Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Finish Our Blocks

Can you believe that we're here at the last week of blocks...this time just flew post, we'll be putting it together.  This has been more fun than I ever imagined...seeing your fabrics, seeing your blocks has just been a ball...I can't wait to see your finished tops.  So let's get to these last blocks.

12 Patch Blocks
1. Gather 288 of your dark/medium 2 1/2" squares, that should be the last of them and your 24- 4 1/2"  background squares.
2. Lay one square on top of another, right sides together and stitch.  Make 48 sets of 2.
3. Lay one square on top of another , right sides together and stitch....  Make 96sets of 2.  Lay one set of 2 squares on top of another , right sides together, end to end and stitch.  Make 48 sets of 4.
4. Sew a set of 2 to the right side and the left side of your 4 1/2" background square.
5. Sew a set of 4 to the top and bottom.
You're all done with your 24 blocks...they were pretty easy, huh?
Have fun with your blocks...remember if you have any questions...please just send me an e-mail and I'll get right back to you!  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!