Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ernesto is Gone

Just a real quick note before I head off to the shop...Ernesto is gone from our area. We got a good bit of rain but that was it. We are very thankful that he fizzled out. Lots of folks are complaining because everything was closed down yesterday, but you know what, as a small business I'll take one day with no income as opposed to the mass destruction we've seen with so many of these storms that have come through in the past couple of years. I've lived here 40 years and have never seen storms like we've had in the past couple of years. But all is well, back to the shop. The other good news is that I got to sew almost all day yesterday!


Melanie said...

I'm thankful everything is OK. I'm with you. Maybe the Good Lord just need everyone to slow down for a day... I admire you people in Florida, you're made of the 'tough stuff'to go through those storms

KC Quilter said...

Glad you're safe!!!

Libby said...

Adios *s* I'm glad the storm passed you by quickly and without damage. And the bonus of a sewing day just adds to it.

Patti said...

I'm so glad for all of you southerners that the storm fizzled out. How terrifying to sit and wait for a hurricane to hit!

The baby quilt is wonderful - no wonder they loved it!