Friday, August 11, 2006


For all you technologically savvy gals...please help this pitiful technologically non-savy gal. I've been trying to get my bowtie picture on my blog this morning and just can't get it to work. I have an older camera...Canon's more than likely the operator though. Thanks for any help. I think once I get beyond this hurdle I will be a real blog addict I am just having so much fun getting to know some of you all. Someone mentioned that it is addicting. That is very true...I check daily to see what you all are up to. I love the inspiration. I think once I get beyond this hurdle I will be a real blog addict ...can't wait!


Leah Spencer said...

Hi Carol, to add a picture you need to have the picture on your computer. It doesn't matter where, but you also need to remember where you put it. :)

I have found blogger to be more cooperative when I put the picture in first, then the message.

To put a picture in, you need to click on the picture link. It should be the almost last icon on the RIGHT, just below the words "edit HTML".

When you click on it, a pop up screen should come up. If you have more than one image, click "add another image" line until you get how many you need. I do have to tell you that it only allows you to upload 5 pictures at a time. To get more on your blog, you just have to repeat these steps after you've completely loaded the first 5.

Now click the "browse" button, find your picture on the computer and click "ok".

Go down to the "Choose a layout" and click "none" and "large". You'll have to do this every time you write a new post - it doesn't save the settings.

Last of all, click "up load image". Depending on how many pictures you have and how big they are and what mood blogger is in... it should take a few seconds to a few minutes. When there's a "done" button, click that and your pictures should be there!

If you're having trouble uploading pictures from the camera, that's a whole 'nother story, but I'll try to help. :)

Finn said...

Hi Carol, do you have a cord that came with the camera? If so, it usually plugs into the side of the camera and then into an opening on your tower.
If the computer already knows it has a camera, it will just take you to your pictures program(Mine is Dell Image Experts, where I click on the camera logo and it loads them into the tray)
Once they are in the Dell Image Expert(or whatever your computer has) click on the picture you want to save or inhance and then click on "get" and it will move it to a dated file. Keep clicking til you have all the ones you want.
I then double click on any one of them and it opens that up in a program where I can zoom, or crop, etc. Once that is done I click on File and then "save image as"...and save it.

When I have all that done, I put it on my blog by clicking on the little picture logo up at the right corner of the form we post with. They will give you a "browse" window so you can select the file with the picture you want.
Hope that helps, if not please feel free to email me, and I'll help however I can. Hugs, Finn

Oh yes, if you have a printer/scanner you can scan photographs into the computer, save them to file, and then access them with the blogger browse.