Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Sneak Peak

Before I give you a little peak at what I've been up to...I have to share my wonderful morning yesterday. I met Jami for breakfast yesterday at Cracker was fantastic! She looks wonderful, she said she feels great, the radiation has been done for a week and she feels like herself again. She said she feels rested and strong. Absolutely made my week! Her husband came back and picked her up after we finished breakfast and we loaded up his vehicle with pillowcases...the count is 194...when I delivered them to her the last time there were 87 and I gave her 97 yesterday. She made me promise that I would thank you all again for all that you've done. She is thrilled, overwhelmed by your genorosity, and just so thankful. She also asked me to tell you that she packages each pillowcase in a ziploc bag and includes a note..."Quilters across America want to thank you for serving our nation with exceptional courage and for all the personal sacrafices you make. This pillowcase was hand sewn and offers you the quiet strength, untold support and the comforting knowledge that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We truly thank you for all your efforts that ensure we are afforded the opportunity to live in freedom." Isn't that just the most wonderful message. Her original note started with "Florida women's quilting groups"...but this year thanks to all of you, she had to change it. I will never be able to thank you all enough. You have boosted Jami's spirits and given her the strength she needs to get through this "bump in the road", as she says. Chemo starts Friday at 9:30 (if the shingles are all gone) if you could send up some good thoughts I know she'll have everything she needs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

OK, here's a peak at the corner of a new quilt that I've finished up...'s going to be a pattern...whew, there I've said that means I have to get the pattern finished. This has been a dream of mine for a long time. I did several patterns when I had the shop, but they were for classes or for kits...this one is my first real pattern. With Kelly's encouragement and support this dream is coming true. Thank you so much Kelly! OK, I'm heading back to the computer to get my part done and ready for the graphics gal .

ENJOY your evening!
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