Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's Summertime

Summertime is here...I know the calendar doesn't say so yet...but it sure is summer here...thankfully we've pretty much finished up what we need to do in the this is coming into my time to crank down the air conditioning and sew!  I've already started...I finished up the Fat Quarter Shop 2010 Designer BOM today...
...I did just a smidge of changing on this one...the big stars in the border were supposed to be a bit wonky, or maybe the word is liberated...I just couldn't do mine are all the same...just couldn't step out of the box...maybe one day!  Mr. Quilt Holder was having a bit of trouble with this one today...the breeze just wouldn't stop...he'd get it up, I'd get the camera ready, then we'd wait, 3 times he said "Now"...bless his heart, my reflexes aren't quick enough...I'd be just a bit too late...this is the best one...just a little flapping on that bottom corner.  This sure was fun...and I got it done just in the knick of time...I'm thinking the new Designer BOM should be in the mail any day now.  I'm really excited about the new's going to be made with Strawberry Fields...I'm loving that just screams summer!

Kelly and I were on the phone yesterday chatting about the Quilt Along...and we got to talking about how the time seems to just evaporate...she mentioned that she was thinking about going "commentless" for the  summer...and after talking about it and thinking about it, I decided I'm going to join her in the "No Comment" on my Blog Plunge...just for the summer is what I'm thinking.  I have lots and lots that I want to do this summer...Mom and I head to the beach in July...Hampton and Camden (oh and their mom and dad) are coming the end of this month...I have lots and lots of sewing that I want to do...I'm tossing some new, fun ideas around in my head...and poof, summer will be over.  I love, love, love all of your sweet comments, but my thought is that if I take the time that I would normally spend on the computer replying to comments I'd probably find extra hours in the week.  Now I won't be far away, I goal is to blog lots more.  If you need me you can always, always e-mail me ( or and Kelly will be putting up a Mr. Linky for all of the Simple Things Quilt Along girls...I'll be looking forward to all of your posts for the Quilt Along...can't wait to see everyone's fabric.  I'll be back tomorrow with the cutting instructions...oh it's going to be fun!  It's not too late...join us if you'd like...remember this is a no stress quilt along.