Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Iron or Two

Hi, I'm Carol and I have a problem...I have NO self-control!  I'm just going to say that I'm a quilter and I can't help myself...LOL!  I've never been a "work on one project at a time kind of girl"...but I think I've gone completely off the deep end.  But, I also must say...I'm loving every project I'm working on...the good news is...I'll NEVER be bored.  I just need to live many, many, many more years.

Iron number 1...I signed up for Primitive Gatherings Star Block of the Week...I love these little stars
...I really don't need to be doing this as a Block of the Week, I have enough fabric in my stash to make 24 million stars, but I knew they'd send me little pieces of fabric for 5 stars every week for the summer...just the my thought process was...I won't have to mess up my whole room picking out these little bits of fabric, I'll save lots of time, I'll get new fabrics that I don't have in my stash, and I'll have a deadline...get the blocks done before the new ones come on Friday.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  They are fun and they are really cute!  Summer fun!

Then Wednesday, Sherri over at  A Quilting Life had a post  about The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along...Well, I've looked and looked at that book...loved the blocks...but resisted.  I just didn't need another thing to do.  But, it's a quilt along...2 blocks a can I not do it?  So another iron in the fire.  I ordered the book, looked at Sherri's first 4 blocks and figured out the cutting.  First 4 Farmer's Wife blocks done...
...again, a deadline...I've always worked better with a deadline.

I'm a happy girl and ENJOYING every minute of my summer sewing...that's what it's all about!