet place to go, I go to my quilting. I can sew for 20 minutes and feel a million times better. Quilting connects me to wonderful friends both past and present. I love to look at old quilts and imagine the people that made them. What were their lives like? Why did the use the fabrics they used? Who were they? Quilting gives us all a real connection.


Libby said...

Sometimes a deadline is the best inspiration of all *s* Looking forward to the photo.

Finn said...

So happy the quilt is finished and heading to it's new home! Sometimes a deadline IS a good thing...lOL
Please don'tell anyone I said that thought...*VBS*

Eileen said...

Enjoy the shower and all the oohs and aahs the quilt will get. The look in the eyes of the recipient is priceless when they open a gift of a quilt.
I'll have to give some thought as to why I quilt, but what you said struck a chord.