Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farmer's Wife...To Template or Not

I've been having way too much fun with these Farmer's Wife blocks...I get one done and then I think...Oh I can do one turns into 2...turns into's what I did yesterday and today.... #31 Evening Star, #21 Contrary Wife, #20 Churn Dash, #32 Farmer's Daughter, and #12 Broken Sugar Bowl.  Today I decided to do another template block...
...I have always steered very clear of templates...way back 30+ years ago when I started quilting, that was the way we did it.  Then came rotary cutters and made our lives so much easier.  Well, I decided I wanted to do this quilt and so I needed to make the template.  This fabric glue stick
has become my very best friend.  It works glue stays on the fabric...I love it!  I'm sure there are lots of brands, I just happened to find this one at Joann's...made be Dritz and it was 50% off...I thought I'd give it a whirl...and I'm very happy I did.  I print the templates
...put one or two smears of glue on the back of the template
and stick it to the fabric.  Then I just lay my ruler on top

and cut right up against the line.  Works like a charm.  I have saved templates also and reused them for another block.  I've had lots of slipping, no extra template making out of file folders or freezer for me...blocks go together perfectly...makes me very happy!  I'm having some fun!