Friday, June 17, 2011

Bits and Bits and Bits

Well I have lots of bits this week, not any one big thing done...but I've had I'm very happy. Through Jami's Pillowcase project I "met" a wonderful gal from Alabama. She's doing quilts for the tornado victims in Alabama. As you know, Alabama is very near and dear to me since our kids live in Birmingham. The night of the big tornado in Tuscaloosa, Josh was out of town working, Katie was home with Camden and Hampton...they spent the evening in the basement. Katie was amazing and the kids were troopers. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I realized how close the tornado had come to their hit a neighborhood right behind the Summit mall, which is less than 5 miles from their house. We are truly blessed, they had no damage at their house, even the 40 year old oak tree on the side of the house was fine. So, as Andy says "This is what I do"...I can make a quilt...a little person, not quite as lucky as my little people will have a quilt to snuggle under. Thank you for allowing me to help!

I am obsessed! Yes I've said it! I'm Carol and I'm obsessed with Farmer's Wife blocks. They are so much fun to do. They're like potato chips or M&M's...can't just do one or two! I was going to do 2 for this week and I ended up with 5...I had to make myself quit...I had other things I needed to do...haven't finished this week's stars from Primitive Gatherings...tomorrow. Here are the Farmer's Wife blocks I did today...

                     #77 Seasons...this one used templates and it went together perfectly
                         #6 Big Dipper

                        #61 Northern Lights

                            #72 Railroad

#84 Spool
I sure had a fun day...hope you all did too!  I'll try to be back tomorrow with a little sneaky peek of a project I'm working on.