Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm Finally Back

Our son and daughter-in-law got in Friday night, their plane was very late...but it was so wonderful to see them. We had the shower on Sunday and it was just great. I had it catered because I just didn't have time to do all the food stuff. We served lunch and they did an unbelieveable job. We had about 45 people here and our 2- 90 pound yellow labs. It was wonderful. The one dog, Zack spent most of the day out on the back deck with the guests that were outside and Howie spent most of the day inside with the guests that were eating. Howie loves FOOD! Any kind of I had to beg everyone not to feed him. He would eat until he got sick. The kids (I guess I shouldn't call them kids anymore, they will both be 29 next month, but I guess they will always be kids to me) have great friends, we really enjoyed them all. They got the most wonderful gifts. This little boy will need nothing. He has enough outfits that they can change his clothes many times a day. They were able to get everything packed up in the extra suitcases that they brought so I didn't have to ship anything. Oh, I almost forgot...they loved the quilt. Katie just squealed and wrapped herself in it...Josh had tears in his eyes. That's why we quilt :)
Well, I'm off to the back deck to make sure that I don't have any plants that will blow away today in the storm. They are calling for 3-5 inches of rain for us from Ernesto today with winds of 30-35 mph gusting to 40-50mph. The good news is that it didn't build itself to a hurricane...the rain we can handle. There shouldn't be any lightning so I should be able to sew all afternoon. YIPPEE!


Eileen said...

What, no pictures???? Come on, inquiring eyes want to see.
We've been watching the weather channel regarding Ernesto. Thank goodness it's staying a tropical storm.
We were in your neck of the woods the day after Charlie. I'd never seen anything like it in person, and hope I never have to again.
Have fun sewing, but who's running the shop?

Libby said...

It must be a relief that Ernesto did not rebuild to a hurricane.
Please share a photo of the baby quilt. I'm looking forward to having a peek.